Review: HBUDS Fast Wireless Charging Pad

HBUDS Fast Wireless Charging Pad











  • Capable of Fast Wireless charging for Samsung smartphones and Qi-compatible iPhones, too
  • Has a solid build and makes use of a USB-C port


  • The USB-C cable that comes with the wireless charger does not provide enough power to the wireless charger for fast charging, even when you connect it to a Quick Charge port

Ever since the release of the iPhone X, back in 2017, wireless charging has grown quite a bit. At least, the demand for it has. As one of the most prominent smartphones on the market finally started to use wireless charging, and along with that, the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and now the iPhone XS, are all fast wireless charging compatible.

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look this HBUDS fast wireless charging pad. Wireless charging may not be the most useful way of charging your smartphone, especially with the use of Quick Charge and Power Delivery now being used with phones.

However, it’s still something that’s available to use, so let’s see how this wireless charger holds up.


Output Charging:

Fast Wireless charging the Galaxy S8, but with an Aukey USB-C cable.

Since this is a fast wireless charger, what exactly does that mean? In this case, it means that it’s able to wirelessly fast charge Samsung smartphones and also iPhones that are Qi-compatible.

Fast wireless charging for Samsung phones will only happen for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and beyond. Also, fast wireless charging for Samsung phones means that they will charge at a 10W charging speed.

So just to clarify, fast wireless charging is not the same as Quick Charge, as Quick Charge is only usable with a wire and a port that makes use of Quick Charge, The reason that it’s “Fast Wireless Charging” is because regular wireless charging speed is 5W, so Samsung smartphones with this wireless charger get double the speed.

However, one important factor that you should know to actually use fast wireless charging from this HBUDS wireless charger is that you have to use a Quick Charge port to power it.

The Cables holds the Wireless Charger Back

One problem that we did find was not with the wireless charger itself, rather with the USB-C cable that came with it. We were using a Quick Charge port to power the charger, and the HBUDS cable.

The problem that we encountered was that there was just standard wireless charging and not Fast Wireless charging. Then we used an Aukey USB-C cable with the HBUDS charger, and that’s when Fast wireless charging worked. It’s quite disappointing to have a cable come in the box, only to figure out that you can’t use the full power of the charger right out of the box.

As for fast charging for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone XS; those smartphones are able to charge at a 7.5W charging speed.

For all other Qi compatible phones, they will charge at a 5W charging speed.

Input Charging:

As we mentioned before, there was a slight problem when it comes to fully power the charger for Fast wireless charging, and that would be because of the cable that comes with the charger.

We recommend the Aukey USB-C cable that we used.

Also, remember to use fast wireless charging, you must be using a Quick Charge port, otherwise, you’ll just have standard charging.


Size and Weight:

Just like most other wireless charging pads with a single coil, the size of this charger is not a problem at all. The charger has a length/width of 3.5 inches and a thickness of 0.4 inches.

So you won’t have any problems placing it on a desktop or even taking it anywhere that you want.

Functional Components:

Since this is a wireless charger, there are many functional parts to it. All you have to do is plug the charger into a charging port, and it’ll be powered.

There is a single Green LED light on the charger that turns on when a smartphone is charging. It’s quite dim and is barely noticeable in the dark.


Structure and Material:

For a brand that isn’t really well-known, we’re surprised by the build quality of this charger. The top of it has a sort of leather type of texture to it, and the bottom portion of the charger is made of Aluminium.


On the tech side, the charger does get a little warm if you’re using fast wireless charging for a long duration of time, but that can be said about most wireless chargers on the market, anyways.


If you have Fast Wireless charging smartphone, then this HBUDS wireless charger is going to prove to be more reliable than a standard one.

One unreliable part of it though is that you can’t take advantage of its fast wireless charging capabilities out of the box because the USB-C able that comes with it isn’t built for transferring the needed wattage amount.

Also, this is a wireless charging pad, and therefore it’s quite difficult to use your smartphone while it charges.



Charging power is great for Samsung Galaxy S7 owners and beyond, and for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and newer iPhones, too. That’s because this wireless charger is capable of Fast wireless charging speeds.

10W for Samsung smartphones, and 7.5W for iPhones that are Qi-compatible.


The form factor of the charger is extremely small and it also has a LED light that is not disruptive at night.


The build quality of the charger is surprisingly good, but it does heat up if you’re using fast wireless charging for a long duration.


The only two aspects that we find unreliable for this charger is that the cable that it comes with doesn’t support fast charging and it can be difficult to use your smartphone while it charges on this charger.


Coming from a brand that you likely haven’t ever heard of, this HBUDS charger has its flaws, but they’re not major ones and can be remedied with a better USB-C cable.

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