Review: Stalion 5-Port Car Charger

Stalion 5-Port Car Charger











  • 5 Charging ports to charge 5 devices at once
  • 2.4A Per Port
  • Small and Compact Design

Car chargers nowadays are very advance because they can have lots of charging ports and their charging speeds are fast. With that said, car chargers some in different shapes and sizes, some of them are longer than others, but for the most part, you should be looking out for car chargers that are small and low profile because that way they won’t get in your way and they’re overall better looking in your car.

When car chargers have more charging ports, they, of course, become bigger and most of the time, when a car charger goes into the 5 port or more range, then a separate part is created simply because there are too many charging ports being used to put onto the car charger itself.

However, that’s not the case here because this Stalion car charger has 5 charging ports and yet it all of them are on the car charger itself.

Anker PowerDrive 5 Port Car Charger


Output Charging:

Each of the 5 charging ports has a charging speed of 5V/2.4A and those are very fast charging speeds, in fact, it’s the charging speed before a charger goes into Quick Charge speeds.

So each of the ports are going to charge most smartphones at their max charging speeds, except for devices that are Quick Charge compatible, because this car charger does not feature Quick Charge.

You can charge tablets like iPads at their max charging speed of 2.4A. Not only can you charge 5 iPads at once with the car charger, but all of them are going to be able to charge at their max charging speeds. This is because this Stalion car charger has the ability to Output 12 Amps all at once.

Charging 5 devices at once, with the max output of 12 Amps being reached, isn’t going to compromise the charging speeds of the ports.

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Size and Weight:

Putting 5 charging ports on a car charger is a very bizarre thing to do but it’s also useful. Since you don’t have to deal with multiple parts.

The length of the charger is 4 inches and the width of the charger block is 3 inches long. So it’s quite large but that’s to be expected because there are 5 charging ports on it.

Functional Components:

All of the charging ports are placed on the single block and once you plug the car charger into a V12 outlet, then a blue light appears notifying you that you can charge your devices.

Anker PowerDrive 4 Car Charger


Structure and Material:

Almost everything on the car charger is made of plastic except for the charging block that’s made of Aluminum. There aren’t any parts that are going to suddenly come apart if you choose to pull a charging cable fast from the car charger; we say this because there are plenty of car chargers on the market that are poorly built and have pieces that fall out when you do take a charging cable out quickly from the ports.


Safety is a high concern for this charger because it has all of its ports in a single location, and also you have to take into account that it’s a car charger. The Stalion car charger does a good job at keeping things safe because it’s able to slow down charging if things are getting too heated; as a result, it’s able to prevent a fire, and also prevents damage to your device and harm to you.



It’s the perfect kind of car charger if you want to charge multiple times at once, so when you’re in the car with your friends and family almost all of you can charge your devices at once.

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Each of the ports has a Max Standard charging speed of 5V/2.4A and a Max Output is 12 Amps at once. You can use full power with all 5 ports at the same time.


Placing 5 ports on the car charger itself is something that isn’t very common, but it works well because you don’t have to deal with a charging block that is rather a nuisance to deal with.


The car charger is able to adjust itself to the amount of power it should output to make sure that it’s safely charging devices.


A perfect car charger for charging multiple devices at once, and charging them quickly.

Specs of the Stalion 5-Port Car Charger:

  • Output:    Per Port: 5V/2.4A     Max Output: 12 Amps
  • Input:
  • Quick Charge: No
  • LED Power Indicator: Yes
  • Size: 3 x 4
  • Weight: 6.8 ounces


This Stalion car charger takes a chance with having 5 charging ports on itself because car chargers like the Anker PowerDrive 5 have it’s 5 charging ports on a separate piece; which is a good design, but having everything compact when it comes to vehicular charging is the best kind of design choice.

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