Review: MAXOAK 297Wh K5 CPAP Battery Backup

MAXOAK 297Wh K5 CPAP Battery Backup









  • Has a high power capacity
  • Uses three different DC ports to power a wider-range of CPAP machines
  • Comes with five DC cables to power different types of CPAP machines


  • only able to charge smartphones from a single USB-A port

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Portable chargers are known to be useful for charging our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, however, power banks are portable sources of power, and they can practically be customized to be used to power or charge anything.

This MAXOAK K5 power bank is a different type of power bank entirely and that’s because this is a CPAP battery backup type of a portable charger. Its main focus is for those that use a CPAP machine for when they sleep and makes it easier for them to sleep.

Having a portable solution for powering a CPAP machine is a must if you rely on one heavily, and that’s why this MAXOAK K5 battery backup is so useful.


Power Capacity:


This is not like your regular power bank, and that’s because this K5 battery backup has a 297Wh power capacity. It’s a large capacity, but that can change depending on how you’re using it.

When it comes to using the single USB-A port on this K5 CPAP power bank, you’re going to have a lot of power capacity to use. Let’s calculate how much you would be able to use when it comes to using the USB-A port.

297Wh * 1000 = 297,000 / 3.7V = 80,270mAh

80,000mAh of power to use for charging a smartphone is a lot, and that can last you a few weeks. However, charging a smartphone is not why you’re getting this power bank, as it’s mainly for powering CPAP machines.


In terms of powering CPAP machines, this MAXOAK power bank has three different voltage settings, and they are 12V, 15V, and 24V. With a 12V output, you’d be getting a 24,750mAh power capacity, a 15V output would get you a 19,800mAh of capacity and the 24V output would get you 12,375mAh.

So the higher the power output you use, the less power you would be able to use, but that would be the case with any power bank that has the same setting.

Output Charging:


The main output of this K5 power bank is done through the three DC ports to the side of the power bank. As we mentioned before, there are three DC ports and each of them has their separate voltage, with one port using 12V, another 15V, and the highest being 24V.

The best part of getting this MAXOAK K5 power bank is that it’s truly made for powering CPAP machines and this is supported by the fact that it comes with adapters to use for certain CPAP machines.

The included cables are a cable for the HDM Z1 / Philip System CPAP machine, a Resmed S9 cable adapter, a Dreamstation cable, and an Airsense 10 / Aircurve 10 cable.

The one other output option is the USB-A port that has a 5V/2.4A charging speed, but that’s more of an extra port that’s there in case you want to use it. The main reason to get this is if you’re someone that uses a CPAP machine and wants to have a battery backup in case your power goes out, and so you have this MAXOAK power bank to easily power it with.

Input Charging:

The recharging for this K5 power bank is done with an AC adapter that comes with the MAXOAK K5 power bank. That adapter can recharge the power bank at a fast 25.2V/3A recharge speed and that’s able to recharge the power bank within 5.5 hours. Considering that this power bank has a 297Wh power capacity, that’s a fast recharge speed.

MAXOAK also mentions that you can use a DC 12Volt to AC car converter to recharge this unit, but that is not included and must be purchased separately.


Size and Weight:

Second, to the ability to be able to power CPAP machines, the form factor and portability are the next best factor of this power bank. It’s capable of so much, and yet the power bank has a length of 8.7 inches, a width of 7.9 inches, and a thickness of 2.5 inches The weight of the unit is 4 pounds.

So it’s about the size of a tablet or small laptop and it weighs about the same, too. The built-on body handle makes it easier to be portable with the power bank.

Functional Components:


There are a few things to know when it coming to using the K5 CPAP power bank. At the front is where you’ll find a digital display and two buttons. You have to hold the power button down for a few seconds for the unit to turn on.

Once the power bank is on, the digital display shows the remaining power capacity with a battery logo that has five segments. To the right, the display shows the power input for when the power bank is recharging and the power output for when you’re powering a CPAP machine.

The other button on the power bank is to adjust the voltage from either 12V, 15V and 24V. Once you have adjusted the power output, you can connect your CPAP machine to the left, where the DC ports are.

The DC ports are covered by a rubber flap, and that that’s where you’ll find from left to right, the 12V, 15V and 24V DC ports. Once you have you have your CPAP machine connected and the power output adjusts, you have to hold the power button down again and your CPAP machine will be powered.

To the right is where you’ll find another flap covering and under this one is where the DC input port is and the USB-A port can be found.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of the MAXOAK K5 power is good, as it’s near all a single piece. So there are fewer parts of it that have a chance at breaking. To add to that, the covering that covers the DC ports and the USB-A port makes the power bank a little water-resistant. That said, this power bank does not have an IP rating, so don’t go submerging it in water. It will be damaged.


Considering that you’re only able to power a single CPAP machine at a time, the power bank does not heat up, and this is a must for a power bank that is meant for powering a CPAP machine for a long duration.


The reliability of this power bank is perfect for those that use a CPAP machine for when they’re going to sleep, of course, this is more of an emergency type of a device. Not exactly something that you would use daily. However, if you ever do need it, then you have a device to use in case you ever lose power.

With all that it’s capable of, the power bank is also small and light, even with its high power capacity and power output. It’s not a portable charger that is meant for charging smartphones or laptops, as it only uses a single USB-A port. You may be able to use the DC ports to charge a laptop, but you’d need the right charging cord.



There’s a ton of power capacity to be used from this MAXOAK power bank and it’s going to need it as CPAP machines require quite a lot of power to run. The same can be said for the output as there are three power outputs to choose from, which are 12V, 15V and 24V that can power a wide range of CPAP machines.


The K5 power bank is easy to use with its digital screen and the use of only two buttons. The ports are easy to find as the DC ports to power your CPAP machine is under a single covering and the DC port to recharge the power bank is under a completely separate covering.


The build quality of this power bank is put together well as it’s mostly just part of two pieces, to add to that, it does have light water resistance, as the charging ports are covered.


This is not your usual power bank, it has a high power capacity, three DC ports, and a USB-A port. However, those DC ports are meant for powering CPAP machines, and they may be able to be used for powering appliances that use DC ports, too. The USB-A port can charge smartphones, but that’s not the reason to get this power bank.

A CPAP power bank, and can be most reliable in those surprise situations when you need it the most.

 MAXOAK 297Wh K5 CPAP Battery Backup Specs
Power Capacity297Wh/82,500mAh
DC Port 112V/5A
DC Port 215V/4A
DC Port 324V/4A
USB-A Port5V/2.5A
DC Input25.2V/3A
Power IndicatorLCD Digital Display
Size8.7 x 7.9 x 2.5 inches
Weight4 Pounds


MAXOAK’s K5 297Wh CPAP machine power bank is an example of a specialty power bank. Power banks at their base were made for charging smartphones, this K5 power bank can do that, but its main purpose is for powering CPAP machines without being attached to anything and being easily portable with its small size and lightweight.

CPAP Battery Backup MAXOAK CPAP Power Bank Compatible with Airsense 10 Resmed S9 Philip REMstar System one Dreamstation Z1 Aircurve Transcend Mini Travel Camping Emergency Power DC12/15/24V&USB5V
  • LONG LASTING CPAP Battery Backup 297Wh(Not TSA Approved), Compatible with 12V/24V CPAP Such as Philip System one 60&50 series,Resmed Airsense/Aircurve 10,Resmed S9,Dreamstation,HDM Z1(12V only, not for 15V HDM),Transcend Mini, Airmini(cable not included,inquiry seller to buy)&other 12V,15~18V or 24V Compatible CPAP,Provide power Backup during Power Outages.NOTE:Turn on Humidifier/Heater&High Pressure Will Drive Lots of Current,We Suggest Turn off Heater Humidifier to Prolong Battery Run Time.
  • CPAP User’s TRAVEL/CAMPING POWER COHMPANION-It Has 3 DC Outputs 12V5A/15V4A/24V4A which Designed for Devices Such as CPAP/BiPAP,Even You are Out for Tent Camping While you're Away from an Outlet or Stuck in a Power Outage, You Will Still Get Several Nights Charge with This CPAP Power Bank. It has Some Additional Functions such as charge Led Light Bulb/ Led Strip, Fans,Laptops(DC connector/cable not included) & One Fast Charging 5V2.5A USB for 5V USB Powered Device like Smartphone, tablet,etc.
  • PORTABLE&LIGHTWEIGHT: Net Weight about 4.1LB,Size L8.7inch*W2.5inch*H7.9inch.Possibly the Smallest Size for Such High Capacty on the Market. Easy to Carry with the Ergonomic Handle.Good Used for an Emergency , Camping and Traveling.
  • SAFETY GUARANTEED: It Built in Samsung Battery Cell, High Cost and Highly Qualified Battery Cell Ensure its Safety. Battery Management System (BMS) undertakes Over/Low Voltage Control, High/Low Temperature Control,Overcurrent / Shortcircuit Protection and more Advanced safety Operations, Ensuring Complete Protection for You and Your Devices.
  • What You Will Get- 1* Portable Power Bank(297Wh), 1* AC Adapter Charger(25.2V/3A), 1*DC to Airsense/Aircurve 10 Cable, 1* DC to Dreamstation Cable, 1* DC to S9 Cable, 1 *Philip System one /HDM Z1 Cable(100cm), 1* DC Connector for Transcend Mini, 1*User Manual,1*Message Card. We Promise you a Worry-free 12-Month Warranty and Friendly Customer Service.(if you found no proper dc cable/connector for your cpap, pls contact seller for help).

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