Review: RAVPower 40W 8A 4-Port Wall Charger

RAVPower 40W 8A 4-Port Wall Charger











  • Charge 4 Devices at the Same Time
  • 2.4A Charging Per Port
  • 8A Charging Limit
  • Outlet Cable Provides more Use for your Device


  • Outlet Cable Can be Troublesome for traveling
(Last Updated On: May 7, 2019)

If you’re not really on-the-go kind of person and rather a person that enjoys staying in one place and charging your devices, then chances are a Wall charger is your most used charging device.

Then if you want to charge many devices at the same time, and at max charging speeds; You want a wall charger that’s going to deliver on all cylinders.

The 4-Port RAVPower wall charger is able to offer a charging experience that provides a good amount of charging options and a not too shabby amount of power.

Let’s delve into what this 4-port wall charger has to offer and if you can rely on it.

Other Types of 4-Port Wall Chargers:

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Well, it’s obvious to see that the RAVPower wall charger has 4 charging ports and this means that you can charge 4 devices at the same time. However, it’s more about what those 4 charging ports are capable of, rather than how many there are.

Every Port is Built for Speed

Each of the charging ports has RAVPower iSmart technology that is able to charge at max speeds of 5V/2.4A.

It’s the fastest charging speed that a standard charger can give but alas the limit of Amperage current that the wall charger can give is 8 Amps.

That’s because if 4 iPads were connected to the wall charger, then the max output of each charging port would drop to 2A simply because that’s the capabilities of the wall charger.

Although this does not mean the wall charger cannot charge an iPad at a max speed of 2.4 Amps.

Great for iPads

If you connect an iPad to a single charging port, then that single iPad will charge at 5V/2.4A charging speed.

Connecting 2 more iPads will result in max charging speeds for all 3 iPads that are connected the wall charger because currently, the wall charger is at an Output of 7.2A, but add one more iPad and the Output is above its 8 Amp limit and must tone down the Amp Outputs.

1 iPad Connected2 iPad Connected3 iPad Connected4 iPad Connected
1 iPad Speed5V/2.4A5V/2.4A5V/2.4A5V/2.0A
2 iPad Speed5V/2.4A5V/2.4A5V/2.0A
3 iPad Speed5V/2.4A5V/2.0A
4 iPad Speed5V/2.0A
TOTAL SPEED5V/2.4A5V/4.8A5V/7.2A5V/8.0A

So it’s important to remember that this wall charger does have limits with how much power it can deliver, which is 8 Amps at any one time.

Although it’s somewhat of a disappointment, the disappointments are mostly for those that are going to charge 4 iPads at once. Other than that, the 4-port Wall charger can prove to be strong for nearly any other device that uses USB charging because it’ll be able to deliver a max charge.

This means that your smartphones will be able to get a max charging speed, although there is no Quick Charge with this 4-port wall charger; RAVPower does have a 4-Port Quick Charge 2.0 wall charger that has 1 charging port with Quick Charge 2.0 and the other three ports have iSmart charging tech.

Is the power for this wall charger underwhelming? Hardly. It’s as long as you’re not pushing its 8 Amp threshold, the wall charger is going to deliver a max charging speed to any device that you connect it to. Even so, we find that charging 4 iPads at 2 Amps of charging speed is still very impressive.

Quick Charge Version of this wall charger.


Size and Weight:

We found that the RAVPower 4-Port wall charger was designed just a little bulkier than other wall chargers and not exactly in a bad way. It’s approximately 3.6 inches in length, the width of the wall charger is about 2.3 inches and the thickness is 1 inch.

It’s a little long and just a tad wide than other 4-port wall chargers; However, it doesn’t make the wall charger any less usable. It’s also very lightweight at a weight of 5.3 ounces.

Functional Components:

With that said, the main issue for the wall charger is the lack of built-in plug pins.

The wall charger does not have built-in plug pins, instead, the wall charger uses an Outlet Cable that must be connected to the wall charger and then connected to an outlet.

It’s a great design choice if you want to connect the wall charger to a wall outlet or Surge protector so you can elongate the length of the wall charger and use your devices in a more free manner while your device is still connected to a wall charger and charging.

So you connect the length of the outlet cable with the wall charger and the length of your own charging cable for your device; Combine those two and you have a very free charging environment.

Although the Outlet cable and lack of built-in plug pins make the wall charger seem behind the times. This means that you must have the outlet cable AND the wall charger itself if you plan on traveling with wall charger.

We think it’s better going for an easier design choice the like how the PowerPort-4 goes comes with built-in plug pins and retractable ones too.

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The use of a Power Cord is still Very Helpful

It may be a little odd, but the outlet cable for a wall charger is still welcome for those that seek more freedom from the restraints that any wall charger gives. Also, there’s much less of a chance for the wall charger to drop out of its outlet since it doesn’t have the immediate weight of the wall charger bearing on it.


The 4 charging ports are placed vertically, and on top of the 4 charging ports is a LED charging light that turns on when charging is taking place.

If you’ve got the wall charger placed on a surface that can be slippery or where it can easily slide, the wall charger has a Silicone ring beneath it that actually does a nice job of keeping the wall charger in one place on a wood or marble surface.

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Structure and Material:

The build quality of the wall charger is one of the best we’ve seen.

It’s not one of those Rugged wall chargers that can take serious damage but it’s nearly got a uni-body build that makes it built better most wall chargers.

There’s the top side of the wall charger and the bottom side with the silicone ring that are the only two parts that are connected to make the charger whole.

So there’s really no need to worry about panels coming off the wall charger or things becoming loose since the wall charger has two big pieces that are strongly placed together.

The charging ports built just to the same standard with the ports really holding onto USB ports that are connected to it. Small tugs from your charging cable aren’t going to frustratingly become loose and fall out.


Along with the strong physical build is the safety tech within the wall charger that provides a much-needed Temperature control, Voltage control, and Current control.

Although these kinds of safety features should be featured in nearly all wall chargers, having it with a 4-port wall charger and above is definitely a good thing to know because the more devices that you having charging all at once, the higher the temperature of the wall charger becomes.

These regulations within the wall charger maintain a good temperature so you’re receiving a fast and safe charging experience.

With that said, the Wall charger has been known to actually lose its power capabilities after some time of use.

This is something we haven’t experienced but it’s definitely a problem for a wall charger that does give really good power.

If it does lose its charging power over some time, we recommend contacting RAVPower to see if there’s a warranty for the wall charger; Because something as serious as having a wall charger that you expect to be charging fast, but actually, charges slower should be addressed.

Similar Wall Charger


It’s a highly reliable charger for those seeking to charge many devices at the same time and honestly, the price tag of the wall charger at $15.99 is quite amazing when you consider what you’re getting.

It’s able to charge nearly any device that you connect to it at full charging speed. Sure, you won’t be getting the full 2.4A charging speed if you connect 4 iPads to it but are you really goes to connect 4 iPad to this wall charger?

Instead, the more likely scenario is that you’ll be connecting a few smartphones to the wall charger and they will be charging at max speeds.

Nearly any combination that doesn’t result in charging 4 iPads at the same time, will result in a max output of charging speed. That’s what we call being capable and reliable.

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Each of the ports is capable of delivering a max charging speed of 5V/2.4A. The max charging output is 8 Amps.

The wall charger will always give you a max charging speed unless you’re going to charging 4 iPad at once. Then, in that case, the charging speed drops down to 2A for each charging port. Even so, we find that it’s not really a power fault and is still quite fast even when charging 4 iPads.


The design of the wall charger is compact and takes up very minimal space. The USB charging ports are clear to find and use.

There’s a LED light above the charging ports to let you know when charging is taking place and a Silicone ring at the bottom to prevent the wall charger from slipping.

Perhaps the main flaw is the lack of built-in plug pins and requiring the use of an outlet cable.

With that said, the outlet cable provides more versatility with how you use your device while it’s charging and where you can put the wall charger.


Build quality is absolutely sound with just two pieces connecting the wall charger. The charging ports hold USB ports in strong so they don’t fall out.

There’s an array of safety tech precautions that make charging 4 devices at once trustworthy. However, the main concern for this wall charger is the possibility of it to lose power after a few months of use.


It’s a reliable charger if you’re searching for something little different on the design side of things.

Other than that it’s going to provide enough power for nearly any device that you connect to it because although it caps at 8 Amps, the charger simply goes to the next fastest charging speed.

Specs of the RAVPower 40W 8A 4-Port Wall Charger:

  • Output:

Max Output Per Port: 5V/2.4A

Max Output Capabilities: 8A

  • Input: AC 100-240V
  • Quick Charge: No
  • LED Power Indicator: 1 Green LED at the top of the Charging ports
  • Size: 3.6 x 2.3 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 Ounces


This RAVPower 4-Port wall charger is strong at charging by providing the fastest charging experience in most cases.

Unless you’re planning to charge 4 iPads at the same time or any other device that requires a high Amperage rate. The RAVPower 4-port wall charger does its best to provide the fastest charge.

The design is acceptable enough, and although the need for the Outlet cable is odd, we think that it’s quite helpful for people looking for a long distance relationship from their wall charger.

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