Review: FJD Powersec MP2000 Portable Power Station

FJD Powersec MP2000 Portable Power Station









  • 2000W output lets you power nearly any appliance that you want and a 2,264Wh power capacity lets you run many appliances for numerous hours
  • Comes with an AC charging cable, car charging cable and a solar cable; AC recharging is 1200W which can recharge the power station in only 2 hours from 0%
  • Features a removeable battery, something not many other power stations have and each of the USB-A ports use Quick Charge fast charging


  • The display does not show estimated time remaining
(Last Updated On: September 28, 2022)

Portable power stations have improved tremendously over recent years, thanks to the competition between plenty of brands that have improved the product. At this point, you can choose the specific power station for your needs, including its powering capabilities and the price that fits your budget. If you’re in the market for a beast of a power station with a high capacity and a high wattage to match, then you’re in luck because these types of behemoth power stations are quite common, and we’re taking a look at one in this review.

In this review, we’re testing the FJD Powersec MP2000; the power station has a 2,264Wh capacity and a 2000W max output. If you’re looking to power nearly any appliances you would power in your home but want to do it with a power station, then the Powersec MP2000 is a good choice.


Power Capacity:

With a 2,264Wh (612,000mAh) power capacity, the Powersec MP2000 will have no problems charging devices, which is true for charging phones, tablets, and laptops. Laptops and tablets with similar battery sizes can quickly charge to their full power about 50+ times. Charging phones to full power can be done 100+ times. We can’t stress enough how easy it is to rely on this power station because it simply has such a large battery.

If you’re solely looking to charge devices such as laptops or phones while camping, hiking, or on a road trip, you can easily rely on this power station for a week or a couple of weeks, depending on how often you’re charging from it.


When it comes to powering appliances, your usage time of this Powersec MP2000 can change drastically because it’s much more dependent on the wattage of the device you’re powering. To give you an idea of how long you can use this power station because the capacity is 2,264Wh, you can power a 2,264W appliance for one hour or a 1W appliance for 2,264 hours. So basically, if you want to get a better sense of how long you’ll be able to use this power station, divide the full 2,264Wh capacity by the wattage of the appliance that you want to power; of course, this type of estimation only works if you have the Powersec MP2000 is charged to its full power.

For example, we tested a heat gun with two settings, high and low; the low setting ran at 775W, and the higher setting ran at 1150W. This means that the low setting on the heat gun can run for 3 hours, and the high setting can run for about two hours. The one downside of the design of this FJD power station is that it doesn’t have an estimated runtime on the screen, something that newer power stations are beginning to use. However, for the most part, even with high-wattage appliances and the power station being at full capacity, you will almost always be able to get one hour of usage or many more hours from this unit.



When using the power station, you get quite a few options. The Powersec MP2000 has three AC outlets, two USB-C ports, four USB-A ports, two DC 5521 ports, and one DC cigarette lighter car port. Let’s take a closer look at what this power station can do with its features.

Charging Ports:

Charging port selection is excellent, with the power station featuring two 60W USB-C Power Delivery ports and four Quick Charge USB-A ports. Yes, each USB-A port has Quick Charge; unlike other power stations where USB-A ports are usually standard at either 12W or 15W, the ports on this FJD power station each have an 18W output. A bit of a letdown is that each USB-C port has a 60W and not a 100W output, but at the same time, you’re getting two USB-C Power Delivery ports that can charge most USB-C chargeable laptops.

The charging section is not part of its own circuit and fits into the whole 2000W max output, so there is no power limit when charging multiple devices simultaneously. We were able to fast charge a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy A51, an LG G7, and standard charge an Apple iPad from the USB-A ports; at the same time, we were able super fast charge a Samsung Galaxy S20 and charged a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 laptop at its max speed from the USB-C ports.

Since the Galaxy S20 was able to super fast charge from a USB-C port, this means that the USB-C ports feature Programmable Power Supply (PPS); this charging tech can fast charge compatible phones faster; in this case, it can charge the Galaxy S20 and newer model Samsung phones at 25W or 45W.

DC Ports:

The DC port section will likely be the least used section of this power station because most people don’t own appliances or even have devices that can charge or be powered from them. This is true for every power station, not just this Powersec MP2000, as nearly every power station has DC 5521 ports and a DC cigarette lighter port.

That said, the DC 5521 ports can be used to charge DC charge laptops, as long as you have the correct DC charging cable. On the other hand, the cigarette lighter port may be more accessible because, in our case, we can power a car tire pump using this port. The DC 5521 and cigarette lighter ports have a 14V/8A output.

AC Outlets:

The AC Outlets are the main reason you’re getting a power station, and this Powersec MP2000 has three AC outlets and a 2000W Pure Sine Wave max output behind them. You can power anything in your home with this power station via the outlets because 2000W is a lot of power that fits into powering most appliances. We did a few tests to see how capable this unit is, and we were not disappointed.

We started with testing a Lasko heater, set it to low, and it outputs 745W, then set it to high, and the output jumped to 1225W, and we also turned on its oscillating feature to let it turn. The heater ran flawlessly, making it great to use during those fall or winter months if you want to sit outside and keep warm by running a heater.

With a 1225W output, even at high, you still have more space to run more appliances and charge devices. That’s why it’s incredible to have such a higher wattage because there’s so much power that lets you power multiple devices simultaneously, including high wattage and low wattage appliances.

The next test wasn’t power-intensive because we had devices charging from all six ports while also powering two tower fans.

We did this test to see if powering appliances from the AC outlets had any interference with charging devices, and it didn’t. After this test, we unplugged the charging devices, kept the fans plugged in, and then plugged in a deep fryer.

With the two tower fans and deep fryer running, the Powersec MP2000 was outputting 1500W, and everything ran perfectly. Also, to note, the two fans were running at their highest level; even with a 1500W output, there’s still tons more power that can be used via the charging ports and the DC ports; this test shows that you can quickly cook outside using electric cooking appliances, and the usage of a fan is beneficial during the warm months of Spring and Summer to keep away bugs and to keep cool.

The internal fan of the power station was running with this test because 1500W is a lot of power, and the unit must be kept cool. You can tell the fan is on from either hearing it or seeing the logo on the screen.

After testing the deep fryer, we unplugged it and then plugged in a mini fridge while the two fans were still running.

With the refrigerator and the two fans running, the power station’s output was 165W. So even with these three appliances, you can continuously use them for about 12 hours if the power station is at max power.

For the next test, we powered a heat gun, set it to low, and the output was 760W.

We then set the heat gun to high, and the output jumped to 1140W. Then the internal fan of the power station turned on.

For the final test, we powered a shop vac, and it ran at 1015W, making this power station very reliable if you ever need to do a cleaning job with a shop vacuum outside.

Overall, the FJD Powersec MP2000 power station is near limitless regarding appliances it can run; with 2000W, you can power nearly anything, such as a 2000W appliance, for one hour. This means a lot considering you can be anywhere and still be able to power devices that you regularly use in your home.

Input Charging:

Recharging options for the Powersec MP2000 power station are plentiful, with it being able to recharge via an AC or car charger, and you can recharge via solar panels. The box includes an AC charging cable, a car charging cable, and a solar MC4 to Anderson cable.

The AC cable is the best way to recharge this unit because it can recharge the power station at 1200W, and if you’re recharging the unit from 0%, you can recharge to full power within 2 hours.

Suppose you have solar panels; solar recharging is the second fastest way to recharge the power station because you can recharge the unit at 600W with powerful enough solar panels. We recommend two 300W solar panels for optimal solar recharging because you can connect two simultaneously as there are two Anderson input ports on the power station.

In our test, we did use a Fanttik 100W solar panel because it’s all we had, and that was able to recharge the power station at nearly 90W. It was fantastic to see that you can technically use any solar panel you want with the Powersec MP2000 as long as you have an Anderson connector solar cable.


The slowest way to recharge this power station is via car charging because the car charger only recharges at about 65W, so you’ll wait more than 24 hours if you’re recharging from 0% if you’re using the car charger. So definitely the last resort option for recharging.

The maximum input for the Powersec MP2000 is 1700W, which can be achieved using AC and solar recharging simultaneously. This can be achieved by having the power station recharging in your home via AC, a solar panel outside, and a solar cable running inside the power station.

The Powersec MP2000 acts as an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) while it’s AC recharging, which means you can have appliances connected to the power station, which will power from the wall outlet. So if the power goes out, the power station will automatically begin powering the appliances you have plugged into.


Size and Weight:

This is a large and heavy power station, which is what you can expect from power stations in this high-tier category. By “high tier,” we mean power stations with high capacities and output; the inverter has to be larger to accommodate the higher wattage output. Since there’s a higher capacity, that means more batteries. This all comes to make together the power station weighs 60 pounds and has a length of 22 inches, a width of 14.5 inches, and a height of 10 inches.

This isn’t the type of power station you will be able to hold for a long time. That said, the power station is incredibly reliable once you have it in a location where you can use it. Thankfully, there are two large handles to the sides that make the unit easier to carry, but we must say that you have to use your legs to pick it up from the floor because 60 pounds is heavy. You can lighten the weight of the power station a bit by removing the battery and carrying the power station itself to its location first and then carrying the battery after.

Functional Components:

Using the power station is simple, with a slightly different step than other power stations. At the top of the power station, there’s a cover that you can open, and that is where the battery is located; to turn on the unit, you have to press the power button on the battery and along with the battery is where you’ll find power capacity indicators, too. 

While talking about the battery, we also want to mention that you can remove the battery by unscrewing the four screws to the right and left of the battery. You don’t have to remove the screws; loosen them enough to take out the metal holding plates, make sure the battery is off, and then you can unplug the battery wire from the power station. Once the battery is unplugged, you can pick up the battery from its handle and replace it with a new one once your current one wears out. Being able to change a battery is not the norm for most power stations, but we think it should be, and this Powersec MP2000 has a great design to do so.


At the front of the power station is where you’ll find the display, power buttons, charging ports, and AC outlets.

Once you turn on the battery, the display automatically turns on, and you’re ready to press the other power buttons of the DC, USB, or AC output sections. However, the main power button at the front turns the unit off when you hold it down, and you can press it again to turn the power station on. However, know that the front power button doesn’t control the internal battery, and you still have to turn the internal battery off when you’re done using the power station.

The display at the front shows the remaining power capacity of the power station, and it shows the wattage output of each of the sections. Once you turn on a section of the power station, such as AC, that section shows up on display, and wattage is shown in real time while you’re using the power station. Also, when you’re recharging the power station, the input wattage is shown on display, as well as a fan logo when the internal fan is on and the UPS logo when you’re AC recharging the unit.

To the right of the display side is where you’ll find the Anderson input ports and the AC input port for recharging the power station.


Structure and Material:

The Powersec MP2000 power station has a great build that is on par with other power stations. Most of the power station is made of plastic but has a solid build. It is excellent for daily use if you need it and the handles are an essential power station structure as they make it easier to pick up the unit. That said, you should be careful about dropping this power station or exposing it to water as it may get damaged in both scenarios.


The downside is that this Powersec MP2000 uses a regular Lithium-Ion battery. In contrast, newer model power stations are starting to use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that offer many more charge cycles. In this case, you can get about 1,000 charge cycles, and the battery can maintain 70% of its original capacity. Considering what this power station is capable of, that’s not too bad, and it depends on how often you use it.

The unit keeps cool with an internal fan, and even with us powering a deep fryer and two fans, the power station had an output of 1500W on a sunny hot summer day, and it still performed flawlessly.


High-tier power stations will always be reliable, and this Powersec MP2000 is no different. A 2000W max output and a 2,264Wh power capacity means you can power nearly any appliance that you want, and it can be powered for at least one hour if we’re talking about higher 2000W appliances.

The port selection is good; on the charging side, port selection is excellent because each USB-A port uses Quick Charge and has two 60W USB-C Power Delivery ports. DC section has what you can expect with its DC cigarette lighter port and two DC 5521 ports. The three AC outlets are good, although it would have been nice to have four AC outlets, which would likely add to the cost, and three works just fine in this case.

The only unreliable part of power stations within this power range is that they’re large and heavy; they’re not meant to be held for a long duration, more meant to be placed down pretty quickly and used with an assortment of devices.

Included in the box with the FJD Powersec MP2000 are an AC cable, car cable, solar cable, manual, and four other screws that can replace the current ones holding down the battery.



The 2,264Wh power capacity can charge devices to full power more than a hundred times if you’re charging phones, while tablets and laptops can still charge about forty times or more. You can power appliances for many hours, too, with even higher wattage appliances that go into the 1500W+ range and can still be powered for an hour or more.


The power station is easy to use but has a different design using a removable battery. You must turn on the battery first to use the power station. Then you have access to the display at the front that shows battery capacity, wattage input/output status, if the internal fan is turned on and if UPS mode is enabled while AC is recharging. A removable battery is great because you can replace the battery after enough charge cycles and pop a new one right in instead of spending money on a new power station.


The power station has a good build quality, but remember that you shouldn’t drop it or expose it to water as it may get damaged from them. The power station does have an internal fan that does a great job at keeping the unit cool even on a hot summer’s day with direct sunlight while powering high-wattage appliances. The usage of a Lithium-Ion battery is alright. Still, it would have been incredible to see a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, as those are slowly going to be the more used type of battery because of their extended charge cycles.


High-tier power stations are the most reliable type of power station that you can get because they have high capacities and high wattage output. This makes it possible to power nearly anything you want to, and you can power appliances for hours on end, and that includes 1000W+ appliances, too. You also get a decent cable set in the box to recharge this FJD power station.

FJD Powersec MP2000 Portable Power Station Specs
ModelFJD Powersec MP2000
Power Capacity2,264Wh (612,000mAH)
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Lifecycle1,000 Cycles to 70% Original Capacity
3* AC Outlets2000W (Pure Sine Wave)
2* USB-C PD Ports5V/9V/12V/15V/20V|3.0A (60W)
4* USB-A Ports5V/2.5A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A (18W)
DC Ports1 x 12V/8A (Car Outlet)
2 x 12V/4A DC 5521 (5.5mm Outlets)
[10A Max]
AC Recharging1200W
Solar Input Recharging600W Max
Car input65W
Max Input Possible1700W, with AC and Solar Input Simultaneously
Size22 x 14.5 x 10 inches
Weight60 pounds


The FJD Powersec MP2000 power station enters a somewhat competitive market, but one where consumers are looking for many options before making their choice. The Powersec has it all, just as other high capacities and high wattage power stations do, and comes with all the standard accessories. However, one edge that the Powersec MP2000 has is its removable battery, which can allow you to save money in the future once the battery has worn out, as you don’t have to replace the entire power station and only the battery. The power capabilities and the port selection are alongside competitors, though.

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