Review: RAVPower 10,050mAh Rugged Power Bank

RAVPower 10,050mAh Rugged Power Bank











  • When the charging cover is closed, the power bank has a Enclosure level of IP-66
  • The power capacity is alright and can last for a few days
  • It has 2 charging ports, to charge 2 devices at once


  • The power capacity could be higher, so it can be used for a longer duration
  • This isn't a IP-67 rated power bank, and because of that, it can't be immersed into water without getting damaged.

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You’re someone that wants to go all out, you’re not a careless person, rather you’re the type of person that wants to not worry about the little things in life. You’re carefree. Being carefree means that you know things will handle themselves because you’ve put trust into whatever you think will hold up.

It’s a great feeling to know things will be alright and when it comes to major things like out electronics, it’s quite difficult to be carefree because electronics are known to be fragile and break easily. It’s hard to be carefree when it comes to fragile electronics such as power banks.

Power banks, like our phones, are fragile. Dropping a normal power bank will most likely lead to it being damaged. Luckily there’s a solution and it’s the RAVPower Rugged power bank that allows you to be careless and carefree at the same time because it’s ready to take what’s thrown at it.


The power of the RAVPower Rugged power bank is an alright 10,050mAh capacity. This amount of power for a rugged power bank is good but it’s nothing to be in awe about; This is because power banks like these are usually meant to be taken on hiking or camping trips. This power bank can be taken anywhere but for its manufactured purpose of taking it to a place where there’s no way of charging a device other than the power bank, it’s quite lacking.

A power bank of its standard should be in the 15,000mAh range because when you’re in a place where there’s absolutely no place to charge your devices and far from civilization, having a higher capacity will ensure that you have enough power to last you for the circumstances ahead.

With that said, the power bank has a moderately high capacity at 10,050mAh which can charge most smartphones and tablets a few times.

 RAVPower RuggedPhone CapacityLeft Over Capacity for PowerCore+ Mini
iPhone SE10,050mAh1,624mAh8,426mAh
iPhone 610,050mAh1,810mAh8,240mAh
iPhone 6 Plus10,050mAh2,915mAh7,135mAh
iPhone 6s10,050mAh1,715mAh8,335mAh
iPhone 6s Plus10,050mAh2,750mAh7,300mAh
Samsung Galaxy S610,050mAh2,550mAh7,500mAh
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge10,050mAh2,600mAh7,450mAh
Samsung Galaxy S710,050mAh3,000mAh7,050mAh
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge10,050mAh3,600mAh6,450mAh

The rugged power bank can perform well when charging many modern smartphones and if you’re using your smartphone heavily it can still last moderately long. The power bank has two ports so if you’re charging two devices at the same time, then you can expect the capacity of the power bank to deplete quickly.

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The power bank can withstand many charges for smartphones but if tread into devices that have more battery capacity and energy usage, you’ll start to notice that the capacity of the rugged power bank is actually underwhelming compared to smaller devices. It really depends on what you plan to charge the power bank with.

Smartphones? Yes, the power bank can handle a few charges.

Tablets?  The power bank can do alright for about one charge only.

Output Charging:

 The output charging of the power bank is quite typical of what you’d expect with a two-port charger. One USB charging port charges at 2.4A charging speed, which is great. The other USB charging port charges at a 1.0A charging speed, which means that it will charge slower than the other port. You’re going to have to choose which device you want to be charged faster, which is unfortunate because having two devices that charge at a 2.4A speed would be very convenient.

Input Charging:

 The input charging of the power bank is 2.0A charging speed. Faster than most recharging speeds, the power bank can be fully charged within about 3-4 hours. The best of wall charger to recharge this RAVPower portable charger with are chargers like the Anker PowerPort 2 or Aukey 2-Port wall charger too.



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Size and Weight:

The design of this power is near perfect and it’s built for not only ruggedness but also for a great user experience. The size of the power bank is about the size of an iPhone 6, so you can hold it in one hand easily. The shaping of the power bank is done very well with a solid armor rectangular shape, the power bank is simple to handle.

The size of this charger is surprisingly small as it only has a length of 4.6 inches, a width of 2.8 and a thickness of 0.9 inches. The weight of the charger is 7.4 Ounces. So it’s small enough to comfortably hold in your hands.

Functional Components:

There’s a hook spacing at top of the power bank so it can be hooked onto backpacks, like so:

Pic 6

Going into the functions of the power bank, it’s just as a solid experience as it is with the physical experience.

The power button is on the outside of the charger, then the rest of the functional areas are covered with a water sealed flap. Removing the flap reveals the two USB charging ports, the Micro USB recharging port, and the LED flashlight.

LED power indicators are on the top of the power bank to show how much capacity is left on the power bank in increments of 25%.

The flashlight of the power bank is great if you’re in a dark setting but remember that using the flashlight will use the power of the power bank. Using the flashlight and charging a device will deplete the power bank of its capacity very quickly.

This rugged power bank is designed very well. Functions and usable physical features on the power bank are placed compactly so they’re simple to access and use; There’s no fumbling about where to find what on the power bank.




The build of the RAVPower rugged power bank is something to behold because that’s the main attraction of the device. Many electronic devices can’t withstand harsh conditions, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the very few smartphones to be waterproof but it isn’t shockproof and still, requires a case. Even though smartphones maybe not fortified to a point of being carefree, power banks are now able to be sturdy enough to handle harsh conditions.

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Structure and Material:

Built for everyday purpose and beyond, the RAVPower sturdy power bank was built to take the damage that it’s dealt.

Shockproof: The outer casing the power bank is able to keep all the major parts of the power bank safe from moving and feeling the weight of a fall.

Waterproof: Rated at an IP66 Enclosure, the power bank can handle powerful water jets and other water-related damage such as water splashes. However, the power bank cannot be immersed in water because it’s not rated at an IP67 Enclosure, where it would be able to withstand water immersion. Immersing the power bank into the water for a very short period of time may not result in damage, however, for a long duration of immersion, the power bank will be compromised to water.

This is somewhat of a disappointment because the term “waterproof” can only go so far until it’s no longer waterproof as limits are reached.

Dustproof: The IP66 Enclosure makes the power bank dust tight.

The hard casing of the power bank is the best aspect of the device because it can take falls and slide across rough terrain. It may not be a fully waterproof power bank but the flap that covers the charging ports does a great job of not allowing water in.

It’s a well-built purposeful power bank that welcomes falls and drizzles of water.


When it comes to the actual charging tech that this Rugged portable charger has, it does a good job. As even with its fast charging, using two of the USB ports at the same time doesn’t heat up the charger.


When you’re hoping for a power bank that’s going to last with your lifestyle, then your hopes will not be disappointed as long as you act with your hopes.

The ruggedness of the power bank as we stated before is the premier aspect of the power bank. It can stay reliable through circumstances where other power banks cannot because it’s built for the damage.

However, in terms of power capacity, the power LED indicators must have their check-ups because the usability of the power bank may be high and as a result, the power bank will need charging. You must charge the power bank when you don’t need it at certain times, otherwise, the reliability of the power bank won’t mean anything since it can’t even be used.

Having two ports and a flashlight can drain the power of the power bank quite quickly. Reliability with this power bank means:

  • You know the amount of energy you’re using from it
  • When it will be out of power
  • When you should recharge it

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Along with a great structural integrity, the power bank comes loaded with tech that is able to make the reliability last as long as possible. With overcharging protection, Intelligent MCU control, and Voltage control, the power bank is able to last long because of all the control mechanisms within it to make sure that nothing goes wrong internally.



The capacity of the power bank is high enough that you can rely on it for main smartphones. Climbing into the device that have more energy demands, then the power capacity doesn’t seem to be that high anymore. It’s a great power bank to charge smartphones but there’s also another charging port to charge another device at the same time which can drain power capacity even faster.

It can be a great capacity power bank if your demands are minimal for a 10,050mAh capacity


The design for a sturdy power bank was bound to be great from the beginning of its creation because it’s meant to be compact and has all the functions of the power bank close by to make the structural fortitude work. Built with purpose, the power bank has a hook space for hooking it onto a backpack. The power button is on the outside.

All the functional aspect are under the sealed flap where you’ll find two USB charging ports, a Micro USB recharging port, and a flashlight. Output charging is good with 2.4A for one port and 1.0A for another port. Recharging speed is great with 2.0A recharging speed, which is faster than most recharging rates.


The build quality of the RAVPower sturdy power bank is what it’s supposed to be and it’s somewhat of a disappointment. Being able to withstand shock damage from falls or sliding, the power bank excels.

Rated at an IP66 Enclosure, the power bank can handle dust and water that is shot at it with high pressure. This is good, the power bank can handle water being splashed onto it but it cannot be immersed in water. If it were immersed, the power bank would be compromised and lead to water damage.


Reliability is the power bank and the user. The capacity of the power bank can differ its performance depending on how much you use it to charge devices if you use the flashlight and when you put it in charge.

A  fully charged one will have a far better reliability factor than a half charged power bank because the user will make this power bank highly reliable or moderately reliable before all of the capacity is used.

As for the structural integrity, just don’t drop it into a body of water. It cannot handle going into the water.

If this RAVPower Rugged charger isn’t what you’re looking for when it comes to Rugged charging on-the-go, then take a look at more of our Reviews on Rugged power banks.

Specs of the RAVPower Rugged Power Bank:

  • Capacity: 10,050mAh
  • Output: 2.4A For One Port / 1.0A For the Other Port
  • Input: 2.0A via Micro USB Input
  • LED Power Indicators: Four-LED status system
  • Size: 4.6 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 7.4 ounces
  • 18-month warranty