Review: Quntis 15W / 10W / 7.5W Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

Quntis 15W / 10W / 7.5W Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount









  • Has a different ranges of fast wireless charging for different types of wireless charging compatible smartphones
  • Easy to use with a three lever holder
  • Has LED lights to show charging status


  • Can be a little difficult to change smartphone angle with the mount connected to a vent

Charging your smartphone while you’re driving is something that you likely do every time you drive, another thing that you may do is place your phone on a mount. You should not be using your phone while you’re driving other than using a navigation app such as Google Maps, but what if you could have a wireless charging mount, and forget about having to connect a cable to your phone?

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at this Quintus fast wireless charging mount, that can hold your phone and charge it for you, too.

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Output Charging:

So the first thing to know is that you can only charge your smartphone with this Quntis car charger if you have a wireless charging smartphone. The great thing about the wireless charging speed from this car charger is that there are four possible charging speeds that you can receive.

Starting, the fastest charging speed that this wireless car charger has to offer is 15W, and you’re able to fast charge LG wireless compatible smartphones at 15W. We tested an LG G7 smartphone and it was able to fast charge wirelessly.

The next lower charging speed is 10W, and most Samsung Qi wireless charging smartphones can fast charge at 10W, and we tested a Galaxy Note 9, and it was able to fast charge. The one other fast charging speed is 7.5W, and you’re able to charge wireless charging iPhones at a 7.5W wireless charging speed. However, just know that the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and newer iPhone models after that are the ones that are wireless charging compatible. Any iPhones before that cannot wirelessly charge.

The slowest charging speed that this Quntis charger output is 5W, and you’re going to receive this charging speed if you have a Qi-compatible smartphone that is not an LG, Samsung, or an iPhone. It’s a slow charging speed, and the equivalent charging speed to the wall charger that comes with the iPhone.

Input Charging:

So the output charging power of this car charger is only achievable if you’re using a Quick Charge car charger to power it. The great thing is that this Qutins car charger has a USB-C input port, and the better part is that it comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable, but it does not come with a Quick Charge car charger. You will have to provide that yourself.


Size and Weight:


The size of the car charger is not a problem, especially since it’s going to be going over your vent, and your vent it likely out of your sight during driving. It’s large enough to hold your phone and that’s what matters.

Functional Components:

When it comes to using this wireless charging mount, it has arms that keep your phone in place, and there is a squeeze lever to the sides that you would use to release the clamps. To tighten your phone on the mount, you place your phone on the mount and then push down on the bottom hold platform and the sides clamps hug your phone.

To the back is where you place the rotation adjustment knob that you can use to tighten and loosen to change the direction of your phone. Also, there are tighten clamps that you use to place the mount on your vent easy to use because you just have to rotate to tighten it.

The UBS-C port is at the bottom of the wireless charger.

When the wireless charger is receiving power there are blue LED lights at the front where you place your car charger and an LED power light at the back of the car charger. When you’re not charging your phone, the light at the back is Red, and when you are charging your phone, the light at the back is blue.

The main user experience issue when it does come to using this mount is to adjust the angle of your smartphone, as you have to take the mount off and adjust the angle. At least that was our experience, but once you have the correct angle, using the mount is easy.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this car charger is pretty good. Everything is basically of plastic, but it works well, and we didn’t find any parts that would be at risk of breaking anytime soon.


Just like all wireless chargers, this mount is no different from heating up. When you’re dealing with faster charging speeds or even with the slowest 5W charging then the charger is going to warm up a bit and so will your smartphone. This isn’t something to be too worried about unless you have the heat on during the winter on high, a that would double the heat that the charger would be generating and your smartphone would be getting warm too.


The reliability of this Quntis car charging mount is great, as you’re able to use it as the amount and charge your smartphone without having to worry about a cable connecting to your phone. If you have an LG, Samsung, or wireless charging compatible iPhone, then the reliability of this car charger is even better as you get faster charging. We also appreciate that it comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable.

However, it would have been even better if it came with a Quick Charge car charger to power the wireless charger.



You’re able to get 15W, 10W, 7.5W, or 5W depending on what wireless charging compatible smartphone you have.


The car charger is easy to use and has a few lights to let you know what’s happening. Changing the angle of your phone can be difficult when your phone is on the mount.


The build is pretty good, and there is heating, but that‘s normal for wireless charging in general.


Not having to worry about connecting a cable to your smartphone with this car charger is a nice change, and you also get a USB-C to USB-C cable. However, you don’t get a car charger to power the wireless charging portion.

 Quntis Fast Wireless Car Charging Mount Specs
LG Wireless Charging 15W
LG Wireless Charging10W
iPhone Wireless Charging7.5W
Standard Charging5W
Power IndicatorBlue and Red Light
Size4.6 x 3.9 x 3.6 inches
Weight3.2 Ounces


This Quntis wireless charging mount is a great addition to the car charging mount marketplace as it offers a wide range of charging speeds for different types of phones, and the user experience of the place your phone on the mount is easy and reliable to keep your phone in view and easily accessible.

Wireless Car Charger Mount, Quntis 15W 10W 7.5W Qi Fast Charging Car Mount Auto Clamping Air Vent Cell Phone Holder Gravity Holder Compatible iPhone 12 11 Pro Max X XS XR 8 Galaxy S21 S10 S9 S8 Note10
  • ⚡【4 Fast Charging Modes】Our wireless car charger mount supports 15W fast charging for Galaxy S21, Note 10 Plus, LG G7 G7 ThinQ G7+ ThinQ/G8; speedy 10W charging for Samsung Galaxy S10+, Note 9/8, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge; 7.5W charging for iPhone 12 Pro, 12Pro Max, 12Mini, 12, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, XR, X, 8 Plus; and 5W charging in standard mode for most other Qi enabled phones. Note: Fast charging requires a QC3.0 car charger (not included).
  • ⚡【Gravity Sensor & Easy Operation】Quntis Qi wireless charger uses the latest gravity sensor technology, which allows one-hand operation, very convenient and safe for driving. Press the sides release buttons, and both clamp arm will automatically open. Then, Simply slide your phone into the wireless car holder, where it will securely lock by gravity. Press the buttons again, the clamps retract and you can easily remove your phone.
  • ⚡【360 °Adjustable Rotation】Wireless car charger vent mount can be rotated 360°. Thanks to the flexible ball joint, you can choose vertical or horizontal or the tilt mode for a more comfortable view. Even on the bumpy roads, there will be no power failure. This wireless charging car holder supports charge with thin phone case (<0.19 inch/5mm). (Note: Does not work the phone case with metal ring, metal plate or magnet. For better wireless charging experience, we suggest removing the case).
  • ⚡【Phone Holder & Wireless Car Charger Combination】Serve as a car phone holder as well as wireless phone charger for car, continue charges your phone. The anti-scratch, anti-slip rubber base design allows for a safe, secure grip, allowing for worry-free travel. Smart chip of iPhone wireless car charger can regulate the voltage and temperature of charging, while it also protects your phone and charger from overheating, over-voltage and short circuit, allowing you to drive without any worry.
  • ⚡【What You Get】You will receive Quntis Qi Wireless Car Charger(certified by Qi, CE, FCC and RoHS), an Air Vent Clip (adjustable 3-stage claw design, to provide you more mounting options for vents with different thicknesses), and 2.6 ft (0.8M) USB-C Charging Cable. Besides, you also get our fast and easy-to-reach customer service. Any questions just feel free to contact our customer service.