Review: NANAMI Fast Qi Wireless Charging Stand

NANAMI Fast Qi Wireless Charging Stand











  • It's able to Fast Wireless Charge Samsung Qi-Compatible smartphones
  • You're able to place your smartphone either vertically or horizontally because this charger uses two coils


  • They could have hid the LED light a bit better
(Last Updated On: March 12, 2018)

There are lots of charging electronics brands on the market it makes sense that that’s the case for many of us that have devices that require recharging. That said, one of the main things to consider when it comes to purchasing any charging electronics is, or any product for that matter is to get it from a good brand.

With portable chargers, many brands make it seem like their power banks are the best on the market, and they might even state that their power bank features a fast 1 Amp charging rate. A 1 Amp charging rate is slow! So it’s best to know what type of a product you’re purchasing. Another charging electronic that has grown exponentially with a lot of brands is wireless chargers. Wireless chargers are a very cool type of way to charge your smartphones and that’s because there’s no charging cable going inside of your smartphone.

In a sea of wireless chargers, should you trust wireless chargers such as this NANAMI Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out, and what makes this charger more of an option to purchase from than other chargers on the market? Well, it would be the fact that this charger has a lot of reviews and therefore many people are buying it.

So let’s see why that is.


Output Charging:

When it comes to charging smartphones some of us aren’t really concerned about the speed at which it charges. That said, charging speed is something that a lot of brands focus on because there are still a lot of people that want their smartphones and other devices to get charged to full power as fast possible. If you’re someone that is searching for fast charging then wireless charging is not really the way to go as it’s one of the slowest charging electronics.

However, it is convenient to use because there are no charging cables going into your smartphone. With all that said, wireless charging has two main charging rates, or it’s more like three if you count the max wireless charging rate of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8.

Fast wireless charging is what this NANAMI wireless charging stand uses and the thing with Fast wireless charging is that it’s only compatible with Qi Samsung smartphones. Other Android smartphones and the iPhone X/iPhone aren’t able to charge at Fast charging rates. What is the fast charging speed? It’s 5V/2.0A. It doesn’t sound like much, but Fast Wireless charging is actually double than the standard wireless charging speed which is 5V/1.0A.

Speaking of standard wireless charging, this charger outputs 5V/1.0A to Non-Samsung smartphones and to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. If you do have another Andriod smartphone then this wireless charger is still a good choice because of its stand form factor and it uses 2 coils.

That said, this charger isn’t the best to get if you own an iPhone X or the iPhone 8 and that’s because both are capable of charging faster with a different wireless charger. That’s because there are wireless chargers on the market that are able to provide 7.5W of power for the two Qi compatible iPhones, which is 5V/1.5A. Slightly faster than the standard charging rate, but unfortunately this NANAMI wireless charger does not feature Fast charging for the iPhone.

Input Charging:

To make sure that this device is capable of fast charging, you must use a Quick Charge AC adapter, but it does not come with one, so you must provide your own. The charger is powered through Micro-USB input port and on the bright side, this charger comes with a Micro-USB charging cable that you can use to power it.


Size and Weight:

The size of most wireless chargers are going to be small, and this includes pads and stands. Unless the wireless charger is using 4 charging coils. This wireless charger is no different as it has a height of 4.7 inches and a width of 3.2 inches. The weight of the charger is light with it weighing in at 4 ounces.

Functional Components:

Using this NANAMI Qi wireless charging stand is very simple. That’s because all you have to do is just power the wireless charger through the Micro-USB input port on the bottom back of this wireless charger and then you can place your smartphone on it. Another great thing is that you either place your smartphone vertically or horizontally on this wireless charger and it’ll still keep charging because this smartphone uses two charging coils.

At the bottom bottom portion of the charger is where there’s an LED light strip that uses two colors, Green and Blue. The Blue light comes on for when the wireless charger is in standby mode and nothing is charging, while the Green light is on when your smartphone is charging.

The lights with this charger aren’t too bright but it would have been better to have the light more hidden so that they would be less noticeable while you sleep. As the Blue standby light with this wireless charger is actually quite bright in the dark. We recommend using electric tape on either side of the light to shorten its visibility.


Structure and Material:

The structure of this wireless charger is pretty good but at the same, the spot where the base and charger portion meet is very thin. There are no signs of wobbling but it just seems so thin that if this charger were to fall then it would break. So we recommend keeping it far away from the edge of the table.


On the tech side, this wireless charger does get a little warm but it doesn’t hot. It would have helped by having air vents but that’s not really the norm with most wireless chargers anyways.


This is a very capable wireless charger for charging Samsung Qi compatible smartphones at a Fast charging rate and it can also charge other Android smartphones optimally with wireless charging too. What it’s not very reliable for is charging the iPhone X and iPhone 8 at their max wireless charging rate, so it’ll charge them at a standard charging rate too.



Charging power is overall good for Android smartphones, but not the best for Qi-compatible iPhones.


It has an easy to use design and it has an LED light that uses two colors to indicate different modes, with standby being Blue and Green being charging.


The build quality of this charger is pretty good and it doesn’t get very hot at all.


It’s a very reliable charger for all Qi compatible smartphones but doesn’t have universal Fast Charging for all smartphones on the market.

Specs of the NANAMI Fast Qi Wireless Charging Stand:

  • Output:

Standard Wireless Charging Rate: 5V/1.0A

Fast Wireless Charging Rate: 5V/2.0A


  • Input:

Micro-USB input: Quick Charge Wall Charger

  • LED Power Indicator: Single LED Strip
  • Size: 4.7 x 4.3 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight: 4 Ounces


NANAMI is a brand that actually deserves the positive reviews that it gets, but at the same time, with so many people purchasing the iPhone X and iPhone 8, it’s not really worth getting as it doesn’t offer the fastest charging rates for those two smartphones. So if you do have a Qi Compatible smartphone get a wireless charger that can charge it at its max charging speed.

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