Review: ROMOSS 10,000mAh 18W Power Delivery Portable Charger with Quick Charge

ROMOSS 10,000mAh 18W Power Delivery Portable Charger with Quick Charge











  • Feature two fast charging technologies, with Power Delivery and Quick Charge
  • You can recharge the power bank at Quick Charge speeds with a Quick Charge wall charger


  • Has a low max output

A Power Delivery portable charger can be one of the most useful portable chargers that you can own, or at least, that’s basically what the future is looking like. As Power Delivery tech is being used with both small and large devices alike. When it comes to Power Delivery power banks though, most of them have very high power capacities, and if you’re looking to fast charge a Power Delivery smartphone while you’re on-the-go with a portable charger, then having a large power bank is simply not ideal.

That’s why we’re here to review this ROMOSS 18W Power Delivery portable charger. The charger has a 10,000mAh power capacity and so it does have a small power capacity than most other Power Delivery power banks that have higher capacities. At the same time, it also has quite a few charging options to choose from. So let’s take a closer look.


Power Capacity:

The power capacity of this ROMOSS power bank is a mid-range one and that’s because it starts out 10,000mAh. Of course, let’s see how much of the power you’re actually able to use once the power capacity has been converted during charging.

3.7 x 10,000 = 37,000 / 5 = 7,400

Most of the time you’re going to be able to use about 7,400mAh of this power capacity in this power bank. With that said, it might actually be a little lower than, as this charger features Quick Charge and Power Delivery and so when you use those faster charging options, the conversion of the power capacity becomes worse. So you might end up being able to use about 6,000mAh of the capacity.

This much power is pretty good when it comes to charging smartphones though, as most smartphones that are Power Delivery compatible such as the Google Pixel 2, iPhone X, iPhone XS, Galaxy S8, and the Essential phone have about a 3,000mAh battery. So this power bank is able to charge them to full power about two times.

Charging larger devices such as tablets and laptops with this power bank is also possible. But to have any hope of charging them to full power then you’re going to need basically the entire the power capacity of this power bank.

Output Charging:

For a mid-range power bank, this charger actually makes use of many charging ports and what’s even more surprising is that there are two fast charging technologies on here.

So there are two USB-A ports, and one of the ports makes use of Quick Charge so you can fast charge a Quick Charge compatible smartphone with it. The other USB-A port has a standard charging speed of 5V/2.4A.

The other port is a USB-C Power Delivery port that has an 18W charging rate and this is basically the base power of PD charging. The Power Delivery port, in this case, is going to be most useful for charging Power Delivery compatible smartphones at their max charging speed. It can also be used to charge a USB-C MacBook, but other than that it’s not a good idea to rely on the USB-C port to charge other USB-C laptops as 18W might not be enough power.

One problem with the charging from this power bank though is that it has an 18W max output, and so you can use only use one fast charging port at a time. Meaning that you can’t charge a Power Delivery smartphone and a Quick Charge smartphone at their max charging speed at the same time, as both ports output 18W of charging power. The good news is that you can use charge three devices at once with this power bank as the 18W max output will be split.

Input Charging:

To recharge the power bank there are two ports that you can use, but they can only be used once at a time. There’s the USB-C port that can also be used as an input port and there’s a Micro-USB input port. Both of the input ports on this power bank have the same recharge rate of 18W, and so we recommend that you use a Quick Charge wall charger with either of the input ports so you can recharge the power bank at its full power.


Size and Weight:

The size of this power bank is very small and compact that allows you to take it anywhere with ease. The charger has a length of 4 inches, a width of 2.4 inches, and a thickness of 1.1 inches. The weight of the power bank is 10.7 Ounces.

So if there’s one problem with the power bank is that it is quite thick and we found that it could be uncomfortable within a pocket for a long duration. However, holding the charger in your hand is easy.

Functional Components:

This ROMOSS power bank is very easy to use, as all of the functional parts are on a single side, which includes all the charging ports and the power button.

The power button must be pressed to begin charging and the power button also has four Blue power capacity indicators on it to show how much power is left.


Structure and Material:

The charger has a premium feel to it as it has an Aluminum shell, but don’t mistake it to be a rugged, as it’s not and so you should be careful not to drop it.


Even with all the ports being used at the same time, the power bank does not get warm and that’s because of the 18W max output. Even though the 18W max output of this power bank is quite low, it’s also put in place so that the charger doesn’t have a chance of overheating.


This ROMOSS Power Delivery portable charger is going to be very useful for those that own either a Quick Charge or Power Delivery compatible smartphone. The use of three ports is another plus as you can charge three devices at once with it.

Not really worth getting this power bank if you have a smartphone that’s not compatible with either of the two charging technologies.



The power capacity is enough to charge most smartphones to full power at least twice. Features Power Delivery and Quick Charge, and the power bank can also be recharged at Quick Charge speeds with a Quick Charge wall charger.


The power bank is easy to use with all things in a single spot. It could be thinner as it would make portability with it easier.


The charger has a good build and doesn’t get warm even when you’re using the max power of it.


This ROMOSS charger is perfect for those that own either a Power Delivery or a Quick Charge smartphone, and also want to be able to charge multiple devices at a time with a portable charger.

Specs of the ROMOSS 18W Power Delivery Portable Charger with Quick Charge:

  • Power Capacity: 10,000mAh | Output Capacity: 7,400mAh
  • Output:

USB-C Power Delivery Port: 5V-3A | 9V-2A | 12V-1.5A

Quick Charge USB-A Port: 5V-3A | 9V-2A | 12V-1.5A

Standard USB-A Port: 5V/2.4A

  • Input: 5V-2A/9V-2A
  • LED Power Indicator: Four Blue Power Indicators
  • Size: 4 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 10 Ounces


Even though this power bank features Power Delivery it’s mostly meant for smartphones, and that’s basically what we need more of with power banks.

10000mAh Type-C Power Bank, ROMOSS 18W PD + Quick Charge 3.0 Portable Charger, USB-C Input/Output Battery Pack for iPhone X, Samsung S9, 12-Inch MacBook, Nintendo Switch and More (Black)

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  • Quick Charge 3.0 Output: Charge QC compatible devices up to 80% of its battery capacity in just 35 minutes, 4X faster than a conventional charger. Backwards compatible with Quick Charge 1.0 & 2.0.
  • 18W Type-C Output: Power up compatible Type C devices with highest possible speed. Capable of charging a Nintendo Switch while it is being played.
  • Type-C and Micro USB Input: Incredibly fast Type-C port and reliable 2A input port for recharging. Quickly recharged via Type C input port in just 3.5 hours if you use ROMOSS QC 3.0 USB wall charger.
  • 10000mAh Capacity Battery Packs: Fully charge an iPhone 8 3.3 times, iPhone X for 2.2 times, iPhone 7 / 3.5 times, for iPhone 6plus/7plus /2.5 times, for Samsung Galaxy S8 / 2.3 times, for iPad Air/1.2 times, for Nintendo Switch/1.2 times.It can provide enough power to last an entire trip.
  • What You Get: ROMOSS 10000mAh Type C portable charger, Micro USB cable, user manual, our worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.

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