Review: RAVPower 27,000mAh AC Outlet Power Bank

RAVPower 27,000mAh AC Outlet Power Bank











  • Has a very high power capacity that can last for days or even weeks
  • Has 3 USB charging port, one of them is Type-C that allows you to charge a Macbook
  • Has a AC Outlet that can power devices up to 100 Watts
  • The design is great, and uses 8 Power Indicators to more accurately show power capacity


  • It's a large and heavy power bank
  • The Output power capacity can fall shorter than the original if it's being used heavily


Here at Charger Harbor, we have plenty of reviews for high capacity portable chargers and it’s easy to know that when a power bank has a high capacity, they’re able to offer more than just more power. In this case, there’s plenty of power capacity but there’s also an additional charging option and it’s called an AC Outlet. This is the same outlet that you can find in a wall outlet and it allows you to power devices that use a 2 prong plug.

These new kinds of high capacity power banks are paving the way for a truly ultimate charging experience that can be portable while providing an insane amount powering for many devices. Let’s take a look at what this AC power bank has to offer and if it’s above the usual high capacity power banks.

OmniCharge Power Supply


Power Capacity:

First off, the power capacity of this power bank is 27,000mAh. It’s a lot of power but the actual power that you’re receiving can vary depending on the way you use it. The charger has plenty of charging options that go hand in hand with how much power capacity it can actually supply. With that said, the power bank can on average supply about 20,000mAh of true output capacity that you’ll be receiving. This is mostly due to the heat generated during charging, but you can expect an Output capacity to be lower or higher depending on your usage of the power bank.

So if you’re charging only a smartphone with power bank, then there’s a high chance that you’ll be able to use most of the 27,000mAh power capacity and as a result, you can charge a smartphone about 6 times or more with it. As for tablets, you can on average do full charges but it’s possible to charge more than 2 times with it depending on the other devices you’re charging.

It’s important to know that you can either use all 3 of the USB ports at the same time or you use the AC outlet. You cannot use all the USB charging ports AND the AC outlet at the same time. With that said, there’s still plenty of power to use it just comes with an equivalent exchange

DevicesRAVPower 27,000mAh AC Outlet Power Bank (Output Capacity = 20,000mAh - 24,000mAh)Phone CapacityRAVPower 27,000mAh AC Outlet Power Bank Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
iPhone SE20,000mAh1,624mAh18,376mAh

12.3 Full Charges
iPhone 620,000mAh1,810mAh18,190mAh

11 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus20,000mAh2,915mAh17,085mAh

6.8 Full Charges
iPhone 6s20,000mAh1,715mAh18,285mAh

11.6 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus20,000mAh2,750mAh17,250mAh

7.2 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S620,000mAh2,550mAh17,450mAh

7.8 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge20,000mAh2,600mAh17,400mAh

7.6 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S720,000mAh3,000mAh17,000mAh

6.6 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge20,000mAh3,600mAh16,400mAh

5.5 Full Charges

USB Port charging: USB Type-C / Two iSmart USB Charging Output Ports

USB Type-C – 5V/3.0A

iSmart Charging Ports – 5V/2.4A


Okay, so the traditional ways of charging are absolutely at the optimum level. The USB Type-C port is not an input, it’s actually an Output port only. To use the Type-C port as an Output port, you’ll have to use a Type-C to Type-C port to charge devices that accept Type-C for charging. It’s a very helpful port if you want to charge your Type-C compatible smartphones or you can use it to charge a new Macbook that accepts Type-C. The Type-C port is able to charge at 5V/3.0A, so it will charge your compatible devices near Quick Charge speed (Not quite there yet).

The other two charging ports are USB iSmart ports and are each capable of charging at 5V/2.4A, which is the max standard charging rate. Both of these of ports are great options for charging any USB charging device. These ports are able to charge a smartphone at its max speed (If they’re not Quick Charge compatible, Quick Charge compatible devices have their max charging speed with Quick Charge charging). Tablets like iPads can charge at their max speed as well because of the 2.4A of power delivery. Overall, you’ll be able to charge any of your USB devices quickly and plenty of power capacity to take advantage of the fast charging plenty of times.

AC Outlet

Power your Small Appliances

The next and most important aspect of this power bank is the AC Outlet that features two prongs to connect a device and use it. The AC outlet has a power supply of 100W. So it isn’t going to power a large full-size fridge or a large TV; instead, the AC Outlet is more geared towards providing power to smaller appliances like small vacuums, mini fridges, Laptop chargers or small fans. So, will it provide a great experience during power outages? Maybe, because it depends on how you’re using it and what you’re using it with. You can’t expect this power bank to supply a power to a really major appliance but you will be able to use your laptop for much long if your power does go out.

However, it’s not even about using this during a power outage. If you’re not near a wall outlet, and in most cases, that’s the scenario, then this power bank is an absolute savior.

Input Charging (Recharging): 19V/1.6A

Instead of the traditional the Micro-USB or Type-C recharge input port, this power bank opts for a different kind of conclusion by using a DC Input. The power bank charger comes with power adapter to charge the power bank and the recharge speed is 19V/1.6A. So it’s not charging at 2 or 3 Amps but that’s actually not such a bad thing when you consider the Voltage being at 19. This means that the power bank will recharge at a 1.6A current more constant and you can recharge the power bank full within 5-6 hours.

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Size and Weight:

You won’t be Carrying it in your Hands for Very Long

Of course with a power bank with this high of a capacity and charging capabilities, you can expect this portable charger to be big and heavy. The length of the monstrous power bank is 6.8 inches, width is 5.3 inches and thickness of 1.6 inches. So it’s quite large but not so large that you can’t fit it into a single hand; what makes it seem large and cumbersome is the weight being 1.87 pounds. So it’s a very heavy power bank and it’s obviously not meant to be held and used, especially if you plan on charging more than one device.


Functional Components:

Lots of Features and Easy to Use

All the functional parts of the power bank are almost all in the same place. The USB Type-C, Two of the iSmart USB charging ports, power button, and the AC Outlet are on the same side. You can access the AC Outlet by lifting up the flap that covers it. The DC Input is on the other side of the power bank. Then at the top of the power bank, is where there are 8 LED power indicators; it’s a great design choice to a better user experience because when you have much power capacity, 4 LEDs just won’t do it. By having 8 LED power indicators, it’s easier to know just how much power the power bank has left.

Needs your Input

The power bank does not turn on automatically when you plug a device into it, so it’s vital to turn on the power bank to use it and to press the power button to turn it off if you’re not using it anymore; otherwise, the charger will stay on. Also, if you’re using the USB Ports once you’ve turned on the power bank and want to use the AC Outlet after a while, then you must turn off the power bank and turn it back on to use the AC Outlet.


Structure and Material

With its high capacity and many charging capabilities, the build of the power bank is alright. With something this big, we would have expected something with a more solid build but for now, the build is just okay.

The majority of the power bank is made of plastic and can feel quite low quality to hold. Even so, the material being made of plastic was more of a design choice so the high capacity power bank would be light. Light in comparison to being made of Aluminum or other materials. With that said, the power bank still holds strong but it’s simply the feeling that it’s made of second-rate materials is what makes it less desirable. We don’t recommend dropping it as a light kind of thing since the weight of the charger is about 2 pounds; dropping the charger can most likely damage it because there will be a lot of shock generated on impact.

So, maybe the plastic material isn’t the best, but the functional components like the charging ports, power button, and the LED power indicators are built to very high standards. The ports are built to be used daily and don’t feel cheap, and the LED power indicators are accurate at telling the power capacity of the power bank.


If there’s one thing that can’t exactly be helped, it’s the heat generated during charging or usage of the power bank. Each one of the charging options and AC Outlet option is going to Output quite a lot of current or Watts in the case of the AC Outlet. As a result, the heat generated during charging cuts the power capacity quite a lot. You can’t expect the power capacity to be the 27,000mAh that’s advertised or even close to that capacity if you’re heavily using the power bank.


With that in mind, the power bank still takes advantage of air vents, because it has an inner fan that is able to dissipate heat easily. The fan turns on periodically when you use the AC Outlet only, and it’s a great build feature because as we mentioned before, the heat that’s generated can lead to too much lower Output capacity and can damage the power bank. The air vent is a must if the power bank wants to be fully and safely used.

ChargeTech – 27,000mAh Portable AC Battery Pack


Of course, a power bank of its caliber is reliable. From the very high power capacity to the options of charging and AC power outlet; this power bank just might be as reliable as it can get. Power can last for days or even a week if you’re using it in moderation. You’ll be able to charge 3 devices at once with the two USB charging ports and 1 USB Type-C port, or you can opt for using the AC Outlet to use compatible appliances with power to match at 100 Watts. This is a great portable charger to take with you and use if you’re going to be away from a stable source of power. We found that it’s not just for power outages situations, it can be used to power devices close to using as a way of convenience.

However, for freer portable reasons the power bank doesn’t do so well. You can’t take this power bank for a walk simply because it’s so heavy and large. It’s not the kind of “Portable” charger that you can pick up and go with, instead, you’re going to have to use it as a charging hub almost always. Also, if you’re not going to be taking full advantage of the powering options that this charger has to offer, then maybe it’s best to look for something else. This is because the power bank has so many capabilities, but if you’re not using most or all of them, then you’re not getting your money worth for what you paid for.

Anker PowerHouse 120,000mAh Power Bank



This is where the power bank excels the most even though the 27,000mAh capacity isn’t exactly what you’ll be getting, because of power lost during charging. But we will say that the Power capacity you will be receiving will last for a long time and will be able to charge nearly any device that you have plenty of times. The charging speed for the USB charging ports are basically at the optimum speed and you can charge 3 devices at the same time. The most important aspect of the high capacity power bank is the AC Outlet; with it, you can power devices that are powered up to 100Watts. So you can use it to charge devices like Laptops. The biggest hindrance, though, is that you can either use the AC Outlet only or the 3 USB charging ports only.


With its high capacity and many charging options, of course, this power bank is going to be large and heavy. Weighing about 2 pounds and with big dimensions, it’s not the kind of portable charger that you’d hold and use. Instead, we think the best way to describe this power bank is as a Station charger. It’s most likely that you’ll be using it by setting it down, and this will be especially true if you’re using the AC Outlet. All the functional components are easy to find and the addition of many LED lights are great for pinpointing power capacity left in it.


It’s mostly made of plastic and doesn’t feel very strong but it’s light as a result of using plastic. The functional parts feel great and are meant to be used daily. The most noticeable build feature is the vent in the charger. It has a fan inside that turns on periodically to dissipate heat when you use the AC Outlet.


It’s a very reliable power bank if you’re using the AC Outlet and the USB charging ports. Along with the high power capacity, it’ll give you faster long lasting charging before needing a recharge. When the power bank does need a recharge, it uses a DC Input for faster recharging than the traditional Micro-USB input charging; but the only the setback is that you won’t be able to rely on the many Micro-USB cables that you may have lying around.

Overall, the power bank is reliable to the limit, but if you’re not using it to its limit or near the limit, then there’s really not much to rely on and as a result, there’s not much reason to own it.

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Specs of the RAVPower 27,000mAh AC Outlet Power Bank:

  • Capacity:            Advertised: 27,000mAh             Output Capacity: 20,000-24,0000mAh
  • Output:

USB Port charging: USB Type-C / Two iSmart USB Charging Output Ports

USB Type-C: 5V/3.0A

iSmart Charging Ports: 5V/2.4A

  • Input: 19V/1.6A via DC Input Port
  • LED Power Indicators: 8 LED Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 5.5 x 6.7 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.87 Pounds


This thing isn’t the only power bank to be capable of delivering such a powerful charging experience. The power capacity is high enough to last you a really long time, we’re talking days or weeks and no less than that; unless you’re using the AC Outlet to its limit. The AC outlet is the main attraction for this beast, as it power devices up to 100Watts of power. It’s got the safety capabilities to keep the charging experience safe, although the power capacity can fluctuate depending on the way you’re using it. However, to get the most out of this very capable power bank, you’re going to need to use most of its features. Mostly because the price you pay to get it, is more of an investment rather than a purchase.

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