Review: Tronsmart 18W Power Delivery 10,000mAh Slim Power Bank

Tronsmart 18W Power Delivery 10,000mAh Slim Power Bank











  • Features Power Delivery that's perfect for fast charging Power Delivery compatible smartphones
  • Has a small and slim form factor that feels like you're carrying around a smartphone
  • Also features Quick Charge


  • The Power Delivery charging is best for smartphones rather than laptops

When it comes to Power Delivery portable chargers, most of them are high capacity ones and this makes sense, for the most part, as many Power Delivery, compatible devices are large. These large devices are mainly laptops and tablets. As a result, there are many brands on the market that are creating high capacity power banks for tablets and laptops that are rather large and heavy, and even though that’s awesome as you’re able to charge laptops with a power bank which is something that wasn’t possible with DC charging laptops, there are still Power Delivery compatible smartphones.

Sure you could take a 20,000mAh power bank with you while you’re on-the-go to charge your smartphone, but they’re still large and not the best way for when you want a mini power bank. That’s where this Tronsmart 10,000mAh Power Delivery power bank come in, as the charger actually has a small, very slim form factor and it also makes use of Power Delivery.

So let’s take a closer look if this is a power bank that you want to have to charge your Power Delivery smartphone.


Power Capacity:

The power capacity of this Tronsmart power bank is a mid-range one as it starts out with a 10,000mAh power capacity. Yes, the keyword right here is that it “starts out” as power is lost during charging and so you end up with less power to actually charge your device. This is present with all power banks, let’s see how much of the capacity you’re able to use.

3.7 x 10,000 = 37,000 / 5 = 7,400

The average output capacity from this power bank is 7,400mAh, but this amount of power is really only for Non-Power Delivery or Quick Charge devices, as charging fast charging compatible devices will result in a lower conversion rate. Of course, if you’re getting this power banks then you are going to be charging a Power Delivery or Quick Charge compatible smartphone, and so you can expect about 6,000mAh of power capacity to use actually use from this charger.

It might sound bad, but this much power is actually pretty good as you can charge most smartphones that have a 3,000mAh battery to full power about two times. That’s so long as you’re charging a single device at a time and not charging two devices at the same time as the power capacity will be split. Even for charging larger batteries such as the Galaxy Note 9’s 4,000mAh battery, having a full recharge for the phone is not bad considering that you get a small form factor and fast charging, too.

However, when it comes to charging larger devices such as USB-C Power Delivery compatible laptops and tablets, well, this power bank can charge a USB-C MacBook but it won’t be able to charge it to full power. For the most part, the power capacity is really meant for smartphones in this case.

Output Charging:

There are two ways to charge from this Tronsmart power bank.

The USB-C Power Delivery port has an 18W output charging rate, and this is basically the base of what Power Delivery charging is capable of that can be used to fast charge all Power Delivery compatible smartphones. So you can fast charge smartphones such as the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, Galaxy S8, Google Pixel 2, and also the Essential Phone. Also, all other PD compatible smartphones, too.

As for using the USB-C port on this power bank for charging Power Delivery laptops, well, you can charge a USB-C MacBook and it will charge faster than a regular 15W USB-C port. Other than that, the USB-C port is not reliable for charging more powerful Power Delivery laptops as it might not charge them in the first place. We highly suggest taking a look 30W or 45W Power Delivery portable chargers for charging laptops.

The other port on this power bank is a USB-A port that makes use of Quick Charge and so you can fast charge Quick Charge compatible smartphones with it. If you’re charging a Non-Quick Charge compatible smartphone with this power bank then it will simply default to a 5V/2.4A charging speed.

Input Charging:

To recharge the power bank and an impressive part that we found is that this charger actually makes use of two input ports. They’re really placing a lot of tech into this power bank.

So the USB-C port can also be used as an input, and there’s also a Micro-USB input port. You can only use one input at a time, but the good news is that they’re both Quick Charge compatible, so you should use a Quick Charge wall charger to recharge the power bank at Quick Charge speeds.


Size and Weight:

The form factor along with the power capabilities of this power bank is the main reasons that you should get this charger. That’s because it’s very small and one of the most compact Power Delivery portable chargers on the market.

So the charger has a length of 5.6 inches, a width of 2.7 inches and a thickness of 0.4 inches. The weight of the power bank is 6.9 Ounces. So the charger is basically the size of a smartphone, or even smaller than a smartphone considering that most smartphones have a length longer than 5.6 inches. It’s also very slim and easy to place into the pocket and we found that you can actually place this power bank and your smartphone into the same pocket.

Functional Components:

Nearly all of the functional parts of the power bank are on the single side. All of the charging ports are on one side and the then on a long length side is where you’ll find the power button and four White power capacity indicators.

You have to press the power button to begin charging, but once it’s charging, the LED indicators turn off and you can press the power button to turn them on again.


Structure and Material:

Most of the power bank is covered in a rubber material and there is also a siding that’s made of Aluminum. Overall, the charger is built well and feels great to hold and use with the charging ports.


The power bank does not overheat when you’re making use of either Power Delivery or Quick Charge. It also does not heat up when you’re charging two devices at once, and that’s mainly because the max output is 18W, which is the power output of a single port.


If you have a Power Delivery compatible smartphone then you might want to consider getting this Tronsmart portable charger if you don’t want to deal with high capacity Power Delivery portable chargers. As it makes use of an 18W Power Delivery port and the form factor of the power bank is small enough to fit the charger and your smartphone into the same pocket.



There’s enough power capacity to charge most smartphones to full power at least once or twice. The Power Delivery charging from this power bank is best for smartphones, and it also makes use of Quick Charge.


The charger has a very slim and small form factor that can be placed in a pocket very easily.


The build of the charger is solid and it does not overheat due to the low max output.


If you have a Power Delivery compatible smartphone, then this Tronsmart power bank is one that you should consider getting with its use of Power Delivery and a small form factor.

Specs of the Tronsmart 18W Power Delivery 10,000mAh Slim Power Bank:

  • Power Capacity: 10,000mAh | Output Capacity: 6,000mAh
  • Output:

USB-C Power Delivery Port: 5-6V/3.0A | 6-9V/2.0A | 9-12V-1.5A

USB-A Port: 5-6V/3.0A | 6-9V/2.0A | 9-12V-1.5A

  • Input: 5V/2.0A | 9V/2.0A
  • LED Power Indicator: Four White Power Indicators
  • Size: 5.6 x 2.7 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 6.9 Ounces


Power Delivery doesn’t have to be used with high capacity power banks, but to have a smaller power bank you do have to have less power, but that’s worth it when it comes to charging Power Delivery smartphones.

Power Bank, Tronsmart 10000mAh Power Delivery Battery Pack, Fast Charging Compatible with iPhone Xs/XS MAX/XR/8/8 Plus, Slim USB Type-C Portable Charger for Samsung, iPad, Tablets, Nintendo and More

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