Review: PowerArc ArcWire 2-Pack USB-C to USB-A Charging Cables

PowerArc ArcWire 2-Pack USB-C to USB-A Charging Cables









  • The cables have great build and will last you a lot longer than an off-brand retail cable
  • The cables are capable of fast charging and transferring files at 5 Gbps speeds

There are many, and we mean many charging cables on the market from different brands. It makes sense, though, as charging cables are one of the most used types of products on the market and we use them to charge our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and various other types of adapters or devices that use cables.

One of the biggest concerns that most people have when it comes to purchasing a cable is the durability, and that’s because many cables on the market are rather cheap and break easily. In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at this PowerArc ArcWire 2-Pack USB-C to USB-A charging cable. They’re a somewhat new brand, but after testing out the cable for a bit, we have to say that this cable stands higher than we thought.

What’s in the Box

The first thing to know is that you’ll be getting two USB-A to USB-C cables in the box. So you’ll only be able to use these cables with a USB-A port on the charger that you’re using this cable with, but the device that you’re plugging this into has to have a USB-C port for charging or connectivity.

Build Quality

Straight out of the box, these cables look high quality, and then when you feel and hold it, then we knew that this cable meant serious business.

Unlike most cables, these PowerArc cables don’t give away their from to gravity so easily, and what we mean by that is that whatever way that cable is bent, it keeps its form for the most part. This is due to the use of three layers of reinforcement with the cable. The first layer in the cable is PVC, then there’s the middle Nylon layer and then the PET mesh layer.

With all these layers, the cable wiring can take a lot of strain no matter how many times you curl or stretch out the cable.

Another factor of the great build is the reinforcement placed on the two connector ends. Most of the time when cables break, it’s due to the connector end breaking, and exposing the inner cables and this usually happens when there is too much stress on the connector housing.

Since there is so much thick reinforcement for the cable connector housing, it’s going to take a lot longer for the housing to be damaged. The connector housing also a grip pattern that makes it easier to hold and connect to devices.

Charging Power and Speed

There are certain cables on the market that are not capable of fast charging or sharing file speeds as other cables. Thankfully, with this PowerArc USB-C to USB-A cable, you get the full package.

The cable can support Quick Charge fast charging, and it’s also able to share files at 5 Gbps speeds.

[2 Pack] PowerArc ArcWire USB C Cable, USB-C to USB-A, Fast Charging 3.2 Gen 1 Data Cable Quick Charge for Galaxy S21 Ultra S20 FE S10 Note 20 10 Plus Z Flip Z Fold [3.3ft / USB 3.2 / 5Gbps]
  • Quick Charge Compatible: Charge at up to 18W with your Quick Charge enabled device. Charge the device from 0% - 50% in 30 minutes!
  • Rugged & Durable: All ArcWires utilize Durabend technology, a combination of PET mesh outer-braid for durability and a Nylon inner-braid for flexibility.
  • Easily Plug & Unplug: With our slightly larger cable head, plugging and unplugging ArcWire PB1902 is a breeze. Its easy to get that grip and unplug your device safely.
  • Super-Speed Data Transfer: Max data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps. Connected devices must both be compatible with USB 3.2 Gen 1 to obtain maximum charging speeds.
  • 2-Year Warranty: All ArcWires are backed by a 2 year warranty.