Review: iClever 8 AC Outlet 4 USB Port Power Strip

iClever 8 AC Outlet 4 USB Port Power Strip









  • Uses 8 AC Outlets
  • Features 4 USB Charging Ports
  • Uses two power switches to power on and off certain portions of the AC outlets


  • Does not feature Quick Charge with the USB ports

Most power strips that people own are ones that lay flat, and they don’t usually have USB charging ports. However, that has changed, and if you’re going to be purchasing a power strip now there’s a high chance that it’s going to have multiple charging ports, and have a different form factor, too.

That’s what this iClever Tower power strip features. With its vertical design and use of multiple charging ports.


8 AC Outlets

When it comes to using the AC outlets on this iClever power strip, you’ve got 8 to choose from. Each of the AC outlets is a 3-prong plug and the total power output of the power strip is 1250W from the 8 outlets. So it’s got the full package that you would get expect to get from any old fashioned power strip. Powering higher wattage appliances such as vacuums, heaters, fans or even blenders is no problem for this iClever power strip.

In the image shown above, we have a laptop charger and a Lasko heater connected to the power strip.

4 Charging Ports

Then the other highlight of this power strip is its use of four USB charging ports. All of the ports are standard ones, so none of them feature Quick Charge. However, the good news is that they’re each able to output a 2.4A charging speed, which is quite fast for standard charging. The other good thing is that the max output for the USB-A port portion is 4.5A. As a result, even if you’re using multiple ports at a time, more power is available for charging.


Size and Weight:

The size of this power strip is very small, and when you consider that it has 8 AC outlets and four charging ports, there’s a ton to use on such a small form factor. The height of it is 6.5 inches, and it’s got a width of about 5.4 inches. You’re able to place this iClever power strip nearly anywhere, a lot easier than those long horizontal power strips since this one has a small footprint.

The power cord that already comes attached to the power strip is about 6 feet long so it’s long enough to make its way to an AC wall outlet.

Functional Components:


Once you plug the power strip in, there’s only one more thing left to do to start using it, and that would be to power it on. There are two power switches at the top of the power strip. One power strip controls one half of the AC outlets and the other controls the other half of the outlets. Each of the power switches has a power light so it’s easier to see which is switched.

The individual AC outlets do not feature any power lights, but the four USB charging ports do have a single green LED light above them.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this power strip is great and what you can expect from other power strips that you’ve owned. The AC outlets hold on strongly to appliances that you plug into them and the same can be said about the USB charging ports. The power cord is also thick and ensures that it won’t be breaking no matter how you twist or turn it.

The power strip itself is made of a fire-resistant ABS material.


On tech safety side of things, iClever mentions on their product page that they’ve got a total of seven protections available for this power strip. These protections ensure that it won’t overheat or more have an over-voltage issue occur that could damage your device or the power strip.


If you want to have the ability to power multiple appliances and at the same time and have the convenience of being able to charge four devices at the same time, then this iClever power strip is a great one to get. The tower form factor is the best part of it because it takes up so little space and at the same time, there’s so much power to use.

The only minor set back is that we wish one of the USB ports featured Quick Charge or a Power Delivery port.



The use of 8 AC outlets and four charging ports ensures that you’ll be able to power many appliances at the same time, while still charging a couple of smartphones.


The design of this iClever tower power strip is the best part because its vertical design takes up less space than traditional power strips.


The build quality is great, as there are a bunch of tech protections that make sure that your devices and the power strip won’t go up in flames.


The combination of 8 outlets and 4 USB ports make this a power strip that you’ll find highly reliable.

Specs of iClever 8 AC Outlet 4 USB Port Tower Power Strip:

  • Output:

AC Outlets: 1250W-10A Max, 125V

USB Ports: 5V/2.4A |  Max Output:5V/4.5A

  • Input: 100-240V
  • LED Power Indicator: Green LED indicator for charging ports and lights for power switches
  • Size: 5.4 x 4.9 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.3 Pounds


Tower power strips are the future because of their use of just as many outlets and inclusion of USB ports, while still being able to output as much power.

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  • 【High-Speed USB Charging】- Surge protector power strip 4 USB ports (5V / Max 2.4A per port, total 4.5A) with SmartID, which auto-adjust the charging rate gives your USB devices a safe faster speed charge!
  • 【Power & Charge All in One】- A single power strip tower hub charging station with 8 AC outlets and 4 USB ports to provide simultaneous protection for 8 adapters at once, making it a perfect accessory for your home office or entertainment center. There are 2 power buttons are located at the top to control USB and AC outlet.
  • 【Surge Protector & Overload Protected】- Surge protector tower protects your laptops, speakers,printers and other appliances against surges and spikes. This gaming surge protector supports power: 1000W ~ 110V / 2400W ~ 240V, and overload safety switch does automatically shut off if the wattage through it goes over rating power.
  • 【Large Spacing Charging Design】- Vertical outlet and USB charging port tower design provides enough space for each outlet and USB port. Widely spacing design 8 AC outlets (distance 2.4 inches) for oversized adapters without covering any other outlets.
  • 【Safe and Reliable】- The vertical surge protector power strip tower has been passed FCC certification. It is lightning-proof, overload protected and surge protected and has a fire-retardant shell. Please rest assured to use it at home or office. 900Joule, 10A 18AWG UL certified 100% copper cord of this desktop game surge protector power strip ensure high security on charging devices.

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