Review: Syncwire 67W Dual USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger

Syncwire 67W Dual USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger









  • 67W max output that can be fully used when charging a single device via USB-C 1; also has a 45W/20W split of power between the two ports when charging two devices
  • Features PPS via USB-C 1
  • Includes EU, and UK adapter, also comes with a 100W 6ft USB-C to USB-C charging cable
(Last Updated On: June 20, 2022)

There are all sorts of power delivery chargers on the market at this point, and it can be challenging to know which one best suits your needs. It’s also difficult for most brands to differentiate themselves, as most chargers can have the same amount of ports and power output. For the most part, you’ll want to choose a Power Delivery wall charger that can charge a laptop and a phone, so you don’t have to rely on two different chargers.

In this review, we’re looking at this Syncwire 67W dual USB-C Power Delivery wall charger. The charger has a tad bit more charging power than 65W wall chargers and comes with 6 foot charging cable and the UK and EU plug adapter. These small inclusions with the wall charger may make this one worth more than the competition.


Output Charging:

Charging power from the Syncwire wall charger is powerful and easy to understand. There are two USB-C Power Delivery ports, with USB-C 1 being the more powerful port and the USB-C 2 having the lower output. If you’re charging just a single device from USB-C 1, it will output a 67W PD charger rate, which can charge most USB-C chargeable laptops at their max charging speed.

In our case, we could charge a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 at its max charging speed when charging from USB-C 1 alone. USB-C 2 will always have a 20W output whether you’re charging two devices simultaneously or solely charging from USB-C 2. Charging two devices at the same time does cause USB-C 1 to drop down to a 45W output while USB-C 2 maintains a 20W output.

Charging speed for Lenovo laptop via USB-C 1

Even with a 45W Power Delivery output, you can still charge most USB-C laptops, and in our test, we were still able to charge the Lenovo Flex 5 laptop at its max speed even when fast charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 via USB-C 2. 

Charging speed for Lenovo laptop via USB-C 2

Directly on the wall charger, it’s noted that USB-C 1 is meant for laptops and phones, while USB-C 2 is intended for phones; this is pretty much true, but we did find it surprising that we were able to charge the Lenovo laptop at 15W via USB-C 2. This is surprising because the Lenovo laptop usually doesn’t charge unless it’s dealing with a 45W PD port or higher.

USB-C 1, on the other hand, is also great for charging phones because it features Programmable Power Supply (PPS). We were able to super fast charge a Galaxy S20 via USB-C 1, which is a lot faster than regular fast charging from USB-C 2.

super fast charging for Galaxy S20 via USB-C 1

Even though this Syncwire wall charger has just two ports, its charging power, power allocation, and fast charging feature such as PPS make it very reliable. Including the UK and EU plug is an excellent plus because you can easily travel and use this wall charger overseas.


Size and Weight:

It is small with a length/width of 2 inches and a thickness of 1 inch. The charger weighs 5 ounces. So basically, it’s like any other dual USB-C PD wall charger on the market, with it being easily portable.

Functional Components:

This Syncwire wall charger is as easy to use as any other. It uses a foldable plug, and you are ready to use it once it’s plugged in. When using the UK or EU adapter, you have to keep the US plug unfolded and slide the adapter onto the US plug, and you’re ready to use it.

This Synwire wall charger does in fact have a very dim LED light that goes around each of the two ports. At first, we didn’t notice the power light until we put a hand over the ports as they’re incredibly dim and that is probably for the better as a bright power light can be a disturbance when trying to sleep.


Structure and Material:

In a small case, this Syncwire charger has a better build than most other chargers on the market, and that’s because it nearly has a single casing. The front of the charger, all the way to the back where the foldable adapter is located, is one part; there is usually a front panel where the ports are located on most chargers, which can often come loose over a long period.

In this case, since the wall charger has only two separate housing pieces, everything is more gripped together and has less chance of breaking apart.


We charged a Lenovo laptop alone at its max charging speed via USB-C 1, and we charged the Lenovo laptop at max rate while also fast charging a Note 9 and the charger only got a little warm.


If you have a USB-C chargeable laptop, this Syncwire 67W wall charger is an excellent choice because you also get an additional port and an EU and UK adapter if you travel. It comes with a high-quality 100W 6ft USB-C to USB-C charging cable. It’s the complete package; you can start using the charger right out of the box and charge your phone while charging your laptop if needed. Best of all, it comes at a competitively low price.



Charging power is excellent for charging most USB-C laptops, and you can use its full 67W output when charging a single device from USB-C 1. Dual charging is also available that offers a 45W and 20W split of power, and USB-C 1 even features PPS for faster charging for compatible phones.


It’s like any other charger; you unfold the plug and plug it into an outlet. Using the EU or UK adapters is easy, as you keep the US plug folded in and slide the adapter onto the US plug, and then you’re ready to use the charger overseas while traveling.


The charger has a nearly full unibody structure, giving it better build quality. It only gets a bit warm during charging.


If you have a USB-C laptop, then this Syncwire wall charger is very reliable, and it is made even more reliable with the two included adapters and 100W 6ft USB-C to USB-C charging cable.

Syncwire 67W Dual USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger Specs
USB-C 15.0V/3.0A | 15.0W, 9.0V/3.0A 27.0W | 12.0V/3.0A 36.0W | 15.0V/3.0A 45.0W | 20.3V/3.3A 67.0W (67.0W Max)
USB-C 25.0V/3.0A (15.0W) | 9.0V/2.22A (20.0W) | 12.0V=1.67A 20.0W (20.0W Max)
USB-C 1 + USB-C 2USB-C 1 - 45W
USB-C 2 - 20W
Max 65W
InputAC100-240V, 50/60Hz 1.5A Max
Size2 x 2 x 1 inches
Weight5 ounces


The Syncwire 67W dual USB-C Power Delivery wall charger may not be too different from other dual-wall chargers on the market, but it does a little bit better to make it worth purchasing. Such as how the charger has a 67W max output that can be fully used when charging a single device via USB-C 1 and how USB-C 2 has a 20W output instead of an 18W output. You also get excellent power allocation, PPS via UBS-C 1, a high-quality USB-C charging cable, and two international adapters included in the box.

USB C Charger Syncwire 67W 2-Port PD 3.0 USB C Fast Charger with 1.8M USB-C Cable Travel Foldable Charger for MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro, iPhone 14/13/12/11 Series, Galaxy S22, Dell XPS 13, Pixel etc.
  • One Charger for All Your Personal Devices: Say goodbye to your old power bricks away. Equipped with Power Delivery 3.0 and PPS, Syncwire USB C Fast Charger has the power you need to fast charge your phone, tablet, and usb-c laptops from a single charger. Support fast charge for MacBook Pro/ Air, HP, Dell XPS, ThinkPad, Galaxy, iPhone 8-14 series, iPad Pro/Mini/Air, AirPods, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, and more. A 6ft 100W USB-C to C Cable is included
  • Dual Port High-Speed Charging: Connect a single device to get a 67W max charge --- Fully charge a 14" MacBook Pro 2021 in just 2hrs. When you connect two devices, power will be distributed efficiently between both ports(45W+20W) to ensure you get the best charge.
  • Multi-national Safety Certification: The travel usb c power adapter has been certified by UL/CE/PSE/FCC/UKCA to ensure safe and stable charging. It's carefully crafted from V0 fireproof materials. The built-in chip can adjust charging intelligently, and it can provide multiple safety protections to prevent short circuits, overheating, and overcharging.
  • Rechargeable Even across Borders: Syncwire 67W usb c fast charger can be widely used in homes, offices, hotels, conference rooms, libraries, airports, etc. Besides, the built-in foldable US-standard plug and attached EU & UK plug converters can be easily installed by inserting them into the slot, which can meet the charging demand of international travelers. With a compact size and plug converters, you can go wherever you want with only one charger!
  • LED Light Ring Design Patent: with the unique design of Syncwire, the type c ports would present a soft white light when it's powered on. It's convenient for you to quickly locate the charger at night without turning on the light. Ultra-low power consumption wouldn't cause electricity waste, dazzle, or insomnia.