Review: Poweradd 40W/8A 5-Port USB Wall Charger

Poweradd 40W/8A 5-Port USB Wall Charger









  • You can charge many devices at once at or near their max charging speeds.
  • 5 Ports to charge 5 devices at the same time.
  • Very portable design with its small dimensions and lightweight.


  • It can't charge 5 iPads at their max charging speeds at the same time.

In a power bank’s case when the portable charger has many charging ports, it’s expected that some of the charging ports are going to be offering slower charging speeds than the other ones, and ultimately a short Output ceiling will be hit.

Then there’s the other side of the spectrum with USB wall chargers. The usual case with USB wall chargers is that they’re expected to stay powerful through their charging speeds no matter how many ports they have and no matter how many devices are charging at the same time.

This is the PowerAdd 5-Port USB wall charger and it’s able to give lots of charging power. However, let’s see if it’s able to stay powerful when things get heated.

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Output Charging:      Per Port: 5V/2.4A     Max Output: 8 Amps

So to start with, the wall charger has 5 charging ports, and that means that you can charge 5 devices at the same time. Each of the charging ports is capable of Outputting a Max standard charging speed of 5V/2.4A; so it’s the charging speed before Quick Charge speeds.

The max output of the wall charger is 8 Amps, and that means once the max output of the wall charger is reached, then each of the charging ports will lower their charging speed so they can all total the max Output capabilities.

As an example, if you’re pushing the wall charger to its limits by connecting 5 iPads all at once to charge, then each of the charging ports will only be outputting 5V/1.6A and that’s because 1.6 times 5 equals 8 Amps in total.

With that said, let’s say that you wanted to charge multiple iPads at the same time at their max charging speeds. You can only connect 3 iPads at once because then the max output will be only 7.2 Amps. Adding another will reduce the charging speeds of the ports.

Charging smartphones, on the other hand, can be done however you want and even if you’re pushing the wall charger to its limits, a charging speed of 1.6 Amps per port isn’t that bad for charging smartphones; as some smartphones have that much as their max charging speed.


Size and Weight:

For something that has a 5 port and is this big, this wall charger has to use a power cord. The wall charger itself isn’t that large at all with its length being 3.9 inches, a width of 2.4 inches, and a thickness of 1 inch. It weighs 5.6 ounces. The power cord that the wall charger uses is about 5 feet long.

Overall, there’s nothing difficult about traveling with this wall charger as you can either have the power cord wrapped around the wall charger itself or simply having the power cord and the wall charging block separately.

Functional Components:

On the functional side, the wall charger is designed pretty well, for the most part, except for just a few flaws.

Let’s just state the good first. The good thing is that the charging ports are placed a little apart from each other that good if you want to unplug and plug charging cables in while there are other charging cables connected to the wall charger. It also makes it better for the organization.

The use of the power cord allows you to place it on a desk and keep all your devices that are charging with the PowerAdd plus close.

On the other hand, the PowerAdd’s general oval shape doesn’t make it easy to stand up straight and there’s no LED light to indicate that the wall charger is either ready to charge or is charging.

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Structure and Material

On the building side, the PowerAdd 5-port wall charger is made of plastic and it does a great job at keeping itself together. There are just the center and 2 side pieces that make the wall charger whole.

The outer casing of the wall charger is made of fire-resistant material and basically what that means is that the plastic is most likely coded with resin so it’s resistant to fire.


On the tech side, for wall chargers like these, the most important thing is the use of proper safety tech and the usage of the right material on the outside of the wall charger.

The safety tech this charger includes is Over-charging, Over-Voltage, Surge, Short-Circuit, and Over-temperature protection. It’s these technologies that make charging 5 devices at once extremely safe.


Charging 5 devices at once is already reliable enough, then there’s the case of whether you want to charge 5 devices at once at their fastest charging speeds.

In the PowerAdd’s case, this wall charger is capable of quite a few great feats. One of them being able to charge 3 iPads at the same time at their max charging speeds. If you want to mainly use this wall charger to charge smartphones and other devices that are charged using USB, then this wall charger can most likely deliver.

The only case of when we think this wall charger can’t be reliable is if you expect faster-charging technologies like Quick Charge and or USB-C. Other than that, it does a fine job even when it’s being pushed to its limits.

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Charging power isn’t much of a problem unless you were expecting a wall charger that can charge 5 iPads all at once at their max charging speeds. The 5V/2.4A charging speed per port is great and the Max Output of 8A isn’t too limiting.


It’s a small wall charger that can be taken for traveling purposes regardless of the power cord, it’s still really portable and light. We’re thankful that the charging ports have some spacing between them. It would have been nice to have a LED light to show when the wall charger was on or when charging was happening.


It has a strong build in regards to its structure and material being made of fire-resistant material and a wide range of safety technologies that can keep charging safely.


For the most part, it’s a reliable wall charger and this goes for all of its aspects and the only time we think that it won’t be reliable is for those that own Quick Charge and USB-C charging devices that want to charge their devices at max charging speeds. In that case, take a look at our wall charger reviews and choose what wall chargers fit your needs the best.

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Specs of the Poweradd 40W/8A 5-Port USB Wall Charger:

  • Output:     Possible Per Port – 5V/2.4A       Max Output – 8A
  • Input:
  • Quick Charge:  No
  • LED Power Indicator: No
  • Size: 3.9 x 2.4 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 Ounces


The PowerAdd 5-Port wall charger follows the right steps that a USB-wall charger is supposed to follow. In that, it makes use of full charging power per port and a high enough max output that can charge many devices at once at their max charging speeds.