Review: FOXNOV 5,000mAh Power Bank

FOXNOV 5,000mAh Power Bank











  • Slim Form Factor that can fit into your pocket
  • Power capacity to charge most smartphones to full power


  • Lack of a Power Button

Power banks that have low power capacities are going to be quite small since the amount of power capacity that a power bank has will dictate the size of the charger.

Overall, if you want to take advantage of the most portable aspect that power banks have to offer, then you have to go with mini power banks.

However, this kind of power bank should be purchased with the knowledge that they’re really meant for smartphones, because of their powering abilities.

This is the FOXNOV 5,000mAh power bank. It has a higher power capacity than most small portable chargers, and yet it holds onto a very small size.

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Power Capacity:

The power capacity of this power bank is similar to the somewhat newer generation of Mini portable chargers with its 5,000mAh power capacity.

It’s a new generation because power banks that have 5,000mAh power capacities are still small enough that they can be taken anywhere by being able to fit into our pockets and our hands. With that said, the increase in power from the usual 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh is quite useful, since, in the end, you’ll be able to use more Output power capacity.

3.7 x 5,000 = 18,500 / 5 = 3,700mAh

This FOXNOV power bank still has lots of power left even when energy is lost during the conversion of power when charging is happening.

The Output power capacity of 3,700mAh is still enough to charge most smartphones to their full power. This even goes for higher capacity smartphones like the new Galaxy S8 with its 3,000mAh battery capacity and its larger version the Galaxy S8+ that has a 3,500mAh capacity.

Either of those is able to charge to their full power once with the FOXNOV power bank. So if you own a smartphone that a capacity lower than the S8, you can very well get a tad bit more than just a single charge.

 FOXNOV 5,000mAh Power Bank
(Output Power Capacity = 3,700mAh)
Phone CapacityFOXNOV 5,000mAh Power Bank Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
iPhone SE3,700mAh1,624mAh2,076mAh Left Over

2.2 Full Charges
iPhone 63,700mAh1,810mAh1,890mAh Left Over

2.0 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus3,700mAh2,915mAh785mAh Left Over

1.2 Full Charges
iPhone 6s3,700mAh1,715mAh1,985mAh Left Over

2.1 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus3,700mAh2,750mAh950mAh Left Over

1.3 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S63,700mAh2,550mAh1,150mAh Left Over

1.4 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge3,700mAh2,600mAh1,100mAh Left Over

1.4 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S73,700mAh3,000mAh700mAh Left Over

1.2 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge3,700mAh3,600mAh100mAh Left Over

1.0 Full Charges
Apple iPad Mini 23,700mAh6,470mAh0mAh Left Over

You need 2,770mAh More for a Full Recharge
Apple iPad Mini 43,700mAh5,124mAh0mAh Left Over

You need 1,424mAh More for a Full Recharge

Output Charging:

There’s a single USB charging port on this FOXNOV power bank and its charging speed of 5V/2.1A.

It’s a good speed that able to charge smartphones near or at their max charging speed, but it’s important to know that this power bank does not feature Quick Charge and therefore, Quick Charge compatible smartphones are not able to charge at their max charging speeds.

However, the 2.1 Amp charging speed is still a lot better than a 1 Amp speed that most Mini power banks have.

Input Charging:

Recharging is done through a Micro-USB Input port and it’s able to recharge at 5V/1.5A speeds. You must use a 2 Amp wall charger or higher to recharge it as fast as possible and by doing so, the recharge time will be 2-3 hours.

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Size and Weight:

Even though the FOXNOV power bank does quite well with its powering capabilities such as its power capacity, and charging. What really makes this power bank shine is its size and the portability that you’re able to get out of it.

It has a length of 4.7 inches, a width of 2.6 inches and a thickness of 0.3 inches. So it’s basically a Slim power bank that could pass for a smartphone size if it were just a little slimmer.

The weight is very light at 3.2 ounces. So you’re able to fit this charger into your pocket and take it anywhere and you may even be able to fit it into your pocket along with your smartphone and have your smartphone charging. No problems with fitting it into your hands either.

Functional Components:

All of the functional parts of the power bank are on a single side and there are only 3 parts. There’s the USB charging port, the Micro-USB Input port, and 4 White LED power capacity indicators.

Strangely, the power bank does not have a power button, because charging automatically starts when you connect a device to the charger.

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Structure and Material:

The entire FOXNOV power bank is made of plastic and it almost has a uni-body design with just a few separate pieces that make whole. Overall, it has a strong and compact build that makes the charger great to use for everyday use.


On the tech side, there’s nothing too extraordinary about the tech, but it does use safety tech to keep charging safely. With that said, FOXNOV has stated that they use the same type of Lithium Polymer batteries that Anker uses, which is really good because their batteries are able to last for more charges.


For what it has, regardless if it’s a Mini power bank, this FOXNOV portable charger is very reliable if you plan on charging smartphones with it only. Since its power capacity is able to charge most smartphones to their full at least once and the charging speed of 2.1 Amps is faster than most Mini power banks.

The size and weight are very convenient as you’re able to take it anywhere you go.

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Enough power for its purpose of charging nearly any smartphone to full power at least once. Charging speed is also fast enough to keep up with most smartphones.


The best part is the Slim form factor that this charger takes as it’s able to fit into your pocket. Also, the lack of a power button is quite cool, but at the same time, you can’t check the power capacity, without having to actually use the power bank.


It has a solid build but doesn’t go dropping it on hard ground.


What makes it most reliable is that it’s truly all for portability and power at the same time.

Specs of the FOXNOV 5,000mAh Power Bank:

  • Capacity:            Advertised: 5,000mAh            Output Capacity: 3,700mAh
  • Output:  5V/2.1A
  • Input:    5V/1.5A Via Micro-USB Input
  • LED Power Indicators: 4 LED Dotted Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 4.7 x 2.6 x 0.3 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 Ounces


The FOXNOV power bank has a great power capacity that’s able to charge most smartphones to full power at least once. And since it can charge smartphones the best, it’s also a similar size to them as well with its size and weight.

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