Review: RAVPower 4 Coil Fast Wireless Charging Pad

RAVPower 4 Coil Fast Wireless Charging Pad









  • Uses 4 Charging coils, so you can place your Qi-Compatible smartphone anywhere on top of this charger and it will charge
  • Features Fast Wireless charging for all Qi Compatible Samsung smartphones
  • Comes with a Quick Charge wall charger to provide maximum power right out of the box


  • Does not support Fast Wireless charging for the iPhone X or the iPhone 8
(Last Updated On: June 26, 2019)

RAVPower 4 Coil Wireless Charging Pad

You may or may not be interested in wireless chargers and it makes sense to think that way. As wireless chargers aren’t some sort of life-changing tech and neither do they make the largest impact when it comes charging tech in general. That said, they can be convenient to use because there’s no cable that’s going into your smartphone, all you’re doing is just placing your smartphone on the wireless charger and it charges.

However, since wireless chargers have been growing in popularity very quickly, there are many brands that have been innovating with wireless chargers. There are many wireless chargers that are small and use a single coil, while there are others that are stand and have two coils. What are coils and why are they important when it comes to wireless charging?

Smartphones that are Qi compatible means that they have a coil within them and so when your smartphone comes into contact with a coil from the wireless charger, it charges. RAVPower, a brand that is very well known for selling quite a few charging electronics actually has a wireless charger that uses 4 coils. It’s the only wireless charger that uses this many coils so let’s see what it has to offer.


Output Charging:

RAVPower 4 Coil Wireless Charging Pad

Charging power when it comes to wireless chargers is a lot weaker than wired charging that you can get from USB wall chargers, portable chargers, and car chargers. Most of the time wireless chargers require that you use a 5V/2.0A wall charger to power them. A 2 Amp wall charger is able to have a wireless charge output 5V/1.0A. Not very fast at all.

This RAVPower wireless charger has Fast Wireless charging, but this fast charging is only possible when you use a Quick Charge 3.0 or 2.0 wall charger. Thankfully, this charger actually comes with a 1-port Quick Charge wall charger so you’re able to fully power this wireless charger out of the box. Having full power with this charger means that it’s able to output a charging speed of 5V/2.0A.

A 2 Amp charging speed might not seem like much in comparison to other wired charging alternatives but it’s actually impressive; considering that it’s double the charging rate of standard charging.

However, the 10W or as we’ll state it as the 5V/2.0A charging speed, isn’t available for all Qi compatible smartphones. Instead, the 2 Amp Fast Wireless charging speed is only available for Samsung smartphones that are Qi Compatible. While other Android smartphones and the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are able to charge at a 5V/1.0A charging rate.

With that said, we are disappointed that this charger isn’t able to provide fast charging to the iPhone X or the iPhone 8. As there are some Fast Wireless Chargers that are able to provide 10W to Android Smartphones (Fast Wireless Charging), while at the same time providing 7.5W to the iPhone X and the iPhone 8.

Input Charging:

RAVPower 4 Coil Wireless Charging Pad

This RAVpower 4 coil wireless charger comes with a Quick Charge wall charger that you can use to provide max power to it. In turn, you’ll be able to get a max wireless charging rate of 5V/2.0A. The input on this charger uses a Micro-USB.


Size and Weight:


This isn’t a charging stand, rather a charging pad and it definitely needs to be known that it has 4 charging coils inside. We’ll get to that in the next section. It has a length of 6.6 inches, a width of 3.1 inches, and a thickness of 0.5 inches. So it’s quite a lot longer than your average wireless charger that uses a single coil, as this one is more than just half a foot.

That said, it’s not too large and you’ll have no problems placing it on a table to charge your smartphone with it.

Functional Components:

RAVPower 4 Coil Wireless Charging Pad

The reason that you’re going to be purchasing this RAVPower fast wireless chargers is that it uses 4 coils. Something that no other wireless charger does on the market. The use of four coils means that you can place your smartphone on this charger and turn it around to whichever angle that you want and it’ll still keep charging as any one of the four coils are interacting with the coil in your smartphone.

RAVPower 4 Coil Wireless Charging Pad

Most of the time when it comes to wireless chargers that are very small and use a single coil, you have to make sure that your smartphone is in the center for it to charge. This wireless charger has the opposite effect with you being able to move it across the pad and turn your smartphone wherever you want.

RAVPower 4 Coil Wireless Charging Pad

Unfortunately, you can only charge a single device at a time even with the use of four coils being used, but we still find that freely moving your smartphone while it’s wireless charging is something that is very cool.

RAVPower 4 Coil Wireless Charging Pad

On the short side, is where you’ll find a Micro-USB input port. Also, at the bottom of the wireless charger is where there’s a very small LED light that shows that the charger is on and charging. The light is VERY dim and isn’t obtrusive at all while you’re sleeping.


Structure and Material:

This charger has a great build to it with the top being entirely covered with a silicone covering so that your smartphone doesn’t slide around. Also, at the bottom, there are four rubber pads that make the wireless charger stand in just a single place.


Another thing at the bottom of this charger are air vents and that’s where some of the heat goes out while your smartphone is charging. It might seem like a design feature but the use of the air vents is actually very helpful for dissipating heat as this charger has 4 coils that generate heat. So even though your smartphone and the wireless charger do get warm, it’s still on the same level as single or two coil wireless chargers getting warm.


RAVPower 4 Coil Wireless Charging Pad

It’s a very reliable wireless charger, but it does have its flaws. The good thing is that it comes with a Quick Charge wall charger so that you can charge Samsung smartphones with Fast Wireless Charging. While at the same time, all other Android smartphones and the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 are only able to charge at 5W.



Charging power is superb when it comes to wireless charging at 10W, but that’s only for Samsung smartphones, with other Qi-compatible smartphones being able to charge at 5W.


It has a longer length than most other wireless chargers but that’s because of its use of 4 charging coils. Speaking of 4 coils. With the use of 4 coils, you’re able to freely move your smartphone around the charger and it’ll still keep charging.


It has a solid build quality with a rubber grip at the top and bottom, it also uses air vents at the bottom and top to dissipate heat that’s created by using so many coils.


It offers very powerful charging for Samsung smartphones, but for other Qi compatible phones, they’re going to get standard wireless charging speeds which is pretty slow.

Specs of the RAVPower 4 Coil Fast Wireless Charging Pad:

  • Output:

Fast Wireless Charging for Samsung Smartphones: 5V/2.0A (10W)

Standard Wireless Charging: 5V/1.0A (5W)

Fast Wireless Charging for the iPhone X and the iPhone 8: Not Available, but they will charge at 5V/1.0A (5W)

  • Input:

Micro-USB input: Quick Charge

  • LED Power Indicator: Single LED Light
  • Size: 6.6 x 3.1 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.7 Ounces


RAVPower has made a great powerful and innovative wireless charging with its use of Fast Wireless charging and 4 coils that make sure charging is always happening no matter where you place your smartphone on the charging pad.

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