Review: TaoTronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC Earbuds

TaoTronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC Earbuds


Sound Quality







  • Feature ANC and ENC to block out sound when listening to media or on a call
  • Comes with a USB-C charging case, two other sized ear tips and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable
  • IPX8 water-resistant rating


  • ANC may not be on par as higher-end brands

Ever since Apple took away the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and other phone manufacturers followed by removing the headphone jack from their phones, Bluetooth earbuds have become the primary way to listen to audio from your phone. Wired earbuds have taken a backseat, and because of Bluetooth earbuds being trendy and there being no other choice other than using wireless earbuds, there are tons of brands that sell Bluetooth earbuds.

You can go with well-known brands such as Samsung or Apple earbuds, but you’d be spending hundreds. If you’re not looking to spend on brand name solely, we recommend looking at something like these TaoTronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC earbuds. These come from a much smaller brand and at a much lower price while still offering features that more prominent brands such as Samsung and Apple offer. Let’s take a look to see if that lower price is worth the quality.

Sounds Quality

For a much lower price than higher-end ANC earbuds, these TaoTronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 can deliver excellent sound quality that you may want to consider. These earbuds come equipped with 9mm drivers, and they deliver some superb punchiness that can otherwise become dull from other earbuds with smaller drivers. The bass does hit hard with these earbuds and can be pretty deep, depending on what song you’re listening to. In our case, we tested the bass by listening to the Elden Ring main theme, which would be the Menu theme of the game, which has some striking drums that give the theme an awe-inspiring feeling. These Pro 10 earbuds deliver what the composer was going for with hard-hitting instruments or other types of bass-centered sounds being bought out with the drivers of the TaoTronics earbuds.

These don’t get muddled out for mid-range sounds such as lower-key instruments, sound effects, and vocals in songs. We listened to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!, a heavy vocal song, and could easily hear the vocals and light bass sound effects that give the song that upbeat feeling.

One other heavy vocal song that relies equally on heavy instruments is “Watching the Sun Come Up” by Ed Harcourt; the song has a piano, drum, and a guitar in the background and the vocals at the front; you can hear them all at the same time, but the vocals are still easily heard clearly above the instruments. With vocals being so clear, these Pro P10 earbuds are great for listening to podcasts.

Along with the base sound quality, there are three sound modes on the earbuds that can be used depending on what type of listening experience you’re looking for. The Ambient Sound mode has any noise cancelation turned off, so you can listen to people talk with the earbuds on. Anti-wind mode cancels out the sound of a breeze on a windy day and is part of ANC mode.

Lastly, there’s the Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) mode that blocks out background noise such as car noises, car horns, people talking, and anything else in the background of the area you’re in. The ANC is pretty good, but these earbuds will not be blocking everything out to the same degree as Apple’s Airpods, but you will notice a 30% to 40% reduction in noise, which is better than no ANC.

When it comes to calling quality, the ANC still plays a role by blocking out background noise. Such as, when you’re talking, the earbuds pick up your voice more than any other noise, which delivers a clearer voice to the person you’re talking to on the phone. However, if the person you’re talking to has a poor-quality microphone, you will be receiving poor-quality audio on the call.

Connectivity Controls

Connecting these Pro P10 earbuds to your Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone, is easy. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, and then open the top of the case of the earbuds; this will turn on the earbuds and make them ready to pair. Search for the earbuds to pair on your Bluetooth settings screen on your phone, and the earbuds will be labeled as “TaoTronics P10” select the earbuds, and they should pair and connect to your phone. It’s the same process as any other Bluetooth earbuds.

Additionally, similar to the other Bluetooth earbuds these TaoTronics ones also have touch controls directly on each earbud.

Previous Track – Three Taps on Left Earbud

Next Track – Three Taps on Right Earbud

Volume Down – Single Tap on Left Earbud

Volume Up – Single Tap on Right Earbud

Play /  Pause – Double Tap on Left Earbud

Answer Call – Single Tap on Left or Right Earbud

Reject / Hang up Call – Double Tap on Left or Right Earbud

Change between Ambient Mode and ANC – Double Tap on Left Earbud

We did have a problem with double-tapping on the Left earbud to Play / Pause music or videos, as it is used to change between modes as you’ll end up changing sound modes and playing/pausing whatever you’re listening to.

Design and Fit

The fit of these TaoTronics Pro P10 earbuds is excellent. They have an enclosed design with tips that give you passive noise canceling simply from the structure of the earbuds. Thanks to an enclosed design, you don’t have to worry about the earbuds coming out nearly as quickly as an open-air design. These TaoTronics earbuds come equipped with medium-sized ear tips, but included in the box; you get larger and smaller-sized tips depending on your needs.

Build and Accessories

You get nearly everything you need to use the Taotronics SoundLiberty earbuds. The box includes an earbuds case along with the Pro P10 earbuds inside. You also get a USB-C charging cable, two other sized earbud tips, and the manual.

The earbud case uses a USB-C input port for charging, which we are relieved to see as there are still earbud cases that use Micro-USB, which is obsolete in 2022. The only thing missing from the box is a wall charger to charge the case of the earbuds, but you can use most wall chargers to charge the case.


These TaoTronics SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC earbuds may not compete toe to toe with higher-end brands. Still, they deliver enough features and good amount quality where saving money isn’t much of a tradeoff for what you’re getting.