Review: OKMO 2000W G2000 Portable Power Station

OKMO 2000W G2000 Portable Power Station









  • The 2000W output can power most appliances, while the 2,220Wh capacity can power some appliances for many hours
  • One of the lowest priced 2000W power stations on the market
  • Regulates power output when going over its 2000W, this way the unit can keep running


  • The screen is very bare bones and does not show wattage output / input, percentage for the capacity or an estimated runtime
(Last Updated On: October 8, 2022)

Power stations are an excellent choice for a portable power source if you don’t want to deal with the complications of gas generators. Also, power stations have advanced to a point where many different types exist. You don’t have to settle for just any unit. Instead, you can choose a power station that fits your exact needs.

Of course, if you are in the market for a power station that can practically do it all, with powering nearly any appliance in your home, there are plenty of options. In this review, we’re taking a look at the OKMO G2000 portable power station; this is a unit that goes all out with its capacity and output, it comes from a smaller brand in comparison to the top competition, but we don’t think that should deter you from this OKMO unit. Of course, this one does have a few flaws, so let’s take a closer look.


Power Capacity:

The power capacity of this OKMO G2000 is 2,220Wh, so you’re getting tons of power; this is at the higher tier when it comes to power stations. If you’re looking to power appliances for many hours, this is the capacity you will want. When it comes to charging devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets, you’ll be able to charge phones to full power about 200+ times, and tablets and laptops will be able to charge to full power about 40+ times. If you’re solely relying on this power station for charging, you can get weeks of usage time without recharging the unit.

For powering appliances, it’s more about the appliance’s wattage. So using a 2000W appliance with this OKMO power station will last 1 hour, while a 1W appliance will last about 2000 hours. What we’re most amazed by is that this power station has a 2,220Wh capacity, and it’s priced so low. It used to be that power stations would be about $1 per Wh, but that is slowly changing with prices now dropping, and in this case, the OKMO sits at a pretty affordable price for a 2000W / 2,220Wh power station.

One of the biggest letdowns for this OKMO G2000, though, is that you don’t get an estimated runtime on the screen, and we’ll get more detail about the screen later in this review. So if you want a better idea of how long an appliance will be powering with this power station, you’re going to have to divide the 2,220Wh capacity by the wattage of the appliance that you’ve plugged in. So a 500W appliance would last about 4 hours, just to put it into perspective, and that’s great but at the same time, having to do that calculation instead of having the runtime on a screen is a pretty big disappointment.

Output Charging:

The output ports are varied, with the three AC outlets being the central buying point of this OKMO power station, but that’s the case with any power station. The charging ports are okay, and the DC port section is what you can expect.

Charging Ports

The charging ports on this OKMO power station are decent, with one USB-C Power Delivery port and three USB-A ports. The USB-C PD port has a 60W output so that you can charge most USB-C chargeable laptops and fast charge most phones and tablets within the USB-C port. That said, for a 2000W power station, a 100W USB-C port would have been more on par with what you’re purchasing.

One of the USB-A ports features Quick Charge for fast charging most Android phones, and the other two USB-A ports have a 10W output. Overall, the charging ports could use an upgrade in this power station market, where some units use 100W USB-C ports, multiple and multiple USB-A Quick Charge ports.

In our test, we could charge a Lenovo Flex 5 at its max speed with the 60W USB-C port. We also charged a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 via the USB-A Quick Charge port; we charged a Galaxy A51 and an LG G7 from the two standard USB-A ports; the Note 9 was able to fast charge, and the A51 and the LG G7 were standard charging.

DC Ports

The DC port section consists of two DC 5521 ports and one cigarette lighter port, and all three of these ports have a 12V/8.0A output. Like with most power stations, you’re likely not using this section too often simply because most consumers don’t have appliances or devices that are compatible with these ports. That said, a portable tire pump would work well, CPAP machines that use a DC connector to be powered would be great, and you can also charge DC chargeable laptops as long as you’ve got the suitable cable.

AC Outlets

Ultimately, you’ll purchase a power station because of the AC outlets and the wattage that comes with it. With a 2000W output and three AC outlets, you can power a wide range of appliances using this OKMO power station; this is the unit’s most vital point.

The first appliance that we tested out was an electric cooktop that is rated for 1000W. We filled a saucepan with four cups of water, placed it on the cooktop, and set it high. After about 10 minutes, the water in the saucepan was boiling, and this OKMO power station could power the cooktop just as a regular wall outlet would.

So if you’re on a road trip, camping or hiking, this OKMO power station would be useful to use with an electric cooktop for cooking; you could even use a 1800W cooktop with this power station if you wanted to, but that would deplete the battery much faster, as this 1000W cooktop gives you about 2 hours of usage time.

After the cooktop test, we tested a Lasko heater rated for 1800W. We set the Lasko heater to low first, and the low setting worked as normal then we bumped it up to high, and the high setting worked as normal. So powering a heater with this power station is no problem. Then we decided to push the OKMO G2000 to its limits which is why we plugged in a heat gun alongside the Lasko heater.

The heat gun is also rated for 1800W, just like the heater, so we set the heater to low and the heat gun to low and let the two appliances run simultaneously; they functioned normally. We then set the heater to high and the heat gun to high; somehow, the two appliances functioned as normal. With the max output of this OKMO power station being 2000W, with the heater and the heat gun running simultaneously, we thought the power station would automatically shut down because both appliances could easily go over that 2000W max output.

What could be happening is that the unit is regulating output, which means that it’s lowering the voltage and increasing amperage to make the appliances think they’re receiving enough power, which allows the power station to keep running instead of turning off.

We also tested out the Dremel tool, set it to its highest setting, and it ran perfectly. The Dremel tool isn’t exactly a high-wattage tool, with it maxing at about 130W, but still a powerful tool that we thought we’d test out.

The AC outlet selection of three is good; although some may find it limiting and want more ports, the inclusion of only three outlets may contribute to the lower price of the unit. The 2000W output of the OKMO power station is easily its best feature that allows you to power most appliances in your household.

Input Charging:

Recharging for the OKMO G2000 is lacking with charging input power. The unit comes with a car charging cable and an AC charging brick. Recharging this power station is a letdown because of its 200W max input speed; the AC brick can recharge it at 204W, so going from 0% to 100% would take about 10 hours. Simply put, the capacity and the recharge speed don’t match because when you have a high capacity of 2,220Wh, the input wattage should be drastically higher than 200W.

So if this OKMO power station is low on power and you need it back up to full power real quick, then 200W recharge speed will grind your gears. If this OKMO power station used the same direct AC charging cable that EcoFlow uses on their power stations, that would be incredible because the recharge rate could easily match up to the capacity of this OKMO unit. An 800W input speed or higher would have made more sense.

Also, the max solar input is 200W, the same as the AC input; the good news is that you don’t have to spend so much on a higher-wattage solar panel.


Size and Weight:

The OKMO G2000 is a large and heavy power station. Well, it may not be too large, but it is cumbersome, weighing 46 pounds. You will have to brace yourself when picking this power station up. The size is more manageable, with a length of 12 inches, a width of 9 inches, and a height of 13 inches.

A good size to store in your house, but you’ll need a decent amount of space if you plan on putting it on a table with other appliances you’re powering. However, you could leave it out of the way and have it off to the side.

Functional Components:

Using this OKMO G2000 power station is easy, but we have to reiterate that the screen on this power station is abysmal. The display does not show the wattage input or output. The display doesn’t show the battery capacity percentage or estimated runtime.

Instead, the display shows the battery capacity with a few bars, so you don’t know how much battery you have left to use. Along with the battery bars, you get AC, DC, and USB logos on display to show that sections are turned on. The lack of a battery percentage is somewhat okay, but the lack of any wattage input or output reading leaves us blind to see how this OKMO power station is performing.

Yes, when you use a wall outlet in your home, you don’t deal with any wattage reading, but with a power station, it’s different, and at this point, a wattage reading on display with a power station should be standard. That said, as shocking as it is, the very minimal screen may also contribute to the lower cost of this OKMO power station.

To turn on the unit, you have to press the power button, and then you can press the power button on each section to turn them on. All functional parts are at the front of the unit, including the output, input, and screen. The fixed handles are at the top.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this OKMO G2000 is strong, with the unit being held together well with no loose or cheap feeling parts. The top and bottom portions are made of plastic, while the middle silver part is made of what feels like Aluminum. A power station with an aluminum build is not very common, as most are just plastic, but this is a welcome change.

Of course, just like all power stations, you should not expose this power station to water and don’t drop it because either of those will damage the unit.


The internal fans of this OKMO G2000 turn on when the power station deems it necessary, and they don’t have varying speeds; instead, when the fans turn on, they run at full speed. The fans are a bit loud, but it’s at least good to know that the power station is working to keep itself cool.

When it comes to going over the 2000W max output of the OKMO G2000, we did try it out, and it seems that the unit regulates its output to keep running. If you were to plug in an insanely high-wattage appliance, the unit would automatically turn off. However, it should have done that when we simultaneously powered a heater and a heat gun.


The OKMO G2000 power station is a reliable power source because of its high 2000W max output and 2,220Wh capacity. You can run most appliances with this OKMO power station, which is phenomenal. The unreliable parts are the unit’s missing features such as output/input wattage reading, estimated runtime, and a percentage display for the capacity; the display on this OKMO power station is likely the most plain on the market.

Also, if you want to get this power station back to full power quickly, you will be dealing with a 200W input, which is pretty slow for a 2,220Wh capacity.

With that said, even with the lack of features, this OKMO G2000 power station is one of the lowest-cost 2000W power stations on the market currently, and the reliability of the unit would increase significantly with continued price drops.



The 2000W output from this OKMO power station can power nearly appliances in your home, and the 2,220Wh capacity means you can run appliances for countless hours. Each section on the unit is good with using three AC outlets, but the charging ports could have used an upgrade.


With all of its power, the OKMO G2000 is a large and heavy unit. Coming in at 46 pounds, you’ll have to use the handles at the top to pick it up. The screen at the front is very minimal when it comes to showing stats because you’re missing key features such as input and output wattage reading, a percentage display for the power capacity, and estimated runtime.


The power station has a solid build and surprisingly uses Aluminum in the center, which is not common for power stations. The internal fans run at full speed when they turn on and do not have varying speeds.


The OKMO G2000 is a reliable power station with power capacity and output. The unreliable parts may not be a concern to some, but having a screen that tells you almost nothing, a 200W recharge speed, and a minimal amount of fast charging ports can be unreliable.

OKMO 2000W G2000 Portable Power Station Specs
Power Capacity2220Wh (600000mAh/3.7V)
Cell ChemistryLithium-ion Batteries
AC Output2000W
USB-A Standard Output x25V/2.1A Max
USB-A Quick Charge Output x118W Max
USB-C Power Delivery Output x1PD 60W Max
DC5521 Output x212V/8A Max
Cigarette Lighter Port12V/8A Max
AC Recharging204W Max(cc/cv 25.5V/8A)
Solar Recharging200W Max (18V-30V)
Size12 x 9 x 13 inches
Weight46 Pounds


The OKMO G2000 2000W portable power station is a high-tier power source. We’ll admit that this unit can be used to power almost appliances and has tons of capacity to run some appliances for hours. Suppose you don’t mind that minimalistic screen and slow recharge speed. In that case, this OKMO power station is one of the lowest priced on the market, making it worth purchasing over the pricier competition.

Portable Power Station 2000W, 2220Wh Battery Backup Portable Generator, 200W Max Input, PD 60W, Solar Generator Outage Emergency Power Supply for Home Outdoors CPAP Camping RV
  • 【The Most Reliable Emergency Power Supply】 : OKMO adopts Vehicle-Grade NMC Battery, and BMS Battery Management System, which has better guarantee in terms of product safety factor and system energy efficiency. What's more, OKMO has Ultra-High Battery Utilization Efficiency, which can reach 95%, while most of the products in the market are 85%.
  • 【Large Capacity - More Durable】 : OKMO G2000 has a large capacity of 2220wh, which exceeds much similar products in the market. In an emergency power outage, a single charge can power your home and critical devices for up to 3 or 5 days.
  • 【Powerful Output】 : OKMO G2000 supports 2000W rated power, and 5000W surge power. However, most other similar products's surge power is 4800W. OKMO gives you a larger output.
  • 【10 Channel Outputs - More Functions】 : You could charge 10 devices at one time. OKMO G2000 have 10 output ports, which is the best choice for multi-functional outdoor power supply. Includes 1 PD 60W, 1 Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A, 2 USB-A, 2 DC-12V, 3 AC Outlets and 1 Car Outlet. Suitable for most home appliances such as coffee machines, tablets, cameras, etc.
  • 【4 Ways Charging - More Flexible】 : 1. Connect two 100W solar panels, G2000 can charge more than 90% in 12 hours; 2. AC adapter 11 hours; 3. Car charging 18 hours; 4. Two-Way 60W USB-C fast charge, it can be used for input and output, while most other's PD port only for output. OKMO can flexibly choose the appropriate charging way in different scenarios.