Review: DULLA M50000 Power Bank 12,000mAh

DULLA M50000 Portable Power Bank 12,000mAh

DULLA M50000 Portable Power Bank 12,000mAh










          • Fast charging through both ports
          • About the Size of a iPhone 7 Plus


          • Can be Quite Heavy

          Power banks that have high power capacities and are still able to be small; are among the most useful type of power banks. This is because that’s the main goal of portable chargers in general because power banks are able to go anywhere with us and what better way is it to carry the portable power that can last longer. Not only that but with a higher power capacity comes the capabilities of having multiple charging ports.

          This DULLA 12,000mAh power bank is very promising because it has a very small size while still holding onto a high power capacity that has 2 charging ports. Let’s see if it’s all too good to be true.


          Power Capacity:

          The power capacity starts at 12,000mAh and since the power bank has 2 charging ports, it’s going to depend on how you’re using the charger that will determine the Output power capacity that you’ll receive.

          With that said, we’re going to guess that you’re going to be using a single port most of the time because the power bank is quite small and portable enough to charge with just a single device held. By doing so, the conversion rate will be pretty good at 75% and that’s going to result in a usable power capacity of 9,000mAh.

          DULLA Power Bank with Smartphones

          A 9,000mAh power capacity is able to charge most smartphones 3-4 times to their full power, and this power bank is going to be very useful for charging higher capacity smartphones. An example of high capacity smartphones is the iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus that have battery capacities very close to 3,000mAh. As a result, getting 3 full charges for those phones means a lot. You may have a smartphone that has a lower capacity than those and that’s going to result in more full charges.

           DULLA M50000 Power Bank 12,000mAh
          (Real Power Capacity = 9,000mAh)
          Phone CapacityDULLA M50000 Power Bank 12,000mAh
          iPhone SE9,000mAh1,624mAh7,376mAh
          5 Full Charges
          iPhone 69,000mAh1,810mAh7,190mAh
          4 Full Charges
          iPhone 6 Plus9,000mAh2,915mAh6,085mAh
          3 Full Charges
          iPhone 6s9,000mAh1,715mAh7,285mAh
          5 Full Charges
          iPhone 6s Plus9,000mAh2,750mAh6,250mAh
          3 Full Charges
          Samsung Galaxy S69,000mAh2,550mAh6,450mAh
          3 Full Charges
          Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge9,000mAh2,600mAh6,400mAh
          3 Full Charges
          Samsung Galaxy S79,000mAh3,000mAh6,000mAh
          3 Full Charges
          Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge9,000mAh3,600mAh5,400mAh
          2.5 Full Charges
          Apple iPad Mini 29,000mAh6,470mAh2,530mAh
          1.3 Full Charges
          Apple iPad Mini 49,000mAh5,124mAh3,876mAh
          1.7 Full Charges

          Overall, this DULLA power bank is going to be very useful and long lasting when it comes to charging smartphones.

          DULLA Power Bank with Tablets

          Also, it can charge tablets quite well if you’re charging Mini tablets. Since an iPad Mini 2 and 4 are going to be able to charge 1.5 times to full; and a tablet like a Galaxy Tab with its 4,000mAh capacity can charge 2 full times.

          Output Charging:

          There are two charging ports, we’re surprised this power bank didn’t take the easy way out by just having a 2.1A and 1.0A port.

          Instead what you get are 2 USB ports have a charging speed of 5V/2.0A. Now, the charging speed isn’t breaking any records, but these charging speeds are fast enough to charge most smartphones and tablets at or near their max charging rates.

          Charging two devices at once with 2 Amps of speed is going to be very helpful.

          Input Charging:

          The DULLA power bank is recharged via a Micro-USB Input port at a max speed of 5V/1.5A. It’s important to use a 2 Amp wall charger to recharge the power bank at its max charging speed and that’s going to take about 5-6 hours for a full recharge.


          Size and Weight:



          It’s quite a small power bank that is entirely possible to carry around in one hand, although the weight of the charger can make it difficult to carry around for long durations of time.

          It has a length of 6.1 inches, a width of 3.1 inches and a thickness of 0.5 inches. The weight of the power bank is 9 ounces. So it has the length of an iPhone 6 Plus, it’s also thin. With that said, it weighs about half a pound, which can be heavy at times.

          Functional Components:

          All the functional parts of the power bank are on a single side.

          All the Functional Parts on the Side

          This is where you’ll find the 2 USB ports, a LED flashlight, the Micro-USB Input port, 4 Blue LED power capacity indicators and a power button.

          Charging automatically starts when you plug a device into the power bank. So the power button is mainly used to check the power capacity that’s left by pressing the power button once; additionally, the power bank can be held down to turn on the flashlight.


          Structure and Material:

          The large center piece of the power bank is made of Aluminum Alloy which is durable enough that the power bank won’t have any loose pieces. With that said, it’s not a rugged power bank, so it’s best to be cautious about dropping the power bank because it can get damaged through falls.


          On the tech side, the power bank has lots of safety tech that are able to keep charging safe during charging.


          It’s a highly reliable power bank for all your USB charging needs. It has a high enough power capacity to charge most smartphones multiple times and it can also charge Mini tablets to full power. There are 2 ports that have a 2 Amp charging speed, which is enough to charge most devices at pretty good speeds. Also, the size is small enough for on-the-go purposes.

          With that said, this DULLA power bank doesn’t do anything too special either. The charging speeds could be faster, and the weight could be lighter. Although, those are minor hindrances.



          High enough power capacity to last for multiple charges and 2 ports to charge 2 devices at once.


          It’s about the same size as an iPhone 6 Plus, but the weight of 9 ounces can feel overbearing if you’re carrying it around for long periods of time. It’s easy to use, but the use of a flashlight just seems highly unnecessary just as it does with many other power banks.


          It doesn’t have the strongest build, so don’t go dropping it; however, it is useful for everyday use.


          The DULLA power bank is a highly standard type of power bank that can be useful for multiple charges and provide some very good charging speeds. It doesn’t feature any Quick Charge or USB-C charging tech, though.

          Specs of the DULLA M50000 Portable Power Bank 12,000mAh:

          • Capacity:            Advertised: 12,000mAh            Real Capacity: 9,000mAh
          • Output:   USB Port 1: 5V/2.1A     USB Port 2: 5V/1.0A
          • Input:      5V/1.5A Via Micro-USB Input Port
          • LED Power Indicators: 4 LED Dotted Power Capacity Indicators
          • Size: 6.1 x 3.1 x 0.5 inches
          • Weight: 9 Ounces


          We had our doubts about this DULLA power bank because of its standard 12,000mAh power capacity and 2 USB ports. But it did better than we thought it would because it has ports that don’t give a compromise and a power capacity that can actually last long.

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