Review: Tqka 10,000mAh Power Bank with Quick Charge and USB-C Input

Tqka 10,000mAh Power Bank with Quick Charge and USB-C Input











  • The single Output port uses Quick Charge that can charge compatible devices at their max charging speed
  • There are two input ports, and each of them uses Quick Charge to recharge the power bank faster


  • The USB-C port cannot be used as a output port
(Last Updated On: June 8, 2018)

USB-C is a standard of charging and connectivity that has spread to many types of devices on the market. When it comes to portable chargers, a USB-C port is both used as an output port and an input port. It makes sense to have a USB-C port be an output port as well, as you can use it to charge USB-C compatible devices.

However, this Tqka 10,000mAh power bank is a portable charger that does use a USB-C port, but it’s only an input port, and cannot be used as an output. Most might find it misleading and think that this portable charger has two output ports with its use of a USB-A port and a USB-C port. That said, let’s take a closer look to see if this design choice is a good or bad one.


Power Capacity:

The Tqka power bank has a medium power capacity of 10,000mAh. Let’s just take a look at how much of the power capacity you’re able to use to actually charge your devices

3.7 x 10,000 = 37,000 / 5 = 7,400

So you’re getting an average conversion rate from this power bank, but at the same time, if you’re using this charger for the user that it’s intended for then you’re actually going to be getting less than 7,400mAh. That’s because this charger has single Quick Charge port, and since Quick Charge has ability for faster charging it worsens the conversion of the power capacity from the power bank to your smartphone.

So it’s likely that you’ll be getting an output power capacity of 6,000mAh when you’re charging a Quick Charge compatible smartphone. That’s still not a bad power capacity because, with 6,000mAh, you’re able to charge most smartphones to their full power about two times.

Charging tablets with this power bank is really the best use for it, as it would take nearly the entirety of the power capacity, so it’s best to get this power bank if you only plan on charging your smartphone with it.

Output Charging:

There’s only a single output port on this power bank and that would be the USB-A port with Quick Charge 3.0. The USB-C port on this Tqka power bank is only usable as an input to recharge this power bank.

So overall, this charger is really meant for Android smartphones users that have either a USB-C to Micro-USB Quick Charge compatible smartphone. As you’re able to fast charge your smartphone with the output port and use the same cable that you charged your smartphone with to recharge this power bank.

You can still charge Non-Quick Charge smartphones with the Quick Charge port, but those standard devices will charge at a 5V/2.0A charging speed.

Input Charging:

There are two input ports to recharge this power bank, but you can only use one at a time. The charger has a Micro-USB input port and a USB-C input port that have the same 18W recharging speed. To put it basically, each of the input ports on this power bank uses Quick Charge for recharging, so it’s best to use a Quick Charge wall charger to recharge this portable charger as you’re able to get it to full power within 4 hours only.


Size and Weight:

The size of 10,000mAh power banks is no longer large, and this Tqka power bank is basically proof of that. As this charger has a length of 5.8 inches, a width of 2.9 inches and a thickness of 0.6 inches. The weight of the charger is 7.7 Ounces. So the charger actually has a slim form factor that makes it easy to slide into a pocket.

Functional Components:

Actually using this Tqka power bank is quite easy and it’s what you can expect from most other potable charges. As this charger has all of its charging pots on a single side. The power button and four Blue LED power capacity indicators are on the long length side. You do have to press the power button to begin charging your smartphones from this power bank.

Also, something that this charger has that not many other power banks on the market have is a lanyard hole, So you can actually attach this power bank to a backpack and have it close by.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this power bank is quite good. The siding of this charger is made of plastic, and the top and bottom of the charger has a cloth covering them. The charger is solid, that said, just make sure that you don’t drop it on hard-flooring or get it exposed to water as it will get damaged.


On the tech side, this power bank doesn’t get warm even if you’re charging a Quick Charge compatible device with it, as you’re only able to charge a single device at a time.


The reliability of this power bank is actually quite narrow. Since the charger only uses a single Quick Charge output port and the use of a USB-C and Micro-USB really make it a charger for someone that owns a Quick Charge compatible smartphone. It’s not the best idea to get this power bank if you’re an iPhone user as you won’t be able to take advantage of the Quick Charge port’s full ability.



Charging power from this Tqka power bank is quite good but minimal with its output charging, as it only has a Quick Charge port. The recharging is the part that solidifies this charger for Quick Charge compatible Andriod smartphone users as it has a Micro-USB and USB-C input port that are both Quick Charge enabled.


This charger has a slim form factor so it’s quite easy to take it anywhere that you want.


The build quality of this charger is good but overall, there’s nothing special about it, but it’s good for daily use.


This Tqka power bank is going to be most reliable for Quick Charge Android smartphone users as you’ll be making full use of the output port and either of the input ports for recharging.

Specs of the Tqka 10,000mAh Power Bank with Quick Charge and USB-C Input:

  • Output:

Quick Charge Port: 5V/2.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A

  • Input:

Micro-USB Input: 5V/2.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A

USB-C Input: 5V/2.0A | 9V/2.0A | 12V/1.5A

  • LED Power Indicator: Four LED Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 5.8 x 2.9 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 7.7 Ounces


This Tqka power bank has an unusual choice of only using a single output port and making the USB-C port only an input for recharging. That said, it still has great accessibility for Android smartphones users no matter if they’re a Micro-USB or USB-C smartphone user.

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