Review: ORICO 4 Outlets Surge Protector with 5 Smart USB Charging Ports

ORICO 4 Outlets Surge Protector with 5 Smart USB Charging Ports











  • Has 5 USB charging ports with each of them outputting 5V/2.4A
  • Each of the AC Outlets have a power button to Activate and Deactivate them
  • There's a LED light indicator next to each power button to show if its been turned On or Off
  • It has a solid build with no loose parts and the USB ports/AC Outlets hold device and appliances strongly

Surge Protectors are used a lot today and that’s mostly because we have so many appliances that we want to power at the same time.

That said, Surge protectors have been through quite a lot of phases and one of the most recent phases is that they’re starting to use USB ports that are built into them. This is a great feature to have because you don’t have to use a USB wall charger with one of the AC Outlets.

There are also quite a few other convenient features that Surge Protectors are implementing too and that is why we’re doing this review.

This Orico 4 Outlet Surge Protector with 5 USB ports is something special when it comes to power and charging your devices. That said, it has a few other parts that make it great to use as it also has buttons and some really cool LED lights that make this appliance look like it’s from the future.


Output Charging:

When it comes to the AC Outlet portion of this Surge Protector there are really no problems as it’s able to output as much power as a normal AC Outlet wall outlet can output.

That said, its AC outlet portion is able to output 1875W of power and even if you’re plugging in multiple appliances at once, you should still be good and this Surge Protector has a total of four AC Outlets so you likely won’t go overboard unless you’re connecting some very powerful appliances into this Surge Protector at the same time.

USB Ports

One of the best parts of new Surge Protectors that has basically become standard is that most of them now use USB ports.

The usage of USB ports erases the need to use a USB wall charger with an AC Outlet and in this case, you won’t have to use a USB wall charger with the AC Outlet as there’s basically a 5-Port USB charging station that’s built-into this Surge Protector because it uses five USB ports.

The charging speed with the USB ports is really good and that’s because each of the ports is able to give out a charging speed of 5V/2.4A. A 2.4 Amp charging speed is enough to charge most standard devices at their max power, such as most smartphones and tablets like the iPad.

That said, it’s important to know that none of the ports feature Quick Charge and therefore they won’t be able to charge your Quick Charge compatible smartphone at its max power


Size and Weight:

The size of the Surge Protector is what you can expect from most other Surge Protectors as this one is really no different. It might have a longer length than what you’re used to using, but it’s all for a purpose.

The length of it is 12.9 inches, it has a width of 2.9 inches and a thickness of 1.1 inches. The weight of it is 1.3 pounds. The slim form factor of the Surge Protector is one of the best parts of it as you can place it on a table without it taking up too much space.

Also, if you want to travel with it, that’s possible too as it can fit into a corner of a bag quite easily.

Functional Components:

There are quite a few functional parts on this Orico Surge Protector and they’re all very useful.

At the top of the Surge Protector is where there are four AC Outlets and at the top of each of the AC Outlets is the power button for each of the Outlets.

Each of the outlets has a LED light to the right of its power button to let you know if that specific outlet is active or inactive it’s a great system that we found to be really cool when we plugged the Surge Protector in.

Then off to the long side of the Surge Protector is where there are five USB charging ports that are placed vertically to save space. The USB port portion of the Surge Protector also has LED light to show that the USB ports are ready to use and you can indeed use the AC Outlets and the USB ports at the same time.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this Orico Surge Protector is great and this is basically what you can expect from a whole lot of other Surge Protectors on the market. It has a solid structure that has no loose parts whatsoever and it’s even made of Fireproof material.

The AC outlets are very strong when it comes to plugging in an AC adapter into them and the power buttons feel great to use as they press in when they’re activated and then depress when they’ve been deactivated.

The same is true for the USB ports too as they have a stronghold on the cable that you connect to them.


On the tech build side things, this Surge Protector excels there too and that’s because it’s able to protect your devices from events such as Surges.


Surge Protectors have become very advanced and this Orico one is an example of that as it has power buttons to activate certain outlets, LED lights to show which have been activated and deactivated and it also has USB ports which means that you no longer need a USB wall charger to use with a Surge Protector and you can focus on powering your appliances.



The power output of this Surge Protector is basically the same as the power that you’re able to get from an AC wall outlet. So there’s plenty of power to use and you even have USB ports to use.


It has a long but slim form factor that makes it take up as little space as possible. The best part of its design is its functional parts with its power button for the AC Outlets and also the use of USB ports.


The build quality is top notch as it has a solid structure and safety protections that you need no matter how many appliances you’re powering or charging at the same time.


With all of its parts put together, this is one of the best Surge Protectors to purchase as it basically has a 5-Port USB charging station built-in to the Surge Protector.


Orico has built a strong Surge Protector that has ranks well in the new Surge Protector arena with its use of power buttons and USB ports that make it a blast to use.

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