Review: Heloideo Ultra Slim Dual USB Ports Power Bank

Heloideo Ultra Slim Dual USB Ports Power Bank









  • 3 Charging Methods
  • 2 Recharging Methods
  • Very small and slim design


  • Slow charging with Built-In Cable

A power bank with a built-in charging cable can mean a lot of things, but if one thing that’s true about power banks with built-in charging cables is that they’re all more reliable than ones without one.

Since you’ll always have a cable to recharge the device that you use the most.

With that said, power banks can just have a single charging cable, or they can even go further and just have two built-in cables and also a built-in way to recharge the power bank too.

These kinds of power banks are among the most useful and you should consider getting them.

Such as this Heloideo power bank that has quite a lot of built-in components as well as parts that you can use to use your cables. Let’s take a closer look.

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Power Capacity:

The Heloideo power bank is a Mini power bank, and this is because it has an initial power capacity of 5,000mAh. It has an average conversion during charging which means that it’s going to have a 70% conversion rate. As a result, you will receive 3,500mAh of usable power.

Heloideo for Smartphones

Power capacity of 3,500mAh is going to be most useful for charging smartphones only.

Since most smartphones are going to be able to charge at least 1-2 times.

Also, the main reason this power bank should be used to charge smartphones is that most people are beginning to own smartphones that have very large batteries; that have capacities of 3,000mAh+ of power.

 Heloideo Ultra Slim Dual USB Ports Power Bank
(Output Power Capacity = 3,500mAh)
Phone CapacityHeloideo Ultra Slim Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
iPhone SE3,500mAh1,624mAh1,876mAh Left Over

2.1 Full Charges
iPhone 63,500mAh1,810mAh1,690mAh Left Over

1.9 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus3,500mAh2,915mAh585mAh Left Over

1.2 Full Charges
iPhone 6s3,500mAh1,715mAh1,785mAh Left Over

2.0 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus3,500mAh2,750mAh750mAh Left Over

1.2 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S63,500mAh2,550mAh950mAh Left Over

1.3 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge3,500mAh2,600mAh900mAh Left Over

1.3 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S73,500mAh3,000mAh500mAh Left Over

1.1 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge3,500mAh3,600mAh0mAh Left Over

0.9 Charge

(You Need 100mAh More for a Full Recharge)
Apple iPad Mini 23,500mAh6,470mAh0mAh Left Over

0.5 Charge

(You Need 2,970mAh More for a Full Recharge)
Apple iPad Mini 43,500mAh5,124mAh0mAh Left Over

0.6 Charge

(You Need 1,624mAh More for a Full Recharge)

So those larger capacity smartphones are going to be able to charge only once to their full power.

The Heloideo power bank does have an exceptionally low power capacity, and to have 3 charging options with such a low power capacity simply doesn’t make too much sense.

Output Charging:

There are 3 ways to charge your devices.

Built-In Cable

The portable charger has a built-in Micro-USB cable to charge your Android smartphone and any other Micro-USB compatible devices.

The main flaw with the built-in cable, though, is that it’s only able to Output 5V/1.0A charging speed. So your Android smartphone may not be able to charge at its fastest charging speed.

Although the main thing about the Built-In Micro-USB cable is that you’ll always have a charging cable with you to charge.

2 USB Ports

Then there are the 2 USB ports. Each of the USB ports can charge at 5V/2.4A charging speeds, which is a Max Standard charging speed. Most smartphones are going to be able to charge at their max charging speeds, and tablets like iPads will charge at their max charging speeds using these ports.

With that said, the Heloideo power bank does not feature Quick Charge, so Quick Charge compatible smartphones will not be able to charge at their max charging speeds.

Input Charging:

The Heloideo power bank has two ways to recharge itself.

It uses an AC Adapter and a USB cable to recharge.

USB Cable Recharging:

The built-in USB cable to the side of the power bank is the faster way to recharge because it has a max recharge rate of 5V/2.0A.

Just make sure that you’re using a 2 Amp wall charger or higher when using the USB cable method of recharging and it’ll be able to recharge it within 3-4 hours.

AC Adapter Recharging:

There’s also a retractable AC Adapter that can be used to recharge the power bank and it has a charging speed of 110V-240V/0.15A. So it’s able to recharge the power bank within the same amount of time as the USB cable; which is 3-4 hours.

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Size and Weight:

The Heloideo power bank is small and lightweight. The best part of this is that you get all of the lightweight and small size, along with the built-in cables.

It has a length of 5.5 inches, a width of 2.5 inches, and a thickness of 0.6 inches. The weight of it is 7.2 ounces. So it’s small enough that it can fit into a back pocket if you have a large enough one; and if that doesn’t work out, you can also hold it while charging your smartphone.

Functional Components:

On the long sides of the power bank is where there’s the USB cable on one side and the other side is the Micro-USB cable. On the back is where there’s the retractable AC Adapter and on top is where you’ll find 3 LED indicators that show remaining power capacity and also a power button.

On the short side is where the 2 USB ports are. You must press the power button to begin charging.

It’s not only his power bank that does it, but another one is also capable of doing it like RAVPower’s power bank. What it’s able to do is have a lot of built-in features, and all the built-in components can easily retract themselves back into the power bank.


Structure and Material:

The Heloideo power bank has a solid build even though it’s made of plastic, but even so, it’s still able to take light falls and bumps, but nothing too serious.


On the tech side, it makes use of the basic tech features that can keep charging safe for the power bank and you.


Of course, since it has a Micro-USB built-in cable, the power bank is mostly geared towards people that can make use of it and ultimately will be more reliable for that user.

This is why iPhone users should look for other power banks with built-in cables that have built-in Lighting cables.

With that said, the power bank has two USB ports that can be used by any cable and its use of two ways to recharge is very helpful because if you don’t have an AC Outlet, then you can use a USB wall charger and vice versa.

The most unreliable thing about this power bank, though, is the low power capacity and its many charging ways.

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There’s not much power capacity, but if the power capacity were higher, then the power bank wouldn’t be as small as it is. There are 3 charging options and 2 Recharging options which are very helpful.


It’s a small and lightweight power bank, and even with its many built-in components, it does a great job of concealing all of its parts.


It’s all made of plastic which was a good choice because it makes the power bank lightweight and even though plastic is thought to be weak, the Heloideo power bank holds up quite well.


Since it has a built-in Micro-USB cable, the power bank is going to be most reliable for those that can recharge using it. The use of its other 2 built-in cables and 2 USB ports is very reliable no matter what device you’re using.

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Specs of the Heloideo Ultra Slim Dual USB Ports Power Bank:

  • Power Capacity: 5,000mAh
  • Output:

Built-In Micro-USB Cable: 5V/1.0A

USB Ports: 5V/2.4A

  • Input:     Micro-USB Input: 5V/2.0A           AC Adapter: 110V-240V/0.15A
  • LED Power Indicators: 4 LED Dotted Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 5.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 Ounces


Power bank like this Heloideo portable charger is great examples of what can be done with cables that are built straight into the power bank.

You have more reliability and less care about forgetting cables at home. And more focus on moving forward.

Heloideo 10000mAh Power Bank Slim Portable Charger External Battery Pack with AC Plug and Micro Type-c Cables for All Cellphone(Black) …
  • [ALL IN ONE]: Built-in micro USB cable , type C cable and USB port for all cellphones. You do not need charging cable.Also built-in AC PLUG for charging power bank.
  • [10000mAh POWER CAPACITY]: With 10000mAh battery capacity you can charge your cellphones about 2-4 times.In addition to the built-in charging cable, you can charge your phone directly. And stable power supply with USB port.
  • [SLIM AND COMPACT SIZE]: HELOIDEO External battery pack only 16mm, ultra-thin design, and light weight, which make it easier to carry, built-in cable are collapsible, will not give you too much trouble when carrying out.
  • [SAFE CHARGING]: Intelligent power management IC provides power short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage and over heat protection to ensure safe charging
  • [QUALITY SERVICES]: Heloideo, in order to ensure that each customer has a satisfactory experience, you have any questions about the product can contact us at any time, we will contact you within 24 hours, and give you the best solution.

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