Review: INNOCN 15.6 inch OLED Portable Monitor Full HD 1080P

INNOCN 15.6 inch OLED Portable Monitor Full HD 1080P









  • Comes with two USB-C cables, a wall charger, an HDMI to Micro-HDMI cable and a case stand cover
  • The OLED panel makes the screen color deeper and pop more than an LCD
  • Made of Aluminum Alloy at the back and it's very slim with just a thickness of 0.2 inches


  • Does not have a built-in battery as a few other INNOCN monitors have
(Last Updated On: April 10, 2022)

Choosing a monitor can be a long process because there are a variety of monitors on the market with varying quality, such as resolution, different panels, and connectivity compatibility. There’s also the monitor’s size, placement, and usage, as you may need a specific monitor if you’re using it for gaming or one that is mainly being used for work alongside your laptop for a dual-screen setup.

One of the most versatile types of monitors you can get is a portable one, as these can be moved around and traveled quickly. Thanks to modern tech capabilities, portable monitors also have some excellent quality displays, and that’s why in this review, we’re taking a look at this INNOCN 15.6 inch OLED 1080p portable monitor. Portable monitors are already innovative devices, but adding an OLED panel adds to the already excellent design let’s see how this fairs.

What’s Included in the box

Coming right out of the box, you’re getting everything you need to use this INNOCN monitor for whatever device you plugin it into. You get the INNOCN 15.6 inch monitor, a stand case, two USB-C to USB-C cables, one HDMI to Micro HDMI cable, a USB-C wall charger, and the manual. Since the monitor has two USB-C ports and one Micro HDMI port, each of the cables is compatible with each of the ports on the monitor.

The stand case that comes with the monitor is quite an unusual one with the way that it’s designed to stand up the INNOCN monitor. It’s not hard to set up the stand case, it’s straightforward, but the way it works looks odd, cool, and innovative.

Ports and Compatibility

This INNOCN OLED monitor is just like any other monitor with ports compatible with most devices; this one has a few differences. This monitor only has three ports, two of them being USB-C ports, and the HDMI port is a Micro-HDMI port. So you can’t use a regular HDMI to HDMI cable with this monitor and will need an HDMI to Micro-HDMI cable as the smaller HDMI port was used likely to keep the monitor incredibly slim. The good news is that you get an HDMI to Micro HDMI cable included in the box.

Unlike some of INNOCN’s other portable monitors with built-in batteries, this one does not have a built-in battery, and you need to power it via the top USB-C port. As we mentioned, you do get a USB-C wall charger in the box that can be used to power the monitor. The middle USB-C port is the display USB-C port that can be used with Thunderbolt USB-C ports on laptops and other portable devices. When testing this INNOCN monitor on a Lenovo laptop, we had to use the HDMI port because the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 doesn’t have a Thunderbolt USB-C port and only has a regular USB-C port for connectivity and charging.

Overall, you can use this with most devices that use a display, and you should have no problems with using it for gaming consoles such as Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch. It can be used for desktop computers and laptops as most have an HDMI port or a USB-C Thunderbolt display port.

On the top of the monitor is where you’ll find the power button used to turn the unit on and off; it’s also used to pop up the settings menu when you press the power button once.

Settings Menu

Just like other monitors, this INNOCN monitor also has a settings menu that lets you adjust all sorts of calibrations for the monitor. Here are the features that the settings menu enables you to adjust:

  • Home – Adjust Brightness, Contrast, and Volume


  • Profiles – Change to different display presets, including standard, text, movie, game, Adobe RGB, and sRGB.


  • Color Temperature – Adjust color temperature based on the RGB value


  • Color – Adjust Chroma, Saturation, and Sharpness


  • Eye Protection Level – Adjust the Eye protector film on display

Quality of the Display

When it came to the first time using this INNOCN OLED portable monitor, we have to admit that the display was pretty dim without touching any of the settings adjustments. Of course, we immediately fixed it when we turned up the brightness of the monitor to about 60, and that’s when we could experience what the INNOCN monitor had to offer. This INNOCN monitor has a decent 15.6-inch screen with a 1080p 60Hz display. So just a reminder, this is a 1080p monitor, not a 4K. However, that’s really how it should be.

Higher-resolution screens on smaller form factors such as this one aren’t essential because the difference in quality from 1080p to 4K in this situation isn’t very drastic. Adding in the usage of an OLED panel for this INNOCN monitor, what you get is a sharp and vibrant screen where colors are more profound than an LCD. In our tests with a Lenovo laptop with a 1080p 60Hz LCD next to the INNOCN monitor, we found that the Lenovo laptop had washed out colors. The INNOCN has a bit more saturation by making colors deeper, especially by making blacks even darker than an LCD which is one of the signs of an OLED panel.

With this being a portable monitor, it may not be the highest quality OLED panel as all monitors use different quality panels. We think that actual full-fledged monitors and TVs can produce deeper black colors than this INNOCN monitor. For a portable monitor, though, this INNOCN one exceeds our expectations, easily surpassing most laptop LCDs, and will make playing video games, watching movies or TV shows, and working on it an optimal experience.

Build Quality

For the most part, you expect monitors to be built well, but it can be a concern if you’re dealing with a portable monitor with just how everything is built into it, such as a small form factor. This monitor only has a thickness of 0.27 inches, and it weighs 1.6 pounds. The monitor’s chassis is made of Aluminum Alloy, and its entirety feels incredibly strong. There’s no need to worry about it flexing as long as you’re not intentionally trying to turn it, and just like with all monitors, make sure it doesn’t fall.

INNOCN 15.6 inch OLED Portable Monitor Full HD 1080P Specs
Monitor NameINNOCN 15.6" Portable Monitor
Screen Size15.6"
Screen TypeOLED
Contrast Ratio100000:1
Color Gamut100% DCI-P3


This INNOCN 15.6-inch OLED portable monitor does what most other regular monitors do. Still, this one comes in a more easily accessible form factor that you can be a lot more portable with than standard monitors. This INNOCN monitor lets you take advantage of an OLED that produces more rich colors than an LCD, and to have it on such a versatile form factor along with a 1080p 60Hz 15.6-inch display makes it worth the price for those that want quality on the go.

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  • 【USB C & Mini HDMI Connectivity, Wide Compatibility】 INNOCN portable computer monitor provide two signal input ways: USB C or Mini HDMI, compatible with most of Laptops, USB C Smartphones, Switch, XBOX, PS5/4/3, mini pc, digital camera etc. Plug, play and share. No driver needed! It delivers a stable connection and steady data transmission.
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