Review: RAVPower 45W USB-C Power Delivery Car Charger

RAVPower 45W USB-C Power Delivery Car Charger











  • Features a 45W USB-C Power Delivery port that can charge some compatible devices at their max power
  • There's also a USB-A port which has a 5V/2.4A charging speed
  • There's a White LED Light inside the car charger to make it easier to see at night


  • In order to make the most out of the Power Delivery, it's best to not use the USB-A port at the same time

Car chargers might not be the type of charging electronic that you find yourself using the most often. However, car chargers can actually be useful if you own a smartphone or another device that is compatible to use with a fast charging technology such as Quick Charge or Power Delivery. In this case, we’re reviewing a Power Delivery car charger. If you don’t know, Power Delivery is basically fast charging that is being used with the new standard of USB-C.

USB-C is being used with many smartphones, tablets and also laptops. Most of these USB-C compatible devices also use Power Delivery so they’re able to charge faster. As a result of USB-C using Power Delivery, you can actually use the same charger that you would use to charge your smartphone, to charge your Power Delivery compatible laptops.

Right here, we’re reviewing this RAVPower 45W USB-C Power Delivery car charger. Power Delivery car chargers aren’t too common on the market and this RAVPower car charger actually has more power when it comes to PD speeds than most other car chargers on the market.


Output Charging:

There are two output ports on this car charger, one USB-C Power Delivery port, and a USB-A port.

USB-C Power Delivery Port

With most third-party chargers, the Power Delivery (PD) output is 30W. 30W of charging power is enough to charge all Power Delivery compatible smartphones at their max charging. It’s also enough power to charge few PD compatible laptops at max power too; such as Apple’s base MacBook that uses USB-C for recharging.

However, Power Delivery charging has higher levels and there are many laptops that use Power Delivery that require that you to use a Power Delivery charger that has a higher output of power than 30W. So this RAVPower charger has a 45W charging output, and this is basically the next level of PD charging that most larger devices are able to charge with.

The one level above the 45W is a 60W output of power.

So what types of uses can a 45W charging output fulfill that a 30W can’t? Well, there are certain laptops that require that you use a 45W charger or higher. These types of devices include the Razer Stealth gaming laptop and also Dell’s XPS 13 laptop. For a car charger to be outputting more than the standard 30W Power Delivery charging is actually something major, as you’re able to charge your larger and more powerful devices while you’re driving.

That said, if you have a Power Delivery compatible laptop that has a higher charging power requirement, such as the Dell XPS 15, then that will require that you use a 60W Power Delivery charger. Also, this RAVpower car charger is able to charge anything at a 45W charging rate at its max charging speed, too.

USB-A Port

The one other port on this car charger is the USB-A port, and it has a charging speed of 5V/2.4A. So it does not use Quick Charge, but it does have a fast standard charging speed.


Size and Weight:

The size of his car charger is small and we didn’t really expect anything larger, as this is a car charger after all. However, with its use of powerful USB-C Power Delivery charging, this charger does have a wider port area that will be noticeable.

The length of this charger is 2.7 inches, the width of the charger is 1.8 inches where the ports are. The weight of the charger is 1.2 Ounces. So it’s still very small, and even though this charger won’t be flushed fitted into a 12Volt outlet, it’s still small enough that it won’t be getting in the way.

Functional Components:

The two charging ports are in the same location. Once your car is on and the car charger is receiving power, there’s a White light that comes from within the car charger that makes it easier to see once it’s night time.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this car charger is pretty good, even though it’s all mostly made of plastic. There are no loose parts, and the charger fits very snug in the outlet.


On the charging side, if you’re using the max power of the 45W Power Delivery charging, then the car charger can get warm. That said, charging is slowed down if the car charger does get too hot.


For the most part, many car chargers that do use USB-C either use a standard charging speed of 5V/3.0A (15W) with their car charger. Or when the car charger does use Power Delivery, it’s usually a 30W output.

This RAVPower Delivery car charger goes a step further and that’s because it has a 45W output that can charge even more powerful Power Delivery compatible devices.



Charging power is very good as this car charger uses a higher level of Power Delivery that can charge more powerful Power Delivery devices.


It’s an easy and low-profile car charger to use. There’s a small LED light within the car charger that allows you to more easily see the car charger once it’s night time.


The car charger can get warm if you’re using the Power Delivery charging for a long duration of time.


It’s more reliable if you have a Power Delivery compatible device that requires Power Delivery charging beyond the 30W, and into the 45W charging power.

Specs of the RAVPower 45W USB-C Power Delivery Car Charger:

  • Output:

USB-C Power Delivery Port: 45W

USB-A Port: 5V/2.4A (12W)

Max Output: 57W

  • Input: 100V-240V/AC
  • LED Power Indicator: Small White LED Light
  • Size: 1.8 x 1.2 x 2.7 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 Ounces


RAVPower innovates on quite a few types of charging electronics, and in this case, they’ve made already powerful car chargers, even more powerful, with this 45W Power Delivery car charger.

RAVPower 45W USB C Power Delivery Car Charger, Type C PD Port for Nintendo Switch, Google Pixel / Pixel XL, Nexus 5X / 6P, MacBook and iSmart Port for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X and Andriod Devices

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  • Future-proof charging: USB-C port with PD technology automatically detects your connected Device Type and delivers optimal charging up to 45 w
  • One charger for all: compatible with all Type C devices, such as MacBook, iPad Pro 2017, iPhone 8, Galaxy S8, Google Nexus 6P, OnePlus 5, and Nintendo switch consoles
  • 4X faster than ever: quick charge 3. 0 powers up compatible devices 75% faster than conventional chargers while USB-PD port charges laptops at the fastest speed possible
  • Power delivery 3. 0: USB-PD technology will charge your Device up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging and provide more power to charge your tablets and laptops quickly
  • Useful Add-Ons: Compact build packs a Type-C port for faster charging, an smart 2. 0 USB output, and a LED indicator for foolproof connections