Review: EasyAcc Surge Protector with 3 USB Ports

EasyAcc Surge Protector with 3 USB Ports

EasyAcc Surge Protector with 3 USB Ports










          • 3 Powerful USB Ports
          • Very Small Size


          • Only 2 AC Outlets

          At Charger Harbor, we’ve reviewed quite a lot of Surge Protectors because the Surge Protectors that we’ve reviewed have charging ports. If this is your first time hearing about Surge Protectors with USB Ports then you’re probably weirded out right now, but yes, there are Surge Protectors that have USB ports to charge your devices. They’re a highly useful installment on Surge protectors because you already have the AC Outlets, and the use of USB Ports on the Surge Protector absolve the need of a USB wall charger.

          This is an EasyAcc Surge Protector that uses USB ports. It’s quite different than the ones that we’ve reviewed in the past since this has only a few AC Outlets, but let’s what it’s got.


          Output Charging:

          AC Outlets:

          The Surge Protector only uses two AC Outlets and we realize that’s not much. But the purpose of this Surge Protector is for it to be used on your desktop and to power a few devices only.

          The Max Power that the AC Outlets are capable of Outputting is 1,500 Watts; so there’s no shortage of power here and you can use whatever devices that you’d like to power with it. It’s just that you’re limited to only two appliances.

          USB Charging Ports:

          With the AC Outlet part of the Surge Protector being quite limited, the USB port side isn’t.

          PowerFul Charging

          This is because there are 3 USB charging ports and each of the ports have a charging speed of 5V/2.4A. A charging speed of 2.4A is able to charge most devices their max charging speeds, and it’s with this speed that you can charge most tablets like iPads at their max charging speeds.

          Not only is the individual charging speed of the ports really good, but also the Max Output too. The Max Output is 7.2 Amps. This means that you can use the full power of each USB port at the same time because 2.4 x 3 is able to equal 7.2 which is the Max Output of the USB ports.

          Not only can you charge an iPad at its max charging speed, but you can charge 3 iPads at their max charging speeds using the 3 USB ports. So when it comes to charging smartphones, this Surge Protector will have no problems. And even though the Surge Protector is low on its powering options, the quality behind them is very good.


          Size and Weight:

          The size of the Surge Protector block is very small. Since it has a length and width of just 4.7 inches and a thickness of 1.7 inches. The weight of it is 1.2 Pounds. So it’s very small, but still quite heavy.

          The length of the power cord is 5 feet long.

          Functional Components:

          The two AC Outlets are on a single side, and in between them is the power cord. The power cord is built into the Surge Protector so you can’t take it out. On the side is where there’s an On/Off Switch. The Switch is very useful because you don’t have to unplug the Surge Protector when you’re done using it; instead, you can just conveniently turn it off.

          On another side is where there’s an On/Off Switch. The Switch is very useful because you don’t have to unplug the Surge Protector when you’re done using it; instead, you can just conveniently turn it off.

          On the opposite side of the where the Switch is, there are the 3 USB ports. The 3 ports are aligned vertically next to each other.

          Then there are two other features that the Surge Protector has. On the back, there’s an Adjustable stand that you can use to place a smartphone or tablet on. Also, the AC Outlets have an adjustable covering that is great to ensure safety for when you’re not using them.


          Structure and Material:

          The entire Surge Protector is made of plastic, with an exception of the back being made of rubber. With that said, it’s structurally strong and won’t go breaking apart. Perfect for traveling purposes.


          On the tech side, this Surge Protector, of course, has Surge Protection and a bunch of other safety technologies to ensure that powering your appliances and charging your devices is smooth as possible. And thankfully, the Surge Protector doesn’t have any heating up issues.


          It might not have enough AC Outlets that you’d need but if 2 AC Outlets is what you need, then this Surge Protector is a great option. This is because of the USB port side, with each port providing 2.4A fast charging and the Surge Protector as a whole is very small, a perfect size to place on your Desktop.



          Two AC Outlets can be enough for some, or too few for some as well. With that said, the main powering comes from USB ports, with there being 3 ports and each one has a charging speed of 2.4A. The best part is that you can use the Max power of each port all the same time.


          It’s basically a block and quite good for traveling. Even though it’s limited on the powering side, the EasyAcc has all the latest design features.


          Nothing bad about the build with it having a solid build and great safety tech.


          For some people, two AC Outlets simply won’t be enough, and for some others, two AC Outlets is just enough. With the additional USB ports and powerful charging, this Surge Protector is highly objective but also highly useful too.

          Specs of the EasyAcc Surge Protector with 3 USB Ports:

          • Output:

          AC Outlets: 1,500 Watts

          3 USB Ports:   Each Port: 5V/2.4A      Max Output: 7.2 Amps

          • Input:
          • Quick Charge: No
          • LED Power Indicator: No
          • Size: 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.7 inches
          • Weight: 1.2 Pounds


          Surge Protectors that use USB ports are beginning to usher in a new age of charging electronics. Amending two technologies into one and in this case, it’s working very well. Since everyone has electronics that need charging, why not just put it with another device that we use a lot?

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