Review: CHOETECH TWS Bluetooth 5.0 BH-T01 Earbuds

CHOETECH TWS Bluetooth 5.0 BH-T01 Earbuds


Sound Quality







  • Earbuds have great passive noise canceling that blocks out a lot of noise, along with 10mm drivers that deliver crisp music no matter what you're listening to
  • Comes with a case, two different sized earbud tips and a USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Easy to use with Touch controls on the earbuds, and easy to pair

The Bluetooth earbuds market is booming, as most of the devices that we use daily are compatible with Bluetooth accessories, the most apparent one being smartphones. Ever since Apple dropped the headphone jack with iPhone 7, many brands have been racing to get their own earbuds on the market as you basically don’t have a choice but to use Bluetooth earbuds with your phone; as the lack of a headphone jack has spread from iPhones over to nearly every Android phone. Of course, you could use a dongle, but that’s just another accessory that you have to keep track of.

Higher-tier brands such as Apple and Samsung have released their own line of Bluetooth earbuds, such as the Airpods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. However, those are priced way over most customers’ budgets. That’s why in this review, we’re taking a look at these CHOETCEH BH-T01 Bluetooth earbuds. They’re inexpensive, and from our tests, they prove to be competitive with their sound performance and ease of use design.

Sounds Quality

These BH-T01 CHOETECH earbuds do not feature Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), and that’s something that most higher-end earbuds tend to feature with the AirPods and Galaxy Buds. However, you have to ask yourself if that’s really important to you, as these CHOETECH earbuds have an enclosed ear-tip design that gives you passive noise canceling, and we found that to be just enough. With the passive noise canceling, sounds were more muffled, and if you wanted to hear somebody speak, then you’re going to have to take off these earbuds or pause your music.

Overall, the lack of ANC on these earbuds is not much of a problem unless you’re looking for the utmost premium experience, and for that, you’re going to have to pay a higher price. The passive noise canceling can block out most people talking, the sound of cars passing by on the street, and any other noises you hear when you’re out in public.

The sound quality from music that you listen to and videos that you watch is excellent on these CHOTECH earbuds, and it fits with what higher-tier earbuds can deliver. The most prominent part is the 10mm drivers in each of the earbuds. The first thing that you’re likely thinking about is whether these earbuds have base, at least, some are thinking that; it’s safe to say that yes, these earbuds have a base that hits pretty hard, and you can tell when it’s there.

We think that the earbuds are so much more than that, though, as the 10mm dynamic drivers also deliver a better listening experience, with certain instruments taking priority on either side of the earbuds than the other. This gives a more surround sound listening experience, and you basically get an equivalent headphone experience if you have the volume high enough. Speaking of volume, these earbuds can get loud, and in most cases, having earbuds at level 1 volume is enough if you’re in a quiet enough location such as a library.

To give two examples of songs that we used with these BH-T01 earbuds, we listened to Beginning of a Twist by The Future heads, and we also listened to I’ll Keep Coming by Low Roar. Both have heavy use of instruments and lyrics, and you’re able to hear lyrics, in general, voices very well with these earbuds. It won’t be a muddled mess like using a smartphone speaker.

Connectivity Controls:

Connecting these CHOETECH earbuds to your smartphone is as easy as connecting any other Bluetooth earbuds. When you take out both of the earbuds from the case, they automatically turn on and pair with each other, and then they’re ready to pair with your smartphone. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, and scroll down to “available devices,” and you should see BH-T01 earbuds that are ready to pair. Tap on the earbuds in the Bluetooth settings screen, and your phone will connect to them.

Once connected, the earbuds have a few touch controls that you can use.

Single Tap with either R/L – Play/Pause

Tap Hold R Earbud – Next Track

Tap Hold L Earbud – Previous Track

Volume Up and Down –  Can Only be controlled via Connected Device.


Single Tap with either R/L – Answer Call

Tap and Hold either R/L – To End Call

Tap and Hold either R/L – to Reject Call

Tap 3 Times with either R/L – To Activate Siri or Google.

The touch controls for the earbuds are responsive, but if you’ve never used touch controls like these, then it’s going to take some getting used to, as you may miss the touch controls the first few times.

Design & Fit

The earbuds themselves are small, and they come equipped with Medium-sized earbuds that were a good size for us; however, if you’re finding them too small, you can find two others in the box-sized tips, with a larger one and a smaller sized one.

Build & Accessories

The build quality of these CHOTECH earbuds is excellent. They have a solid build, and the earbuds are IPX5 water-resistant. So they’re able to withstand a low-pressure water spray; this translates to withstanding sweat if you’re working out with them.

In the box, you’ll find an earbuds case, two other sized earbud tips, and a USB-C to USB-A cable that you can use to recharge the case. The case is small enough that you can place it into your pocket and uses a USB-C port to be charged from. During charging, the case has a red LED light that turns on. The earbuds are held magnetically in the case.


If you’re not hyped about spending top dollar with “High-end” earbuds, these CHOETCEH BH-T01 Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds will do just fine. They feature powerful drivers and a great quality passive noise canceling that can compete with well-known brands, not only with sound quality but also with the accessories they come with.