Review: Fanttik 100W Portable Solar Panel

Fanttik 100W Portable Solar Panel









  • 100W output can charge the EVO 300 at AC recharge speed
  • Usage of magnets makes portability easier
  • Comes with two solar cables that give this solar panel wider compatibility
(Last Updated On: June 30, 2022)

Solar panels come in all sizes and wattage output; of course, their primary function in the case we’re talking about is recharge devices. For the most part, solar recharging is reliable; however, solar charging may be your last option. That’s because other options such as AC or car charging are more stable since they don’t require sunlight to be used. Of course, if you’re going camping or hiking, a solar panel is the premier way to recharge a power station; even if you’re at home, it can be convenient to place your power station outside and have it recharge with a solar panel and not use electricity in your home.

In this review, we’re looking at this Fanttik 100W portable solar panel. This panel is mainly aimed to be used for Fanttik’s EVO 300 power station, as that’s what we used with the solar panel.

What’s Included in the Box

What you’re getting in the box is the 100W solar panel, an Anderson cable that is compatible with the Fanttik solar panel, and you also get a four-connection cable that features an M16, 7909, 5525, and a 5521 connector to the Anderson cable. The four connection cable makes this Fanttik solar panel reliable with most other power stations because you can connect the two cables via their Anderson red/black connections and use this solar panel with a wide range of power stations.

Also included in the box is a carrying case for the included cables and the manual.

Build Quality

The build of this Fanttik solar panel is good and is on par with other solar panels we’ve used. This solar panel uses monocrystalline silicon as its base; on top of that, you’re getting the Sunpower chip that controls the power flow from sunlight to what you’re charging. The other two protective layers are made of EVA and ETFE, which make the panel more rigid.

Even though the build is sturdy, like all solar panels, you still have to treat it as fragile. Bending, dropping, or puncturing the panels can cause the monocrystalline layer to shatter, and that can render the solar panel unusable. According to Fanttik, this panel has an IP65 water-resistant rating, and we only trust that when the panel is not in use and the solar port is covered.

Overall, it’s best not to have this solar panel around water as you are giving it a chance to get damaged, but you should be fine as long as it isn’t submerged in water.


To use this solar panel, you have to open it up and ensure the panels are facing directly towards the sun. One of the best design features is the usage of magnets on the panels when folded the two panels are held together by magnets, and the kickstands at the back of the panel are also held close to the panel when not in use; this ensures that when you hold the panel while it’s folded that there aren’t any parts moving around.

Also, the kickstands at the back are excellent, with them having strong support to keep the panels upright, and they’re easy to set up. There are also lanyard holes at the corners of the solar panel if you want to connect it to something. The solar connector port can be found under a covering.


This Fanttik solar panel has 100W output, and that’s decent enough for recharging the EVO 300 power station.

In our test, we made sure the panel was getting full sun exposure and started charging the EVO 300 power station, and the unit was able to charge at around 85W; this is great because it’s practically on par with AC charging of the power station. If you want a fast recharge rate, you can use multiple solar panels in a sequence, requiring owning multiple of these Fanttik solar panels.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, the included four connector cable and the solar to Anderson cable makes it possible to use 100W solar panels with most power stations. You can connect the two included cables and use the solar with most power stations because most power stations use ports that are compatible with the connectors on the four-connector cable.



Charging power may not be the highest, but when recharging the EVO 300 power station, it’s decent enough to get an 85W charge rate equivalent to the same speed as AC recharging for the EVO 300 power station.


The design is convenient because of the panel’s use of magnets that hold everything together when folded. Make sure that the panels are facing the sun when using it.


The panels have a pretty good build with protective layers. However, it’s still required to be careful not to be too rough with the panel because the monocrystalline layer can shatter if given too much pressure. The solar panel has an IP65 water-resistant rating but should not be submerged in water.


If you plan to get Fanttik’s EVO 300 power station, this is a solid choice if you’re looking into solar recharging for the unit. This panel can also be used to recharge most other power stations because it includes four connector cables that make it compatible with most input ports.

Fanttik 100W Portable Solar Panel Specs
Peak Power100W
Cell Efficiency23%
Power Voltage18V
Power Current5.68A
Open Circuit Voltage21.6V
Short Circuit Current6.15A
Operating Temperature Range-10 | 65°C
Sizes (Unfolded)48 x 21 x 1 inches
Size (Folded)21 x 24 x 1.7 inches
Weight13 Pounds


The Fanttik 100W portable solar panel is a more modern take on a solar panel with its nifty features such as magnets, a large handle, kickstands that have good support, cables that make the panel more universally compatible with other power stations, and a 100W output fit most input needs.

Fanttik 100W Portable Solar Panel, 23% High Efficiency Mono Foldable Solar Panel for Power Station with Adjustable Kickstand, Off Grid System for Camping, Road Trip, Emergency
  • EXCEPTIONALLY SOLID FOR ROUGH-AND-TUMBLE SCENARIOS: In the wild, reliability matters! The Fanttik solar panel features ETFE integrated lamination technology, and up to 7 layers of reinforcing materials that can effectively protect the cells from rain splashes, accidentally falling, and even crushing, stably delivers decades of productivity. Suitable for car/tent camping, hiking, road trip, and emergency.
  • TOP-OF-THE-LINE EFFICIENCY: Sporting up to 32 pieces of SunPower monocrystalline silicon solar cells, each piece is connected by flexible circuit system. The Fanttik solar panel offers a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, and a single accidentally damaged unit affects only 1/32 of the output performance. Consequently, it offers the most stable power for your off-grid adventures.
  • DIVERSE COMPATIBILITY WITH MOST POWER STATIONS: Compatible with more than 90% of portable power stations on the market. Providing charging support with 4 different sizes of connectors for Fanttik EVO 300, Jackery Explorer 240/300/500/1000/1500, FLASHFISH 200w/300w, Anker 535/545, Bluetti EB55/EB3A/EB70S/AC200P, etc.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO SET UP: Equipped with 2 adjustable kickstands, the Fanttik solar panel can be placed steadily on any surface and can adjust the panel for better sun exposure. Thanks to the foldable magnetic design, you can start absorbing energy from the sun for your power station with just a few seconds of setup.
  • OUR OVERLY COMMITTED WARRANTY & SUPPORT: Fanttik provides 24/7 customer service and lifetime professional technical support. WHAT YOU GET: Fanttik EVO 100 Solar Panel*1; Cable Storage Pouch*1; Anderson Power Cord*1; 1 to 4 Connector*1; User Manual*1.