Review: EasyAcc 6,000mAh Power Bank with Built-in Micro USB Cable

EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra-Slim External Battery with Built-in Micro USB Cable









  • Built-In Micro-USB cable
  • Capacity can last for a day or two
  • Very portable and thin enough to fit into a pocket that's big enough


  • Output charging speed could use some work
(Last Updated On: November 23, 2020)

Power banks are usually used because of how freely they can be used to charge a wide array of devices. The practical rule is that if you’ve got a USB charging device, then you can charge it with a power bank.

However, some power banks are specified for certain devices because they have built-in charging cables.

These kinds of chargers have their positives and negatives but there’s a use for them since there are plenty of devices that can be used with the built-in charging cable, as a result, these kinds of chargers are very useful since you don’t need a separate charging cable to charge your smartphone, tablet or other compatible devices.

This EasyAcc 6,000mAh power bank has a built-in charging cable but it’s not as limited as you’d think it would be.

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Power Capacity

The capacity of this power bank is 6,000mAh. So it’s not breaking any records, and its real output power capacity is about 5,200mAh. It’s most likely always going to be near the 5,000mAh range because of the charging speed of the power bank, which we’ll get to in a moment.

It’s a pretty good Output power capacity when you consider that many other power banks have a conversion rate at about 75%. While this one is pushing itself into the 85% range. With the energy that’s available to use, you can charge smartphones 3 times or more.

However, for larger capacity smartphones like the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, they will only be able to take 1.5 charges.

Tablets will be able to charge about halfway through or maybe even more.

To get an acceptable charge for a tablet, we recommend using the entirety of the power bank’s capacity, because it’s likely that there will be less power available since a tablet charges at a high Amperage current which can result in more heat and more capacity being lost.

It has the power capacity to last for either a single day or a few days. It simply matters on the usage of it. Either way, you can depend on it to charge your smartphone quite a few times before it needs recharging.

DevicesEasyAcc 6,000mAh Ultra-Slim External Battery (Output Capacity = 5,000mAh)Phone CapacityEasyAcc 6,000mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
iPhone SE5,000mAh1,624mAh3,376mAh

3.0 Full Charges
iPhone 65,000mAh1,810mAh3,190mAh

2.7 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus5,000mAh2,915mAh2,085mAh

1.7 Full Charges
iPhone 6s5,000mAh1,715mAh3,285mAh

2.9 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus5,000mAh2,750mAh2,250mAh

1.8 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S65,000mAh2,550mAh2,450mAh

1.9 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge5,000mAh2,600mAh2,400mAh

1.9 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S75,000mAh3,000mAh2,000mAh

1.6 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge5,000mAh3,600mAh1,400mAh

1.3 Full Charges

Output Charging: Max Output – 5V/2.4A

Okay, so the power bank has two ways of charging. You can either use the USB charging port, the Built-in Micro-USB charging cable, or both. However, it’s important to know that the max charging rate of the power bank is 5V/2.4A. As a result, if you connect two smartphones to the power bank.

With one being connected to the built-in Micro-USB cable and the other being charged via its charging cable, then the charging speed may be quite slow for the both of them.

This is because either device might be able to charge at a higher Amperage current, but they can’t since either device is taking energy from the power bank to equalize the Max Output of 2.4 Amps.

So if you do plan on charging a tablet like an iPad, then you should do so through the USB charging port and charge it solo, so it can charge at its max speed of 2.4A. Otherwise, power will be pulled from the iPad to the other device you’re charging through the Micro-USB cable.

Not only should you most likely charge a tablet alone, but if you want your smartphone to charge as quickly as possible then it’s best to charge it alone as well.

The Output charging speed of the power bank is quite disappointing because just by charging two devices, you’re limiting the charging speed you’re receiving.

The addition of a built-in Micro-USB cable is a pretty cool design feature and doesn’t do much in the way of power than any other Micro-USB cable can’t do. If you’re a heavy Android user or strictly use Android devices, then this power bank is a pretty good option since it already has a ready to go charging cable.

Input Charging: 5V/2.0A

The max Input of the power bank is 5V/2.0A and can be fully charged within 4.5 hours if done at that speed. This is why we’re recommending that you use a 2 Amp or higher wall charger to recharge the power bank. Otherwise, it could take 10 hours if you’re using a 1 Amp wall charger. The recharge port is done through a Micro-USB Input.


Size and Weight:

The power bank is described to be thin and although that’s not the case, it’s still quite small and portable. Its length is 5.3 inches, a width of 2.6 inches, and a thickness of 0.5 inches. It weighs 5 ounces.

So overall, it’s possible to hold this power bank while you’re using it. We even dare say that it can fit into your pocket because of the thickness being so small. Putting it into a bag is another great option if you want to.

Also, along with a built-in charging cable, you can charge your compatible Android device with a power bank easily without needing to find a separate charging cable.

Simply pull out the charging cable from the power bank itself and begin charging. This way, you only have to carry a single charging cable if you want to use the USB charging port.

Functional Components:

All the functional parts are easy to find and use. With the USB Output port and Micro-USB Input port being on the same side. There’s also a flashlight on the power bank alongside the charging ports. The flashlight can be turned on by double-tapping the power button and double-tapping it again to turn it off.

The power button is found on the long side of the charger and is used to check the power capacity of the power bank through the 5 LED lights on top of the charger. This is because the power bank automatically begins charging once a device is connected to use the built-in Micro-USB cable or the USB charging port.

It also turns itself off when there is nothing connected to the charger.

You can find a built-in Micro-USB cable to the side of the power bank. The cable isn’t bendable and has a limit before it will break. However, it extends just enough so that you can charge your smartphone comfortably while it charges.

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Structure and Material:

The power bank is held together by 3 main pieces, which are the two top and bottom plates and the center siding.

It’s made out of plastic with a grainy finish that is nice to touch and allows the user to have a grip. So without going on about the physical build, it’s a strong and resilient power bank that doesn’t have much weakness in its build.

Except for the built-in charging cable. There’s a reason why every power bank or at least most power banks don’t have built-in charging cables. It’s because once the cable is damaged, that part of the charger is done with.

In this case, with the Micro-USB cable, this problem can be very apparent because Micro-USB charging heads are not very resilient, with their charging heads being able to wear down quickly.

We caution you before purchasing this charger because Micro-USB cables can break quite easily, and if it’s not the charging head itself, then it might be the cable that gets damaged. As a result, you’re going to lose a vital piece of the portable charger that makes it so important for its purpose.


On the inside is some safety tech such as Over-Charge protection that can shut off the power bank once the device it’s charging is fully charged. Over-Current protection so it controls the current to each device and Short-Circuit prevention.


It’s a reliable power bank charger if you know what you’re going to use it for. We say this because you’re most likely thinking about getting this power bank if you want to take advantage of the built-in Micro-USB charging cable.

On the build side of things, however, it’s not the most reliable because the cable can break or wear down its charging head. As a result, it will render the charging cable useless and one of the most vital points of the power bank is lost.

The power capacity and design are quite superb with the power capacity being able to last long and even for days if you’re charging a smartphone with a small battery capacity.

Although the charging speed could use some work with a better Max output. It has manageable dimensions and a lightweight that makes it easy to carry and can even fit into your pocket.

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So the power capacity is lower than the stated 6,000mAh, with real output capacity being about 5,000mAh. However, you’ll still be able to get quite a bit of charge with it. It’s the charging speed that can be disappointing with an only output of 5V/2.4A.


It’s a wonderfully designed portable charger and it is indeed portable with its tight dimensions and lightweight. You might even be able to fit it into your pocket if you want to. The built-in cable is just long enough to be used at a comfortable distance but it isn’t a long cable that you’d connect to a power bank separately.


The build is good with the power bank being made of plastic and all the parts being functional even with repeated uses.

With that said, the weakest point is the built-in charging cable because either the cable itself can break or the charging head can wear down after repeated uses and you end up with a broken piece of the power bank. Ultimately, you have to realize the risk with the charging cable.


It’s a reliable enough power bank because it has just enough power capacity, it has just enough of a good design and it has a pretty good build except for the Micro-USB cable being able to break after long-term usage.

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Specs of the EasyAcc 6,000mAh Power Bank with Built-in Micro USB Cable:

  • Power Capacity: 6,000mAh
  • Output:      Max Output: 5V/2.4A
  • Input:      5V/2.0A Via Micro-USB Input
  • LED Power Indicators: 4 LED Power Indicators
  • Size: 5.3 x 2.6 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 5 Ounces


So there are mixed feelings with the power bank that has built-in charging cables but it’s for good reasons. The cable can wear down after many uses or it could break from the power bank itself and render a vital point of the charger useless.

The Output power capacity of the charger is quite good and can last for a day or two without needing to be recharged, but the charging speed could use some work with a better Max output. It’s indeed a portable charger because of its small dimensions and lightweight and can be used while it’s in your hands.

With all that said, this power bank is still quite average and it’ll do just fine if you’re always in need of a Micro-USB charging cable.

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