Review: MAXOAK 99Wh 100W AC10 Portable Power Bank

MAXOAK 99Wh 100W AC10 Portable Power Bank









  • Features three charging ports, with one being a 45W USB-C Power Delivery port
  • Uses an AC Outlet with a 100W output that can be used to charge most laptops at max power anywhere you go
  • Easy to use and has a flashlight


  • Is not water-resistant or shockproof

Power banks are one of our most reviewed products on this website, and for good reasons. Being able to charge your smartphone or tablet while you’re on the move and away from a wall plug is magical and relieves any anxiety you might have of your device dying.

However, regular power banks can be limiting if you want to do more than charge your smartphone, such as wanting to charge a laptop or power an appliance. There are power banks that can do that, and that’s why we’re reviewing this MAXOAK AC10 power bank. It’s a portable charger that seems to have it all with its power capacity and charging power; let’s take a closer look.


Power Capacity:

This MAXOAK power bank’s power capacity is 99Wh, or in terms of milliamp hours, it has a 26,756mAh power capacity. This much power capacity is a good amount for a standard AC power bank, as these types of chargers need to be using more power for charging larger devices.

Capacity for Smartphones

This much power capacity will be more than enough for charging smartphones, with most smartphones now using a 3,000mAh battery or higher. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy S10, iPhone XS Max, the OnePlus 7 Pro, all of which are the latest on the market and have a 4,000mAh battery or higher, will able to charge to full power about five times using this MAXOAK power bank. Not bad at all, considering that these phones use such large batteries.

Capacity for Tablets & Laptops

Charging tablets and laptops are another reason to get this AC10 portable charger, and that’s because of its use of Power Delivery and an AC outlet. Tablets and laptops, in general, have huge batteries. The 2018 iPad Pro uses a USB-C port with a 9,720mAh battery, while the 2018 MacBook Pro has a 7,336mAh battery.

So if you’re using this MAXOAK portable charger to charge a laptop or tablet, then you can expect 2.5 full charges. That may not seem like a lot, but it is because it’s adding many hours of usage that you have with your device.

Output Charging:

Actually, using this portable charger is the best part of it because there are four useful ways to use it.

The power bank uses three charging ports. Two USB-A ports share a 3A output faster than the regular 2.4A output that most standard USB-A ports use. That said, the USB-A ports on this power bank do feature Quick Charge, so they won’t be able to fast charge your Android smartphone.


However, what will be able to fast charge your Android smartphone and be handy for charging tablets and laptops, is the USB-C Power Delivery port. On lower-level power banks that use Power Delivery, their PD charging speed tends to be 18W, or higher capacity ones have 30W of charging power.

Charging a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8, and S6 at the same time.


This MAXOAK power bank uses a 45W Power Delivery port; if you want the rated power, it’s 5V/3.0A | 9V/3.0A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/2.25A. This much power is great for charging USB-C PD compatible tablets and laptops. If you’ve got a USB-C MacBook, Samsung laptop, or USB-C Chromebook, which many Chromebooks are now using, then with the 45W PD port from this power bank, you’re able to charge those devices faster than most power banks can do with their lower-level PD ports.

The top charging is for Galaxy S8, and the bottom charging is for Google Pixel.

The AC Outlet

One other highlight of this MAXOAK power bank is the AC outlet. The first thing to know about the AC outlet is that it can take a 3-prong connector, that’s exactly what we have shown above, a Dell laptop charger is plugged into the power bank. The AC outlet is rated at 100W of continuous power and has a 140W peak power output.

So, with a 100W AC outlet, you’re looking at being able to power most laptop chargers and small appliances. When we say small appliances, this power bank may power small fans or small heaters that fit within the 100W range or lower. It may only be able to power monitors, too. That said, we find that an AC outlet within this class can be best used with a laptop charger, and that’s because many laptop wall chargers can go higher than the 45W PD port that’s on this power bank. So if you do want to charge your laptop at its max charging power with its charger, then you can connect it to the AC outlet and do so.

Input Charging:

Recharging for this MAXOAK portable charger is super simple, and that’s because the USB-C PD port also acts as the input port. What’s even better is that this power bank comes with a 30W PD wall charger and a USB-C to USB-C cable that you can use to recharge the power bank right out of the box.


Size and Weight:

Since this is a portable charger with a high power capacity that uses an AC outlet, it will be larger than a regular portable charger. That’s the case here, with this power bank having a length of 7.1 inches, a width of 3.9 inches, and a thickness of 2.3 inches. The weight of the power bank is 2.7 pounds. So telling by images and the dimensions, you can probably tell that this isn’t a power bank that you would fit into your pocket. Rather, it’s a charger that you can either hold or place into a backpack and take along with you.

Functional Components:

The charging ports are together on the same side, and the AC outlet is alone on the opposite side.

To start charging from the ports, you have to press the power button once; if you want to turn on the power for the AC outlet, you will press the power button again. To turn the power bank off, you have to hold down the power button. The AC outlet has a green LED power light to indicate when it is on or off.

The other button on this power bank is for the flashlight, and to turn it on; you have to hold the button down. The first setting for the flashlight is low; to turn it to the next two settings, High and Flashing, you have to press the Light button again.


Structure and Material:

This power bank’s build quality is good, but something to know is that it’s not a rugged power bank, so it’s not safe from drops of water. However, generally speaking, the portable charger has a good build with its Aluminum Alloy shell that covers most of the power bank, and everything feels solid to use, from the buttons to the ports.


You can use charging ports and the AC outlet at the same time. Doing so will use more power capacity faster. However, we were surprised that the charger does not overheat.


It comes with a 30W PD Wall Charger

An AC portable charger is almost always going to be more reliable than a regular power bank. That’s especially true with this MAXOAK portable charger. With its higher power capacity, use of a 45W Power Delivery port, and a 100W AC outlet, you’re going to be able to use this power bank for charging quite a lot of powerful devices.

The only setback would be the larger size and heavier weight, but that’s a given for an AC power bank.



The charging power from this power bank is great, with its use of a 45W PD port, two standard USB-A ports, and an AC outlet that can be highly useful for charging most laptops at max power or powering lower-powered appliances.


This power bank’s size is quite large and heavy, but that’s to be expected for an AC charger. This power bank is still easy to hold and be taken anywhere when you place it into a bag or purse.


The build quality of this power bank is rugged, so don’t expect water-resistance or shockproofing. It is, however, well-built with its structure and usability.


This AC charger’s reliability is better than a regular power bank because this MAXOAK power bank allows you to charge most laptops at max power while on-the-go. Another plus is that it comes with a 30W PD wall charger and a USB-C to USB-C charging cable that you can use to recharge the power bank.

 MAXOAK 99Wh 100W AC10 Portable Power Bank Specs
Power Capacity99Wh | 26,756mAh
USB-C Power Delivery Port5V/3.0A | 9V/3.0A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/2.25A (45W)
Both USB-A Ports5V/2.1A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A (18W)
AC Outlet100W | 140W Peak Power
USB-C Input30W
Size7.1 x 3.9 x 2.3 inches
Weight2.7 Pounds


This MAXOAK AC10 portable charger with a 100W AC outlet and Power Delivery charging is great for anyone looking beyond a regular power bank and wants to have the flexibility of charging their laptop at max power wherever they go.

AC Outlet Portable Laptop Charger (TSA-Approved), MAXOAK 99Wh/26756mAh 100W Travel Laptop Power Bank & 45W PD USB-C External Laptop Battery Pack for Notebook Dell HP, MacBook, iPhone, Lighting-Bluetti

$89.99  in stock
as of May 7, 2022 11:58 pm


  • TSA-approved Power Bank: Capacity 99Wh/26756mAh. Designed for Travel/Business Power Backup Purpose. You can Put in your Carry bag and Take it on Airplane.
  • AC Outlet Portable Charger & All-in-1 Power Bank:1* AC120V/100W (Peak Power:140W) output for AC Powered Devices Such as Laptops(no more than 100W), Cell Phone, Tablet and Others. 1* PD3.0 45W USB-C(5-20V) for MacBook and other USB-C Devices, USB-C (in/out) is not only a Recharge Port but also a Discharge Port. 2* USB 5V3A for Smartphone, iPad, Camera, Led lamp, etc.
  • Three Recharge Ways: AC / USB-C Recharge and Car Recharge (Optional). The Power Bank can be Recharge from AC Wall Outlet or USB-C Charger(Charge Time: About 4hrs). Attention: for Car Recharge, you need to Buy a DC12v to AC Power Inverter or USB-C PD Car Charger yourself).
  • Package Include: 1* 99Wh Portable AC outlet Power Bank(AC10); 1* PD 30W AC Adapter; 1* USB Type-C Cable; 1* User Manual;; 1*Carry Bag