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Review: Jackery New Spark Car Jump Starter

Jackery Spark









  • High Power Capacity
  • 2 USB Ports with a charging speed of 5V/2.4A and a Max Output of 4.8A
  • Can Jump Start 6L Gasoline and 3.5L Diesel Engine Cars


  • Very large and heavy and mostly meant to stay in your car

Here at Charger Harbor, we’re big fans of Car Jumper Power Banks. This is because they’re the ultimate kind of device that you can have in your car. After all, they’re able to jump-start your car and they can charge your smartphone too.

In addition to those two awesome features, these power banks are also built very well and can withstand some harsh conditions to stay in your car.

Also, almost all of them use an LCD screen to tell power capacity more easily.

This one of Jackery’s latest creations. It’s called the Jackery New Spark and it holds the same standard that most of Jackery’s power banks have. Let’s take a look at what it’s got.

Similar Portable Jump-Starters:

DBPower 18,000mAh Jump Starter Power Bank


Power Capacity:

The initial power capacity is 18,000mAh and there are two 2.4A charging ports with the power bank. Also, the Max Output of the power bank is 4.8A, so the Output power capacity is going to depend on how you’re using the power bank.

If you’re using two charging ports at the same time, then more energy will be lost because there’s power converting in the batteries of the power bank and going through the charging cable you’re using.

With that said, you’re going to receive an average conversion rate of 70% that’s going to result in an Output power capacity of 12,500mAh. This is still a very high power capacity, and this Jackery New Spark power bank is a high capacity power bank.

Jackery Spark for Smartphones

As a result, for charging smartphones, most phones are going to be able to charge 5-6 times or maybe, even more, depending on what smartphone you’re charging.

However, even high capacity smartphones like the Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7 Plus are going to be able to charge to full about 4.5 full times. So if you have a smartphone that has low capacities than those, you’re in for even longer-lasting power capacity.

Jackery Spark for Mini Tablets

Charging tablets don’t pose a problem either, because when it comes to charging mini tablets like an iPad Mini 4 or iPad Mini 2, then this Jackery Spark can change them to their full power about two times.

However, if you’re on the Android side of tablets and charging a Galaxy Tab A, then that’s going to result in about 3 full charges because most Galaxy Tabs have a battery capacity of 4,000mAh.

Jackery Spark for Full-Sized Tablets

Even charging full-Sized tablets like an iPad Air 2 is going to go well because it has a capacity of 7,340mAh, which is going to result in a 1 single full charge, while still leaving more power in the power bank.

The same goes for Apple’s largest tablet, its 12-Inch iPad that has a battery capacity of 10,000mAh.

The Jackery Spark can charge it to its full power, but it’s questionable whether it’ll always leave extra power capacity to use because these kinds of very large tablets use a lot of power to function.

DevicesJackery Spark
(Output Capacity = 12,500mAh)
Phone CapacityJackery New Spark Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
iPhone SE12,500mAh1,624mAh10,876mAh Left Over

7.6 Full Charges
iPhone 612,500mAh1,810mAh10,690mAh Left Over

6.9 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus12,500mAh2,915mAh9,585mAh Left Over

4.2 Full Charges
iPhone 6s12,500mAh1,715mAh10,785mAh Left Over

7.2 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus12,500mAh2,750mAh9,750mAh Left Over

4.5 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S612,500mAh2,550mAh9,950mAh Left Over

4.9 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge12,500mAh2,600mAh9,900mAh Left Over

4.8 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S712,500mAh3,000mAh9,500mAh Left Over

4.1 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge12,500mAh3,600mAh8,900mAh Left Over

3.4 Full Charges
Apple iPad Mini 212,500mAh6,470mAh6,030mAh Left Over

1.9 Full Charges
Apple iPad Mini 412,500mAh5,124mAh7,376mAh Left Over

2.4 Full Charges

Jump-Starting Cars

When at its full power, the Jackery New Spark power bank can jump-start a 6L Gasoline or 6L Diesel Engine cars about 30 times. That’s a lot of jumps and even if you use the power bank to charge your smartphone or tablet, you’re still able to have a lot of jump starts on hand.

Just make sure that the power bank has more than 25% of power capacity left before jump-starting your car; otherwise, it might not work.

Output Charging:

There are two powering options. The first is the two USB charging ports. The other one is the Jump Starting portion.

Powerful USB Ports

Let’s start with the 2 USB ports. Each of the charging ports can deliver a charging speed of 5V/2.4A. 2.4 Amps is a Max Standard charging speed that is going to charge most devices at their max charging speeds.

With that said, it’s important to know that this power bank does not feature Quick Charge, as a result, it will not be able to charge those Quick Charge compatible smartphones at their max charging speeds.

However, most smartphones will still be able to charge at their max chargings speeds. What’s even better, is that tablets like iPads will be able to charge at their max charging speeds because they have a max charge rate of 2.4A.

Powerful Power Altogether

The Max Output of the power bank is 4.8A all at once, which means you can use the full power of each of the two charging ports at once. So you can charge two tablets at their max charging rate or two smartphones as well. The USB charging ports are very powerful.

Jumping Cars

The starting Current when Jump-Starting a car is 300A and the Peak is 800A. It’s with that power that you’re able to jump-start either 6L Gas or Diesel Engine cars. The power bank can jump start 12V car engines.

Input Charging:

Like most Power bank jump starters, this one recharges using a DC Input port. Jackery New Spark comes with a Car Charger and a Wall charger to recharge the power bank and it recharges at a speed of 15V/1.0A. As a result, the 18,000mAh power bank can recharge to its full power within 7-8 hours.

The car charger is very convenient because you can recharge the power bank while you’re driving.

RAVPower 18,000mAh Element Car Jump Starter


Size and Weight:

It’s a large and heavy power bank. Car Jump Start power banks are not meant to be portable. Sure, you can hold this, or place it into a bag, but for the most part, that’s just not the preferred option because of how heavy they are.

It has a length of 7.2 inches, a width of 3.6 inches, and a thickness of 1.5 inches; and it weighs 1.4 pounds. So it’s best to keep the power bank in your car where it’ll be most useful.

Functional Components:

Most of the functional parts are on a single side of the power bank.

On the Long Side

Starting from left to right, here’s what you’ll find: The Jumping Ports, DC Input port, the 2 USB Ports, the power button, and the LCD screen. On the short side of the power bank is where there’s a 300 Lumen flashlight.

How Charging Works

The power bank is easy to use because charging automatically starts when you plug a device into the power bank. The power button is used to turn on the flashlight and also Jump Start your car.

Power Button for the Flashlight

Hold the power button down to turn on the flashlight, and once the flashlight is on, you can cycle through the different modes. The flashlight modes include Constant, Strobe, and SOS modes.

Unlike flashlights on many other power banks, this power bank uses a very bright flashlight that is 300 Lumens bright. Very useful for emergencies.

How to Jump-Start cars with the Jackery Spark

To jump-start your car, just press the power button, connect the cables to the power bank, and then connect the jumper cables to your car’s battery.

Wait for the light on Jump Cable Adapter to turn from Red to Green then you can crank your car.

Once your car has been started, wait 30 seconds, and then remove the Jumper Cables from your car. It’s just like jump-starting a car using another car, it just that you’re using a 1 pound device instead of another 2-ton vehicle.

The LCD screen is very useful because it shows how much power capacity is left to use and also shows the amount of power that’s being outputted during charging.

RAVPower 14,000mAh Element Car Jump Starter


Structure and Material:

It’s a solid power bank and in a way, it fits into being a Rugged power bank. This is because this Jackery New Spark has an Enclosure level of IP54.

This is no way near the Enclosure safety levels of true Rugged power banks but not many Jump Starter power banks are built to this point.

It’s with an IP54 Enclosure that the power bank can protect itself from dust and water sprays. It’s not able to withstand heavy dust or water exposure or it will get damaged.

Also, the power bank is structurally solid that it can withstand bump and hits; it’s not shockproof but still tough.


On the tech side, this Jackery Spark power bank uses Lithium-Ion batteries.

This is a very good choice because if the power bank were to use Lithium Polymer batteries, then there would be a higher chance that the batteries would expand and ultimately break the power bank.

However, the use of Lithium-Ion batteries lessens the chances of the expansion of batteries.

The power bank can be safe from 140° Fahrenheit down to  -4° Fahrenheit. Jackery made sure that this was completely safe to keep in your car at all times. Also, it’s important to remember that the power capacity of the power bank will last for 6 months without usage.


This power bank is going to be very reliable if you keep it in your car at all times; since you never know when you’ll come back to a dead battery. Not only that, the power bank can jumpstart a wide range of vehicles.

In addition to being able to jump-start cars, this power bank has two USB charging ports with 2.4A charging speeds for each and a 4.8A Max Output that allows you to take advantage of both of the port’s full power.

Even though it is a power bank, it’s not meant to be held and used because it’s too large and heavy.

DBPOWER 300A Peak 8,000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter



The power capacity has an average conversion that will result in a power capacity to charge both smartphones and tablets multiple times over. The USB ports have very fast charged and the Jump Starting capabilities are great for nearly every vehicle out there.


It’s large and heavy. The most logical thing to do is to keep the power bank in your car because that’s where it’ll prove to be more useful.


An Enclosure rating of IP54 is quite light but it’s able to take light water exposure. Just remember not to crank your car continuously for long periods because that’s going to result in overheating and can cause damage to your power bank.


It’s a very reliable power bank for charging either your smartphones or tablets, and it can even Jump Start your car. It’s not very portable, but that’s not the point. Keeping it in your car will prove the most reliable place to have it.

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Specs of the Jackery Spark:

  • Power Capacity: 18,000mAh
  • Output:

Per Port: 5V/2.4A

Max Output: 4.8 Amps

  • Input: 15V/1.0A Via DC Input Port
  • LED Power Indicators: LCD Power Capacity Display
  • Size: 7.2 x 3.6 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 Pounds


The Jackery New Spark is a new generation Jump Starter power bank.

It can charge devices multiple times over while still being able to charge at a very fast charging speed of 2.4A and it even has a Max Output of 4.8A. However, power banks like these are not as portable as they’re very large and heavy.