Review: RAVPower 10,400mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank

RAVPower 10,400mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank











  • Features wireless charging, which is something that not many power banks have
  • Wireless charging has Fast Wireless charging for Samsung smartphones and the iPhone X and iPhone 8
  • Uses a USB-A port that has a charging output of 5V/2.4A and input of 2.4A


  • Does not feature Quick Charge with the USB-A port


Portable charges are one of the most useful charging electronics that’s on the market currently. The reason for that is because we’re able to take them wherever we want, while all other charging electronics such as wall chargers, car chargers, and wireless chargers have us and our devices stay in a singed spot; otherwise, they would also be called portable chargers. Another reason that portable chargers have grown so quickly and why they’re so useful is because they’re able to use all the same charging tech that wall chargers use.

With many portable chargers using USB-C, Power Delivery, and Quick Charge. One of the new charging technologies that portable chargers have begun using is Wireless charging. Yes, it might sound strange but it indeed has been done with quite a few power banks on the market. Such as this RAVpower 10,400mAh Wireless Portable charger

So let’s see what a power bank that’s capable of wireless charging and a USB-A charging port is capable of.


Power Capacity:

There’s 10,400mAh power capacity to be used with this charger, but like any power bank, that’s not how much you’re actually going to be able to use to charge your smartphone or tablet. As there is power capacity which has to convert during charging and there’s some lost when that happens. In this case, another reason why you’re going to lose power is if you’re charging a device with the USB port, while at the same time wirelessly charging a smartphone on top of the charger.

That’s two charging methods happening at the same time which can worsen the conversion of energy that you can actually use. In this case, we’re going to calculate the average amount of Output power capacity that you’re actually going to be able to use.

10,400 x 3.7 = 38,480 / 5 = 7,696

DevicesRAVPower 10,400mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank (Output Capacity = 7,700mAh)Phone CapacityRAVPower 10,400mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank Input Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
iPhone SE7,700mAh1,624mAh6,076mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

4.7 Full Charges
iPhone 67,700mAh1,810mAh5,890mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

4.2 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus7,700mAh2,915mAh4,785mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

2.6 Full Charges
iPhone 6s15,000mAh1,715mAh5,985mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

4.4 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus7,700mAh2,750mAh4,950mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

2.8 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S67,700mAh2,550mAh5,150mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

3.0 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge7,700mAh2,600mAh5100mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

2.9 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S77,700mAh3,000mAh4,700mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

2.5 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge7,700mAh3,600mAh4,100mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

2.1 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S8+7,700mAh3,500mAh4,200mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

2.2 Full Charges

So if you’re only using a single charging method at a time you’re going to be left with about 7,700mAh Output power capacity that can go to your devices. However, if you’re using both the USB portion and wireless part for charging at the same time, then you can expect about 6,000mAh simply because wireless charging creates a lot more heat during charging. Also, you have to account for the fact that energy isn’t passing a secure wire but through a forcefield and that’s a lot less efficient than wired charging as power capacity can be lost a lot more easily.

It’s with the two power capacities that this charger RAVpower charger is going to be most helpful for charging smartphones only. It makes sense as well as this power bank has wireless charging capabilities and that’s mainly for smartphones only. So it’s going to be most helpful for charging smartphones to their full power multiple times over.

Output Charging:

Most stand-alone wireless chargers are very simple with just a single coil being used and they have a 5W output, also known as 5V/1.0A. So overall, they have very slow charging and that’s the norm with wireless charging; as wired charging is ultimately a lot more powerful than wireless. However, there is Fast Wireless Charging and that’s what this RAVPower portable charger features and we find that to be very cool.]

While most wireless chargers don’t have fast charging, this power bank and wireless charger hybrid does have fast charging. The Fast Wireless charging speed on this charger has an output of 5V/2.0A and that’s double than the standard. However, something to know is that the 2 Amp charging is only available for Samsung smartphones that are Qi compatible.

All other Android smartphones that are Qi compatible charge at a 5W charging speed (5V/1.0A).

Another great thing about the wireless charging with this power bank is charging power that it can provide for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which is 7.5W (5V/1.5A).

Single USB-A Output Port

Charging power with the single USB port on this charter is 5V/2.4A. It’s a powerful charging speed that can charge many smartphones at a very high rate. That said, the port does not feature Quick Charge and it’s for the best as using Quick Charge while wirelessly charging a device isn’t the best thing to do in safety terms.

Input Charging:

Recharging this power bank is done through Micro-USB input port and it has a recharge of 2.4A, and so we highly recommend using a 2.4 Amp wall charger to recharge it with. As this power bank will be able to recharge to its full power within 5 hours only.


Size and Weight:

This isn’t the smallest 10,000mAh power bank that you’ll own. It has a length of 6.4 inches, a width of 3.1 inches, and a thickness of 0.9 inches. The weight of this charger is 12 Ounces. So at the time, it’s not very large at all and you shouldn’t worry about having trouble moving it around. As this charger is able to fit into a pocket or you can just hold it while you charge your smartphone with the USB port.

Using it as a wireless charger is also simple by just setting it down on a surface and placing your smartphone on top.

Functional Components:

The functional parts of this RAVPower wireless portable charger are few and that’s a good thing.

At the top of the charger is where there’s a circle with the word “HypeAir” written and that’s where you place your smartphone to charge. However, in order to begin charging you must press the power button, which can be found on the short side of this charger. Also on the short side is where you’ll find the USB-A port and the Micro-UBS input port.

Also on the top of the charger is where you’ll find 4 Blue LED power capacity indicators.

To the side of the power bank is where there’s a LED light that indicates what the wireless charging portion of this power bank is doing. With Orange indicating that it’s on standby and it’ll turn off within 4 seconds; the Orange light will also flicker to indicate that something else is on the power bank.

The one other color is Green and it flickers when a smartphone is wirelessly charging, and once it turns Solid Green that indicates that the device is fully charged, then it turns off.


Structure and Material:

The entirety of this power bank is made of plastic, just as most of RAVPower’s products are, and it still has a great build to it. Just don’t drop the charger as it’s not shockproof. We also recommend not placing any metal pieces near the wireless charging portion while it’s on.


On the tech side, this charger does a pretty good job of keeping itself cool. As having wireless charging and wired charging happening at the same time can be quite intensive. That said, the power bank does get a little warm, but not too warm.

Another thing to know when it comes to safely using this power bank while using wireless charging is that you shouldn’t use it when the phone has 25% or below power capacity remaining. As it can strain the charging power.


This RAVPower portable charger has taken a sedentary charging method and made it portable and at the same time, they still managed to keep a wired charging method. What’s even more surprising that it’s still capable of Fast Wireless charging for Samsung smartphones and iPhones too.



Charging power for wireless charging is very good with Fast Wireless charging being used and the USB-A port with this charger is also quite powerful with its 2.4 Amp output.


It’s not the smallest 10,000mAh power bank but it’s small enough to be taken anywhere.


The build quality of this charger is quite good but we’re most surprised that it doesn’t become hot due to wireless charging and wired charging at the same time.


It’s very reliable power bank with its use of wireless charging that’s quite powerful along with wired charging. The one flaw can be the power capacity and how much is lost if you’re using wired and wireless charging at the same time.

Specs of the RAVPower 10,400mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank:

  • Capacity:

Initial Capacity: 10,400mAh

Output Capacity: 7,700mAh

  • Output:

Fast Wireless Charging for iPhone X and iPhone 8: 5V/1.5A

Fast Samsung Qi Compatible smartphones: 5V/2.0A

Standard Wireless charging for all other Qi Compatible smartphones: 5V/1.0A

USB-A Port: 5V/2.4A


Micro-USB input: 5V/2.4A

  • LED Power Indicator: 4 Blue LED Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 6.4 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 12 Ounces


RAVPower is a brand that is known to innovate and this 10,400 Wireless portable charger with its use of wireless charging is proof of that. Not only that, but it’s fast wireless charging.

Wireless Portable Charger RAVPower 10400mAh 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging Pad HyperAir Technology for iPhone X, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, 10W Qi Wireless Power Bank for S8, S8+ Note8 and All Qi-Enabled Devices

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  • 7.5W fast charging for iPhone: 50% faster wireless charging for iPhone x, 8 Plus, and 8 with iOS 11.2 or later than traditional 3.5W – 5W chargers
  • 10W fast charging for Samsung: power your compatible Samsung Device, like the Galaxy S8 in as little as 3.85 hours (Note: wireless charging stops working at 0% battery)
  • Works with any Qi devices: widely compatible with iPhone x/ 8 Plus/ 8, and Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus/ Note 8; non-qi enabled phones will require a Qi wireless charging cover to power up
  • Power up 2 devices simultaneously: 10400mAh capacity charges 2 devices at once, thanks to a wireless charging top surface and a USB port;
  • 2X faster recharge: RAVPower wireless battery pack recharges twice as fast in 6 hours with a 2a/ 2.4a AC charger

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