USB-C MacBook Pro Air Charger, Charger Harbor SAIL01 65W Dual USB-C Power Delivery GaN PPS Wall Charger for iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S21, iPad Pro, Pixel, Switch
  • Fast Charging Speed: 65W Power Delivery charging speed can charge most compatible devices at max speed and can power up the Macbook Pro 15.4” from 0% to 100% in just under 2 hours
  • Dual USB-C Charging: Simultaneously charge two devices with 45W for your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Chromebook, or most other USB-C laptops; you also have 18W available for fast charging an iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21, Pixel smartphones, and more.
  • Perfect for Traveling: About half the size of a Macbook Pro USB-C charger and the use of a foldable plug, this charger can be taken anywhere without any problems.
  • Powered by GaN Tech: Uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology that makes the charger more compact, delivers more charging power, and runs cooler.
  • Wider Compatibility: With the use of USB-C Power Delivery, you’re able to fast charge a wide range of devices such as the Macbook Pro, Dell XPS 13, XPS 15, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, and many others.

Review: INIU 10,000mAh Slim 15W USB-C Power Bank

INIU 10,000mAh Slim 15W USB-C Power Bank









  • Features three ports with each one outputting 15W, and allowing you to charge three devices simaltaneously
  • Comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable and a LED flashlight cable
  • The power bank itself has a built-in flashlight; the power bank is slim and lightweight


  • Does not use Power Delivery or Quick Charge

Power banks have all sorts of features at this point, with some being more powerful than others in terms of how much power capacity they have or the charging power they can output. One thing is definitely true, though, and that would be, the more powerful a portable charger is, the more expensive it is. So if you’re looking for a more standard charging power bank and don’t want to spend so much, it’s best to get a charger that fits your charging needs and price point.

In this review, we’re taking a look at this INIU 10,000mAh USB-C portable charger that is definitely more on the standard of charging power. The price makes purchasing this one a good idea if you’re not looking for a powerhouse of a portable charger.


Power Capacity:

The power capacity of this power bank is nothing too high as it has a 10,000mAh capacity. This much power can charge most phones to full power at least once, or some phones may charge to full power twice. At this point, though, most phones have large batteries, with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra using a 5,000mAh battery; considering how some power is lost during charging, then for most modern phones, you’re going to get about one full charge.

If you’re looking for a power bank that can charge your phone multiple times, it’s best to get one with a 15,000mAh or 20,000mAh power capacity. This INIU power bank does just fine with delivering a full charge that can last into the next day.

Charging tablets yields the same results, and charging laptops with this power bank is possible. Or at least, we don’t recommend relying on this power bank to charge laptops as the USB-C port is not powerful enough.

Output Charging:

The charging from this INIU power bank is pretty good, but once again, it’s a standard charging output. As a result, there’s nothing too powerful coming out of this power bank. It has two USB-A ports and one USB-C port. All the ports on this power bank have the same 5V/3.0A (15W) power output. So there is no Quick Charge or Power Delivery; however, we appreciate that the power bank has a 15W standard charging speed with all the ports, instead of a 12W speed as that is very slow.

You won’t be able to “fast charge” most phones, but a 15W charging speed is still fast enough to promptly get you back to full power. The use of a USB-C port on this power bank is useful as it usually facilitates charging speed better between a USB-C to USB-C connection, so Android smartphones and other devices that use a USB-C port to charge from may have the upper hand with charging from this power bank.

Input Charging:

To recharge the power bank, you have to use the USB-C port, and the max recharge rate is 5V/3.0A (15W). So we recommend that you use a 15W USB-C wall charger to recharge the power bank at its max speed.


Size and Weight:

This INIU power bank is the same size as most phones, or even smaller than most phones as most smartphones are on the larger side now. You can easily fit this power bank into your pocket. It has a length of 5.2 inches, a width of 2.7 inches, and a thickness of 0.5 inches.

Functional Components:

Charging automatically starts when you plug a device into the power bank. There is a power button in case you need to check the power capacity or if you need to restart charging. All the ports can be found on the same side, along with an LED flashlight that you can turn on by holding down the power button.

On top of the power capacity is where you’ll find a dog print capacity display. A pretty cool choice to show the remaining power capacity, instead of just a few LED dots that most power banks tend to use.

Included in the box is a USB-C to USB-A cable and a USB-A to LED light cable. Yes, there is actually a LED cable light that you can use to connect to the power bank and use as a reading light or for whatever else you need; it’s a pretty neat light, and we think that other brands should consider adding such an accessory.


Structure and Material:

The INIU power bank has a solid build, and in our tests of using it for a week straight, we didn’t find anything that was brittle or felt was about to break.


The charger does not overheat, which is likely due to the lower power output of each port. We didn’t experience any heating issues at all.


If you’re expecting to find a USB-C Power Delivery or Quick Charge with this INIU power bank, we’re sorry to say this charger is not reliable for fast charging as it doesn’t feature those two fast-charging technologies.

It is reliable for a fast standard charging experience as the power bank has 15W power output from all output ports. Along with the charging, the power bank has a built-in LED flashlight and a cable flashlight included in the box.



Charging power is not exactly the INIU power bank’s strong point, but it does well enough with 15W from all of its ports.


The charger is very small and smaller than most phones on the market.


Thanks to its lower power output, it has a strong build and does not heat up at all.


The INIU power bank is reliable for most smartphone users looking for fast charging but a standard charging experience at a meager price.

 INIU 10,000mAh 15W USB-C Power Bank Specs
Power Capacity10,000mAh
USB-C Port5V/3.0A (15W)
USB-A Port 15V/3.0A (15W)
USB-A Port 25V/3.0A (15W)
USB-C Input5V/3.0A (15W)
Size5.2 x 2.7 x 0.5 inches
Weight7 Ounces


This INIU 10,000mAh power bank does things right when it comes to being a lower-priced standard power bank; at the same time, it comes with accessories such as a USB-C to USB-A cable and a USB-A to LED light cable; something other standard power banks don’t come with.

INIU Portable Charger, USB C Slimmest & Lightest Triple 3A High-Speed 10000mAh Power Bank, Flashlight Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone 12 11 X 8 Plus Samsung S20 Google LG iPad etc. [2021 Version]
  • ✅【INIU’s Confidence】At INIU, we use only the highest-grade materials, so we do have the confidence to provide an industry-leading 3 years warranty.
  • ✅【High-efficiency USB C】Equipped with the latest worldwide USB C charging standard, working as both input and output to not only let you fast refuel the charger, but perfectly fit your newest iPhone, Android, and all upcoming USB C devices.
  • ✅【Triple 3A High-speed Charging】Outpace your mates and charge 1.4x faster through our exclusive UPower+ technology. After intelligently identifying your devices, it auto-adjusts the output up to 3A.
  • ✅【Ultra Slim 10000mAh】The thinnest 10000mAh power bank on the market, easily slips it into any of your pockets or bags. Enjoy the days’ worth of charging capacity, enough to top up iPhone 8 3.6 times, Samsung S8 2.3 times, or iPad Air once.
  • ✅【Even Wider Compatibility】Unlike the market’s most power banks incapable of charging low-current accessories, INIU portable charger can work with not only all the phones, tablets but your smaller devices like AirPods, Bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers, smart watches, etc.