Review: Topvork 60W 6-Port Power Delivery Desktop Charging Station

Topvork 60W 6-Port Power Delivery Desktop Charging Station









  • 30W of Power Delivery available from the USB-C port, along with the charger featuring a Quick Charge port and four standard USB-A ports
  • Uses a power cord for better reach and placement on where you want to place the charger


  • 60W charging power can be better allocated to deliver more Power Delivery, or to let you fast charge a phone and charge a laptop at the same time

Charging multiple devices at the same time can be the best capabilities of a charger, and if you’re looking for a charger that can charge many devices, you may want to look into getting a desktop charger. Desktop chargers tend to have many ports, and even though you can get a wall charger that has a built-in AC plug and is more portable, you don’t get the same power cord range that a desktop charger uses.

In this review, we’re taking a look at this Topvork 60W 6-Port Power Delivery desktop charging station. The charger has plenty of ports and a good amount of power to share between its ports, but let’s see just how valuable that power is.


Output Charging:

The charging power from the Topvork charger is okay, but it could be better in some ways. The first thing is that the max output of this charger is 60W, and unfortunately, you can’t use the full 60W from the single USB-C Power Delivery port.

Instead, the USB-C PD port has a 30W output if you’re charging from it alone, and charging multiple devices simultaneously does lower the 30W USB-C PD output a bit. In addition to the USB-C Power Delivery port, the other five ports included a USB-A Quick Charge port and four standard 12W USB-A ports.

Charging from the USB-C PD port and USB-A Quick Charge port does make the USB-C port lower its charging speed to 25W, while the Quick Charge port outputs only 5W. If you want to fast charge from the Quick charge port, then you’ll have to charge from it alone. Charging from all ports simultaneously makes the USB-C port output 25W, the Quick Charge port outputs 5W, and each of the standard USB-A ports shares a 30W output with each capable of a 12W output.

In our charging test of this Topvork charging station, we tried to charge a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 with a USB-C PD port. Still, the laptop could not charge because 30W is not enough power to charge the Lenovo laptop, and the laptop requires that you use at least a 45W charge rate. Then we plugged in a Surface Go tablet, which could charge with no problems. After that, we plugged in a Galaxy Note 9 to the Quick Charge port alone, and it was able to fast charge, then plugged it in again while the Surface Go was charging and it was only standard charging, but that was expected.


Finally, we charged a Surface Go via USB-C, the Note 9 via the QC port, and a Galaxy A51 via a standard SUB-A port, and both phones were able to standard charge. 25W was going to the Surface Go. Overall, this Topvork desktop charger is okay for fast charging most tablets and smartphones but not meant for charging USB-C laptops. You can charge a USB-C Macbook with its USB-C port, but even that will provide relatively slow charging.


Size and Weight:

This Topvork desktop charger has a length of 4 inches, a with of 2.7 inches, and a thickness of 1.1 inches. So it won’t be taking up much space on your desktop or whatever else area you’re placing the charger in.

Functional Components:

You get the desktop charger brick and a 5-foot power cord coming out of the box. You have to plug the power cord into the back of the charging unit and then plug the power cord into an outlet. Once powered, a blue power light turns on at the top of the desktop charger. It’s easy to use, and the use of a power cord can be better than a wall charger because you’re getting a better reach on where you want to place the devices you’re charging rather than them being right next to the wall.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this Topvork 60W desktop charger is good on par with higher-end flagship brands.


The Topvork charger does get warm if you’re charging more than three devices simultaneously, but it doesn’t get hot.


This Topvork desktop charger delivers an alright amount of charging power for charging phones and tablets. It’s not a charger meant for charging USB-C laptops as you can only use 30W max if you’re only charging a single device via the USB-C port.



Charging power is mostly meant for phones and tablets, but when you’re charging multiple devices at the same time, the charging power does take a hit and spreads too thin. Not recommended for charging USB-C laptops.


This Topvork charger is small and won’t take up much space on a desk. The power cord usage makes it more convenient to place it where you want the charger.


The build quality of this desktop charger is good, and we didn’t find any flaws with structure or internal heating issues.


It’s a reliable enough charger that can be great for fast charging most USB-C tablets and phones, not meant for charging laptops.

 Topvork 60W 6-Port Power Delivery Desktop Charging Station Specs
USB-C Power Delivery PortWhen charging alone - 30W
When charging multiple devices - 25W
USB-A Quick Charge Port18W
4 Standard USB-A PortsEach port - 12W
Shared Output - 30W
Max Output60W
Size3.98 x 2.72 x 1.18
Weight9.2 Ounces


This Topvork desktop charger provides good value for fast charging certain phones and tablets. Still, because of its restrictive charging power allocation, it’s instead limited in terms of what devices it can charge.

USB C Fast Charger, TOPVORK 60W 6 Port USB C Charging Station, Portable Fast USB C Wall Charger 30W PD Adapter & 18W QC(PPS 25W) USB A for All iPad, iPhone 13 12 11 Max Mini, Pixel Samsung Galaxy
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  • ◆60W Boosted Charging◆: Topvork’s 6-port fast charger block delivers up to 60W total power for multiple connected devices, speeding up charging for your iPhone 13 / MacBook Air via 30W PD or your S20 Ultra via PPS 25W, and S10 via QC 18W
  • ◆Adaptive Quick-Charging◆: This USB charging station intelligently detects your devices and allocates the right amount of permissible current to achieve maximum charging speeds for high efficiency with up to 6 devices
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