Review: GRECELL T300 Portable Power Station

GRECELL T300 Portable Power Station









  • Low price for a 288Wh power station that has a 330W max output
  • Features 3 USB-A Quick Charge ports and a 60W USB-C Power Delivery port
  • 330W output can power a decent number of appliances


  • 60W recharge rate is quite slow
(Last Updated On: August 14, 2022)

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8/12/2022 – 9/11/2022

At this point, you’ll notice that there are now a variety of portable power stations for you to choose from. You don’t have to settle for large, heavy, cumbersome power stations with large capacities; instead, you can select a power station that fits your needs without spending so much money. That’s the case for this GRECELL T-300 power station that is more on the minimal side with its power but is still very reliable for certain powering and most charging needs.

The GRECELL T-300 power station may not have the most power. Still, if your needs fit into its specifications, this is an excellent choice because of its capable ability and ease of portability due to its small size and lightweight. Also, this GRECELL power station’s low price and features may make it worth purchasing.


Power Capacity:

This GRECELL power station has a 288Wh (78,000mAh) power capacity, so not precisely the highest in terms of larger ones, but this is still a decent amount of power that can charge many types of devices to full power multiple times. Regarding charging phones, you can get about 25+ full charges, and charging laptops or tablets will get you about five total charges or slightly more. So if you’re solely using this power station for charging, you can depend on the power station for a few days without running out of power.

Powering appliances is a little different because you have to focus on the wattage of the appliances. To understand how the power capacity will last, If you’re powering a 288W appliance, then this power station can last 1 hour; on the other hand, if you’re powering a 1W lightweight, then you can get about 288Wh of usage time.

For example, we used the GRECELL T-300 to power a 32″ Samsung TV that pulled 40W, and that would mean that you can use the TV for about 7 hours until the power station is depleted of its power. That’s a decent runtime, but know that since this power station has a 330W max output, the higher the wattage appliance, the less time you will have to use the power station.


The power station has eight output ports, including two DC 5521 ports, one DC cigarette lighter port, three USB-A ports, one USB-C port, and one AC outlet.

DC Ports:

The DC port section of any power station is likely the least used because most people don’t have appliances that can charge or power from a DC port. That said, they still have purpose beaues there are still appliances that can charge or be powered from them; for example, we were able to power a portable tire pump from the DC cigarette lighter port. The DC 5521 ports are more usable to charge DC chargeable laptops as long as you’ve got the suitable cable to use with them.

USB Charging Ports:

The charging port selection is good enough at this price point because the power station has three USB-A Quick Charge ports and one 60W USB-C Power Delivery port. The charging port section fits into the 330W max output, so there is no limit on charging; as a result, we were able to fast charge a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy A51, and an LG G7, all while charging a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 at about 25W.

Charging power is impressive, considering that you’re getting three USB-A ports that can output 18W. With some power stations in this price range, or even more expensive ones, you can end up with standard 12W or 15W ports, so it’s great to see fast charging with all ports.

The 60W Power Delivery output from the USB-C port is acceptable in this case because you can still charge most USB-C chargeable laptops, but we realize that some power stations have 100W USB-C ports.

At the same time, the USB-C port on this GRECELL power station uses Programmable Power Supply (PPS) which is how we were able to super fast charge Galaxy S20 from the USB-C port.

AC Outlet

The only real downside of the AC Outlet section on this power station is that you only get one, but once again, this does add to the lower cost of the unit so having one AC outlet is not exactly a bad thing. With a 330W output, you get a decent appliance selection that can work with this power station.

In our case, we could easily power a tower fan that pulled 35W all while charging phones and a laptop; we then powered a Milwaukee battery charger that was charging an M18 battery that took about 65W.

We powered a 32″ Samsung TV that took 40W to be powered, and in this test, we still had devices charging from the charging ports, and the TV still worked perfectly.

So this power station can easily power low-wattage appliances and can do so many hours.

Moving onto higher wattage appliances, we used a stand mixer with the AC outlet, pulled 125W at the stand mixer’s highest setting, and it ran great. We then powered a crock pot at high, and that ran at 200W, so if you want to keep food hot outside, that can be done with this power station.

As long as you don’t plan on running high-wattage appliances that go above the 330W max output of the power station, then your experience with using it is going to be incredible.

It has limits with its output because you can’t power most heaters, and you have to think on the “small” side, but it’s a capable and nifty power station that performs well for most needs.

Input Charging:

Recharging the power station is done through the DC port at the front of the power station, and included in the box are an AC charger, a car charger, and an MC4 to DC solar charging cable.

The max input of the power station is 60W no matter what input method you’re using. Still, the most reliable way to recharge the power station will be using the AC charger, which was able to recharge the power station at a constant 50W rate; using the car charger would yield the same results.

We also used a Fanttik 100W solar panel, and that was able to recharge the power station at 44W. We think we could have gotten a slightly higher recharge rate by adjusting the solar panel angle for better sun exposure. However, it’s still great to see that you can practically use any solar panel to solar recharge this power station as long as you have a compatible cable to use with the unit.

The recharging options are varied and reliable. However, one setback of the recharging is the 60W recharge speed, as it’s pretty slow, and we think that doubling the recharge to 120W would help a lot.


Size and Weight:

This GRECELL 300W power station has a length of 9.6 inches, a width of 6.7 inches, and a height of 6.9 inches. The weight of the power station is 8 pounds. So this is a mini power station that can quickly be taken on a hike or for camping, which is much easier than higher capacity power stations are much larger and heavier. The handle at the top makes portability easier.

Functional Components:

Using this power station is mainly done at the front of the unit. The power buttons and the screen and all the charging ports at the front. To turn on the unit, you must press the main power button, which lets you use the power buttons for each section. Once you turn on the power station, the screen turns on and shows the remaining power capacity; when you press the power button of a specific section, it not only activates it, but you also get to see the real-time wattage output on the screen.

The screen also shows the input wattage for when you’re recharging the power station.

There is also a power button for the flashlight at the front that turns on the flashlight to the left of the power station.


Structure and Material:

This GRECELL power station matches the build quality of most other brands, mostly made of plastic, but there are rubber bumpers at the edges. It has a good build, but as with most power stations, you should be careful not to drop the unit or to expose it to water as it may get damaged in both scenarios.


This power station does have an internal fan that turns on once the power station has a specific output or whenever the unit deems it necessary to cool down.


This GRECELL T-300 power station does have limitations, and that’s what you’re getting with a 288Wh power capacity, a 330W output, and a power station with a single AC outlet. You can’t power the most powerful appliances such as microwave, a full-sized blender, or a drill with this power station, but as long as your needs fit into the 330W output, then this power station is very reliable.

The 288Wh power capacity can last quite a long time for charging devices. Still, for powering appliances, it depends because powering 300W machines will give you only an hour of usage time. It would have been nice to have two AC outlets, but overall, this power station’s minimal spaces lend to its low price, which is a paramount factor in it being a reliable purchase.



Its 330W power output can still fit into powering many types of appliances as long as your needs fit into its output. The charging ports are powerful for three USB-A Quick Charge ports and one 60W UBS-C Power Delivery port. It would have been nice to have two AC outlets, but considering the low price and output, one outlet is good, too.


This is a mini power station that is small and lightweight. You can legitimately take this with you when camping or hiking, unlike those larger power stations that are more meant for road trips and can’t hold for a long time because they’re too heavy and oversized.


The GRECELL T-300 power station has a solid build, but you should be careful not to drop it or expose it to water as that may damage it.


Even considering its low capacity and wattage output, this power station is still very reliable if it fits your needs for charging and powering appliances. Sure, there are plenty of much more powerful types of power stations, but those are also much more expensive, heavier, and more significant. You have to ask yourself: “Do I need those titan power stations?”

GRECELL T300 Portable Power Station Specs
Power Capacity288Wh/78000mAh
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
AC Output100-120V/60Hz, 330W (600W Peak)
USB-C Power Delivery Output60W
USB-A Quick Charge Ports*318W Each
Cigarette Lighter Port12V/10A
DC 5521 Ports12V-5A
Size9.6 x 6.7 x 6.9 inches
Weight7.7 Pounds


The GRECELL T-300 power station comes at a low price while still offering what most consumers are looking for in the event of an emergency, and that would be a reliable but affordable power station that can last right up until you get your power back. It’s also realistic to say that you can take this camping or hiking because it’s small and lightweight.

Portable Power Station 300W (Peak 600W), GRECELL 288Wh Solar Generator with 60W USB-C PD Output, 110V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet Backup Lithium Battery for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Home Blackout
  • 【288Wh Capacity, 330W Output】330W (600W surge) pure sine wave supports most laptops, tablets, phones, lights, fans, CPAP medical devices, projectors, TV, mini-refrigerator, speaker, camera (rated power less than 330W). 288Wh huge capacity but light weight makes it compact and perfect for camping, car trips and other family outings.
  • 【Upgraded Battery Management System】We promise to adopt quality lithium batteries since we found that the use of lower-quality batteries could pose a serious risk to life and should become a crucial part of deciding what to buy. Upgraded BMS provides built-in overload, overcharge (automatically stops charging when the device is full), and short-circuit protection. Dual built-in silent cooling fans help to keep the station's temperature safe.
  • 【USB-C PD 60W, USB-A QC 18W】PD60W fast charging makes it possible to charge Android and iPhone, tablets, and laptops quickly, more than twice as fast as other standard USB-C output, and ultra-high efficiency in emergencies. All USB-A ports are quick-charge 3.0 18W, providing higher efficiency for each device.
  • 【Power 8 Device simultaneously】Equipped with 1*AC output, 1*USB-C PD 60W output, 3*USB-A QC3.0 18W outputs, 1*Car port, 2*DC outputs, GRECELL solar generator can power eight devices at the same time (as long as they draw less than 330W combined). Each switch can control each output module.
  • 【3 Ways To Recharge, Built-in MPPT Controller】GRECELL power station, can be charged via an AC outlet, a solar panel, or a car outlet. Built-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking Control) so it can extract the maximum power from the solar panel, optimizing the utilization of variable power sources like a solar generator.
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