Review: Real Graphene G-Lite 5,000mAh 60W Power Bank

Real Graphene G-Lite 5,000mAh 60W Power Bank









  • 30W USB-C Power Delivery port for charging laptops
  • 18W USB-A port for fast charging smartphones
  • The power bank can be recharged at a 60W Power Delivery charging speed


  • Higher price due to its Graphene Composite Battery

As the need for connectivity grows by the day, power banks of varying kinds are growing more and more popular. In fact, a recent report noted that the global power bank market is expected to reach $21 billion come 2026.

From cute and artsy ones that can fit into your pocket to heavy and powerful ones that can even charge laptops — the number of power banks available on the market is vast. Given the sheer number of power banks out there, picking the best one that will suit your unique needs can be rather difficult.

That said, this article will examine the recently released Real Graphene G-Lite 60W 5,000mAh power bank, said to be the world’s fastest charging power bank.

Power Capacity

With a capacity of just 5,000mAh, it may be hard to believe that the G-Lite 60W lives up to its title. After all, a lot of power banks these days are sold at 10,000mAh. However, it’s important to note that being a fast charging power bank has nothing to do with capacity. The real magic is in its graphene composite battery.

This type of battery offers better conductivity than your every day lithium-ion. Since PCB stackup impedance calculations are made to improve the connection between ground and power planes, a conductive material like graphene can help strengthen its interplane capacitance. This ensures that the power bank has more than enough electric signals to charge with minimum droop, allowing a drained smartphone to be fully charged within 20 minutes.

Another great thing about a graphene composite battery is that it runs cooler than lithium-ion ones. Makers claim that this feature allows their power bank to be put through 1,000 recharge cycles. That’s 500 to 700 more recharge cycles than your typical power bank, which only lasts around 300 to 500.

Output and input charging

Unlike other power banks that are peppered with a wide variety of ports, the G-Lite 60W only has two: a USB-C PD port and a USB-A. While the USB-C PD port can be used for both input and output, the USB-A can only be used for output.

One of the nicest things about G-Lite 60W is that it features pass-thru technology. This means that you can be charging the power bank through the USB-C and, at the same time, use the USB-A port to charge your device.


For such a powerful device, this power bank comes in a small and light design that can fit even in small pouches. According to a review by ZDNet, the G-Lite 60W has dimensions of 145 x 72 x 12mm and weighs only 200g.

The top and the bottom are covered with anodized aluminum that has been striated, giving the battery pack a sleek and unique look. Besides the USB-C port are five indicator lights. While the four circular ones indicate charge status, the pill-shaped one lights up in green when fast-charging is in progress.

 Real Graphene G-Lite 5,000mAh 60W Power Bank Specs
Power Capacity5,000mAh
USB-C Power Delivery Port5V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/2.5A | 15V/2A | 20V/1.5A | 5-11V/3A | 5-16V/2A, Max 30W
USB-A Port5V/3A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A Max 18W
USB-C Input5V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 15V/3A | 20V/3A Max 60W
Size5.97 x 2.83 x 0.47 inches
Weight7.5 Ounces


If you are someone who is forgetful or is always on the go, then this Real Graphene power bank will be the perfect one for you. With its graphene composite battery that allows for fast-charging capabilities, you wouldn’t have to remind yourself every night to charge your power bank before going to bed. You can just do the charging in the morning while you shower, eat breakfast, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

As the world’s fastest charging battery pack, the Real Graphene G-Lite 60W is normally priced at $89.99 — a number that’s quite high for a power bank. However, given the speed of recharge and the portability of the device, you would definitely get what you pay for.

Real Graphene Power Bank 5000 mAh 60W 【17 Minutes Full Charge】 Super Fast Charging, Portable, Lightweight, Graphene Battery Pack for iPhone, Galaxy Note10+, Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro and More
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  • 【1000 LIFE CYCLES】: Enhance your battery’s lifespan with our Graphene-composite battery. Unlike the industry standard of having a 300 life cycle, in which it slowly loses capacity over a year, you can count on Real Graphene’s power bank to be in peak condition for years to come. Real Graphene’s power bank is compatible with a multitude of devices such as cameras, tablets, Nintendo Switch, drones, and many more!