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Review: Halo Bolt 58830 Portable Car Jump Starter with AC Outlet & USB Ports 15,900mAh Power Bank

Halo Bolt 58830 Portable Car Jump Starter with AC Outlet & USB Ports 15,900mAh Power Bank









  • Uses an AC Outlet that is best used for laptop chargers
  • Has the ability to jump start cars
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories, such as jumper cables, two recharging adapters and a Micro-USB cable


  • The AC outlet is somewhat weak, and the jump starting may be too weak because it's 500 Amps

Power banks are among the most useful chargers that you can own. Portable power stations are an even more reliable type of power bank, and ones that can jump-start your cars can be lifesavers.

That said, there are different degrees of portable power stations, and this Halo Bolt 58830 is more of a hybrid, with it being a power bank that uses an AC outlet and has a jump-starting function. The Halo Bolt is quite a well-known product for its versatility and ease of use, making it a great choice for being a portable power bank that can do a little bit of everything.


Power Capacity:

So you should not be fooled that this is a 58,830mAh power bank, that’s far from the truth, and it seems that the brand placed that into the name to make it sell more. As the 58,830mWh refers to jump-starting capabilities that this power bank has. When it comes to showing how much power capacity a portable charger has, brands will almost always use Mili Amp Hours or mAh. At the same time, this one is labeled as 58830mWh.

This Halo Bolt has three 5,300mAh batteries, so we can deduce that this power bank has a 15,900mAh power capacity. This is nowhere near the claimed power capacity or the capacity they want you to think this charger has.

Okay, so what can you do with a 15,900mAh power capacity with the two USB ports, an AC outlet, or a 500 AMP jump starter? Well, quite a few things, but not as much as you thought you could.

When it comes to charging with the USB-A ports, you’re mainly going to be charging smartphones with it, and if that’s the case, you’re only able to charge most phones to full power about three to four times. Smartphones now use fairly large batteries, such as Samsung Galaxy S20 using a 4,000mAh battery, while the S20+ has a 4,500mAh battery and the S20 Ultra has an even larger 5,000mAh battery.

Powering an appliance or a laptop charger with the AC outlet can only be done for an hour. Since it has a 65W power output, if you’re powering a laptop charger that’s within that power range, then you’re able to power it for an hour.

In terms of how many times you’re able to jump-start a vehicle, it depends on what you’re trying to jump-start. If you’re starting from a full power capacity, the Halo Bolt 58830 power bank can jump-start sedan cars about 200 times, but when it comes to jump-starting SUVs, you can expect about 90 jump starts.

Output Charging:


Like the power capacity, the Halo Bolt’s power output is pretty good, but nothing amazing.

The two USB ports don’t feature any fast charging tech like Quick Charge, so you have both ports that output a standard charging speed of 12W (5V/2.4A). Not bad, but for a power bank that features an AC outlet and that’s in this price range, we would expect either a Quick Charge port or a USB-C Power Delivery port.

The AC outlet is one of the highlights of the Bolt 58830, as you’re able to power an appliance or, more importantly, a laptop charger. We say, “More importantly” because the three-prong AC outlet is meant for laptop chargers. 65W may be useful for powering a lamp, but really, we found it to be used as a power source for a laptop charger.

The jump-starting feature is also a big part of this power bank, and the power output for it is 500 AMPs. That’s a good amount, but it’s not amazing. 500 AMPs is the minimum amount that a portable jump starter should offer because even though the HALO Bolt 58830 advertises that it can jump starts cars, ATVs, and boats, it can’t jump-start a completely dead battery. 500 AMPs of power is not enough.

If your car battery still has juice left, then this Bolt jump starter can jump-start your car. However, if you want a portable jump starter that has a higher success rate of working, a 1000 AMP one or higher will be a good idea to have.

Input Charging:

The Halo Bolt is only recharged from the DC input port. There are two ways to recharge it from the DC port, and that would be either using the AC adapter or car charger adapter that it comes with. Both are useful in their own ways, with the AC adapter being useful for faster recharging and used in your house.

While the car charger is used in your car while you’re driving.


Size and Weight:

The size of this power bank is large for its 15,900mAh power capacity, but when you consider using a jump starter and an AC outlet, the sizing does make sense. It is still enough to be portable with nearly anywhere you go.

The Bolt has a length of 7.1 inches, a width of 3.8 inches, and a thickness of 1.5 inches. The weight of the power bank is 1.6 pounds. So you’re not going to be placing this power bank in your pocket, but you can hold it or place it in a backpack to take with you anywhere you go.

Bolt 58830 also comes with a bag of its own that you can use to place the power bank in or all the cables that it comes with.

Functional Components:

Using the Halo Bolt 58830 is simple. Each of the ways to use it has a power button to turn that specific part on.

The USB ports have a power button in between them that turns on both ports, and when pressed, the USB port button turns blue. To turn off the USB ports, press the power button again.

The power button for the AC outlet is right next to an outlet, and when pressed, it blinks Green twice and then stays Green. To turn off the AC outlet, press the power button again.

The Flashlight also has a button, but it does not turn any color when pressed and only turns on the flashlight. The flashlight only has a single constant run setting and does not have a strobe or SOS setting. It is quite bright and can be useful in an emergency if you don’t want to use your phone’s flashlight.

You can use the USB ports, the AC outlet, and the flashlight at the same time with this power bank. However, you can only use the Bolt alone’s jump starter, with nothing else being on.

When it comes to using a jump starter, you have to plug the jumper cable into the power bank and place the cable clamps to your car battery. Place the red clamp on the positive and the Black clamp on the negative.

Once that’s done, you have to press the power button and wait for solid green light, and then you can start your car.


Structure and Material:

The Bolt 58830 power bank’s build quality is pretty good, as the structure of the power bank is put together well. The entire power bank is made of plastic, so it doesn’t exactly feel premium, but it does hold up well whenever you need to use it.

At the bottom, there are rubber pads that prevent the power bank from sliding around.


When it comes to powering a laptop charger or charging devices simultaneously, this power bank does not overheat. The only time it would overheat is when you’re jump-starting a car with it. We recommend cranking your car three times, and if it doesn’t start, then take a break for about five minutes, let the power bank cool down and then try again.

Cranking a car with a power bank, such as the Halo bolt, can cause it to overheat.


The unit comes with a car adapter and an AC adapter for recharging. It also comes with a Micro-USB cable and jumper cables.

The reliability of this power bank depends on what you’re going to need it for. It can be used to charge a smartphone to full power about three or four times, but at the same time, the Bolt 58830 does not use Quick Charge or Power Delivery.

The two most useful parts are the AC outlet and the jump starter, but at the same time, the AC outlet has a 65W output only, but it can be beneficial for powering laptop chargers. The jump starter can be useful for starting your car in case of an emergency. It also helps that it’s a three-prong AC outlet rather than just two.



Charging power from the USB ports is not impressive as they only have a 12W output. The main thing to focus on is whether you can use the AC outlet with a 65W output and a 500 Amp jump starter.


This is not a power bank that you’re going to be fitting into a pocket, but it will be useful for holding, placing it in your car, or having it in a backpack. Traveling with it as a laptop charger can be highly useful.


Structure-wise, the Halo Bolt 58830 is a power bank that is built well. The charger can heat up internally if you crank your car too many times while trying to jump-start it, so it’s best to take a break after about three cranks.


The power capacity of this Halo power bank is a little disappointing. Still, at the same time, it’s understandable because the charger has an AC outlet and a jump starter, so if it were to have a higher power capacity, the power bank itself would have been larger.

On the bright side, the Halo Bolt does come with everything. It comes with an AC adapter and a car adapter for recharging. It also comes with a Micro-USB cable and a carrying bag for the power bank.

 Halo Bolt 58830 Portable Car Jump Starter Power Bank Specs
Power Capacity15,900mAh
USB-A Ports5V/2.4A
AC Outlets65W
Jump-Start Output500 Amps
InputDC 14V/0.85A
Size7.2 x 3.8 x 1.6
Weight2.7 pounds


The HALO Bolt 58830 AC jump starter power bank is a jack of all trades for portable charging and power for your devices. It doesn’t do everything exceptionally well, but it does good enough.

Halo Bolt 58830 mWh Portable Phone Laptop Charger Car Jump Starter with AC Outlet and Car Charger - Grey

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  • Phone, Tablet, and USB Power Bank - Never run out of battery! Two USB 2.4V charging outputs means this iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or iPad Portable Charger powers multiple devices at once. Comes with Car Charger so you can keep your Bolt powered while you’re in your car.
  • Universal Laptop and Phone Charger - Keep your Mac, PC, phone or tablet charged when traveling or use as a backup during a storm. 120V AC wall outlet powers your laptop on the go. Enough charge for 7.9 hours of battery life for a 13.3” Macbook Pro, 8.6 hours of iPad Air surfing, 19.9 hours on an iPad Mini, or 62.7 hours of talk time on an iPhone 7. See picture chart for details.
  • Portable Jump Starter - Battery trouble isn’t an issue when your universal power bank includes enough power to jump start your car, boat, motorcycle or lawn mower, jumper cables included. Perfect for drivers who don’t want to wait on the side of the road for a tow truck.
  • Stylish and Safe - Every portable charger has a fashion forward design, bringing safety back. Choose from Paisley, Floral, Graphite, Chevron, and Camouflage patterns plus more. Everyone picks their flavor with this compact unit.
  • All In One Car Emergency Kit - LED flood light, battery jump starter, jumper cables, AC wall charger, carrying pouch and 2x USB phone charger all in one package. Know your teen driver or college student is safe.