Review: Uabeana 500W / 500Wh Portable Power Station

Uabeana 500W / 500Wh Portable Power Station









  • 500W output can power most mid-range appliances making it reliable for most needs, and a 500Wh power capacity can last for days or weeks depending on usage
  • Port selection is great two USB-C ports, two USB-A Quick Charge ports and four AC outlets being the among the most reliable way to use the power station
  • Features a large LED screen at the front with a host of helpful info and the power station comes with an AC charger and a car charger for recharging


  • You cannot use the USB-C port and the AC charger simultaneously for faster recharging
(Last Updated On: June 19, 2022)

If there were ever a time to own a portable power station, it would be now. That’s because, in recent years, many brands have developed and released their power stations; this has substantially increased competition, leading to further innovation within the portable power source market. In the past, you would have to choose a relatively expensive power station that may have too much power for your needs; however, now, you can choose from an array of different power stations to suit your specific requirements without spending so much.

In this review, we’re looking at this Uabeana 500W power station that fits many needs; we might go as far as to say that most consumer needs are met with this power station with its port selection, power and capacity. Best of all, it comes at a price that fits most budgets. Also, if you’re interested, Uabeana has a 1000W power station that offers double the power output in case you need it.


Power Capacity:

The power capacity of this Uabeana power station is 500Wh (135,200mAh), and that’s a significant amount of power when it comes to charging devices. Phones can easily change to full power forty times or more, while tablets and laptops with similar battery sizes can get about ten full charges. In general, power stations have no problems lasting for days or weeks when it comes to solely charging devices because they have abundant power capacity.

When it comes to powering appliances, it’s less about the power capacity and more about the wattage usage that the appliance you’re powering requires. More power usage will leave you with less usage time, as it uses the power capacity faster.

A 40W fan will take about 10 hours; a 60W mini fridge can last up to 9 hours; a mini blender such as the magic bullet with its 250W power usage can give you 2 hours of use, or a 100W TV can last about 6 hours. So the closer you are to the 500W max output of this power station, the less time you will have to use it; if you’re planning to power a 500W appliance, you will only get one hour of usage time.

The capacity of this power station is more than enough for charging phones, tablets, and laptops. Powering appliances is more dependent on the wattage, and even considering that, if you’re powering low wattage appliances, you can depend on this power station for numerous hours, which can be helpful in case of a power outage, if you’re camping or hiking, need it for general usage around the house or even if you’re hanging out outside for a barbeque and want to keep away mosquitoes with a fan (which is what we did).

Output Charging:

Considering this is a small power station with a 500W max output, which is pretty mid-range, the options available to use this power station are plentiful and come in handy. With some power stations, you have specific ports that are tacked on just because, but in this case, you have valuable features.

This Uabeana power station features four charging ports, including two USB-A and two USB-C ports; one DC 5521 port, one DC car outlet port, and four AC outlets.

Charging Ports:

The charging ports are varied and powerful, on par with what we expect from this power station. There are two USB-A ports and two USB-C Power Delivery ports. The two USB-A ports have a 20W output, meaning they both feature Quick Charge. One of the USB-C Power Delivery ports has a 60W output, and the other USB-C PD port has a max 22.5W output.

The 60W USB-C port is easily the most useful of all the ports beaues you can charge USB-C chargeable laptops with it. We were able to charge a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 laptop at its max charging speed with the 60W USB-C port.

When a Samsung Galaxy A51 and an LG G7 were plugged into the two USB-A ports and a Galaxy Note 9 into the 22.5W USB-C port, the Lenovo laptop charge rate dropped to about 15W. So we had four devices charging simultaneously, with the Lenovo laptop having a lower charge rate, the Galaxy A51 and the LG G7 were standard charging, and Note 9 was fast charging. This means that all the charging ports are running on the same circuit with their own max output, which is why charging power changes with the ports depending on how many devices you’re charging.

However, we could simultaneously charge the Lenovo laptop at max speed when charging the laptop, LG G7, and Note 9, so power is pulled lower on the 60W USB-C port once you have four devices charging.

We unplugged the Lenovo laptop, the LG G7, and the Galaxy Note 9 could fast charge simultaneously while Galaxy A51 continued to standard. This charging design is optimal enough for what this power station is still featuring because a 60W USB-C PD port can still charge most USB-C laptops, but you may have to charge fewer other devices to ensure that you can charge your laptop at a fast speed.

We also tested a Samsung Galaxy S20 via both the USB-C ports to see if they featured a Programmable Power Supply (PPS), but they don’t. That said, it didn’t come as a surprise as power stations don’t generally use PPS with their USB-C ports as it’s just one more thing that can add to the price of the power station.

DC 5521 Port and DC Car Port:

The DC 5521 and DC car ports will likely be the least used ports on this Uabeana power station because there aren’t too many devices and appliances that can be charged or powered from them. Most laptops can charge via USB-C, and most appliances use an AC adapter that you would use with the AC outlets on this power station.

Of course, these DC ports have their place if needed, such as the DC 5521 port being used to charge DC chargeable laptops. The DC car port can be used to power portable tire pumps and any other appliances that use its connection.

AC Outlets:

The AC outlets are the holy grail of any power station because it’s mainly the reason to buy one in the first place, in addition to its power capacity and output.

With its 500W max output, this Uabeana power station cannot power the highest wattage appliances you can throw at it; that is why it’s considered a mid-range power station. If you can identify what you want to power with this power station, then its 500W output can be convenient, just as it was for us.

We tested the AC outlets with various appliances to see just how capable the Uabeana power station is. We plugged in a 32-inch Samsung TV and a fan at the same time, and they both ran great, so you could easily have a TV outside along with a fan pointed your way to keep you cool and keep away insects while you’re enjoying the outdoors.

We also tried out an Acekool stand mixer, cranked up to its max spin setting, and the power station was able to run it at 120W-140W.

We then stepped it up by plugging in a Ninja professional food processor; we set it to low, and it took about 120W to run; we put it to high, and it took 160W to run. We also ran two fans outside along with a bug zapper, which all functioned great.

One of the higher wattage appliances we tested with this Uabeana power station was an electric duster that took 330W to run. Of course, this burned into the power capacity faster, but running a powerful appliance on a power station was still excellent, knowing that you can move freely with it.

Input Charging:

Included in the box with the power station are an AC charger and a car charger that can be used to recharge the unit. The AC recharging is the fastest way to recharge the unit at 120W. You can even recharge the power station via the USB-C port at 60W, which is excellent as USB-C charging is so accessible. We were let down to know that you can’t recharge from the AC and USB-C ports at the same time.


Size and Weight:

The size of this Uabeana power station is tiny; it has a length/width of just 7.5 inches and a height of 8.5 inches; it’s practically a cube form factor. The unit weighs 15 pounds. It’s what we expected. The power station is small, but of course, it does have a bit of hefty weight due to all the circuitry, plenty of batteries, and housing; however, it is easy to pick it up thanks to the large and flexible handle at the top.

Its smaller size and light weight make it a great reason to go for mid-range power stations compared to much more powerful ones because you can more easily take this for hikes or camping trips. At the same time, a 2000Wh power station would be insanely difficult to move around.

Functional Components:

The power station is easy to use with buttons and an LED screen. At the front is where you’ll find all the functional parts of the power station, including all the charging ports, outlets, power buttons, flashlight, and the screen.

You’ll find the battery charger port and another flashlight on the opposite side.

The power buttons include USB, DC, LED, and an AC power button. When turning the USB or the DC section of the power station on or off, you have to press the buttons once. The USB-C button is used to activate the USB-A ports and the USB-C ports. The DC button activates the DC 5521 port and the DC car port.

When turning on the flashlight, you have to hold down the LED button until the flashlight turns on, and if you want to cycle through different modes, you have to press the LED button. The coolest part of the flashlight on this power station is that you can have both sides on simultaneously. To turn off the flashlight, you must long-press the LED button. As for the brightness of the flashlights, they are bright enough to be helpful in most cases, especially in an emergency.

The AC button must be long pressed to turn on AC outlets and long pressed again to turn off the AC outlets.

Finally, the LED screen displays the remaining power capacity with a few bars, the input wattage amount for recharging, the output wattage amount for when you’re using the power station, and the display shows which sections of the power station are activated. The screen of the Uabeana power station is helpful to get a sense of what’s happening; just one minor feature that it’s missing is an estimated runtime that some newer power stations are now using; regardless, we do think than that having an estimated runtime could add to the cost of the power station and is not strictly needed, but is a convenience feature.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this power station can best be explained as having fortitude. The housing combines Aluminum alloy and PC-ABS material, making it fire resistant. The Aluminum is what gives the unit its rugged structure and can make it withstand hits and light drops, which makes this perfect for placing in your car and traveling with it. The unit is even water-resistant to a degree. There’s nothing to worry about as long as the water doesn’t go into the ports and only touches the casing.

We recommend keeping the power station away from water though, as it’s not fully waterproof.


The most surprising tech build quality feature is that the Uabeana power station uses a Battery Management System (BMS) to control its internals. The BMS is responsible to prevent short circuits, overheating, and over-current protection. Of course, this is a surprise because the unit doesn’t use an internal fan to push out heat and manages heat using the BMS, which is rather impressive.


Power stations, in general, are reliable devices as they have so much power capacity, high output, and a variety of ways to use them. This Uabeana power station is no different, with a 500Wh capacity and a 500W max output. However, power stations with much higher capacities and high wattage outputs can be deemed more reliable; they are also much pricier, larger, and heavier. If you know your needs and they fit into what this unit offers, it can easily be relied on for everyday usage, emergencies, or traveling.

However, as we mentioned before Uabeana does have their 1000W power station that widens its reliability.



You can charge phones, tablets, and laptops to full power, many into the double digits, so power capacity is not a concern. When it comes to powering appliances, it’s less about the capacity and more about the wattage of the appliance you’re powering. With a 500W max output, you can power an array of mid-range wattage appliances but can’t exactly go all out. You have to go with a “think mini” approach when using this power station as it powers smaller but still beneficial types of appliances.


The Uabeana power station is tiny and relatively lightweight, with a handle that makes it easier to be portable. The screen at the front is informative by letting you know the output/input wattage, the remaining power capacity, and which parts of the power station are activated. Each section of the power station has its own power button; thankfully, it’s easy to use for such a robust device.


The unit’s housing is made of Aluminum Alloy and ABS-PCS, all of which offer structural rigidity and fire resistance. To our surprise, the power station does not feature an internal fan and instead uses BMS to control its internal temperature and other fail-safe features.


If you know what appliances you want to power from this Uabeana power station and can quell your expectations for its 500W max output, this unit can be very reliable. It functions optimally to power those mini-sized appliances, such as mini blenders and mini-fridges; it does well with all types of fans and can power stand mixers, too. The selection of four outlets, two USB-C Power Delivers, and two USB-A ports are great as they’re convenient. The DC ports are also available if needed.

Uabeana 500W / 500Wh Portable Power Station Specs
Power Capacity500Wh (135,200mAh, 14.8V)
AC Output4*110V, 500W (Pure Sine Wave)
Type-C 1 Output60W
USB-A Ports20W
Type-C 2 Output22.5W
DC OutputDC5521(13V/5A,12A/10A)
DC Car Output12V/10A
DC Input120W
Type-C Input60W
Size7.5 x7.5 x8.5 inches
Weight15 pounds


The Uabeana power station comes from a new brand that has innovated at the edges of the portable power source space. They’ve created a power station with all the mid-range specs and various ways to use it, and the best part is that it comes in one of the most compact sizes we’ve ever seen. The LED screen is another impressive part for a new brand to nail, with it being large and clear to read with a host of information to let you know what’s happening with the performance of the power station.

UAbeana Portable Power Station 500W, 500Wh Solar Generator Battery Backup w/ 4 110V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets, 10-Port Powerhouse for Outdoor Camping/RV/Home Emergency (Solar Panel Optional)
  • 【DESIGNED FOR PORTABILITY】The portable power station is designed with a handle, LED light and LCD screen display. The sturdy handle makes it easy and convenient to carry for outdoor adventures. The built-in adjustable 4 LED lights feature an SOS mode, ensuring that you can safely take it along for outdoor activities such as off-grid camping or weekend road trips. In addition, its innovative smart LCD screen display provides a crystal clear view of the operating modes.
  • 【SAFE & RELIABLE POWER SUPPLY】Safety is our top priority. The 500W portable generator is equipped with industry-leading cylindrical batteries and has received CE, FCC, PSE, UN38.3, MSDS, ROSH international certifications. The power station incorporates advanced BMS (Battery Management System), which monitors voltage, current and temperature to keep the lithium battery running for years. In addition, the Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter provides stable power to protect your equipment from damage.
  • 【ALL THE PORTS YOU NEED】The 500W generator for home use & outdoor equipped with 10 output ports. 4* pure sine wave AC output ports (110V/500W), 2* USB-A QC 3.0 ports (20W max), 2* USB-C PD ports (one is 20V/3A, 60W max, the other port is 22.5W max), 1* DC port (12V/120W), 1* Car port (12V/10A, 120W). This electric battery generator 500Wh (135200mAh) can power most of your devices and appliances, such as phone, Macbook, Drone, Camera, etc.
  • 【IDEAL BACKUP POWER】UAbeana Solar Power Generator is an ideal and reliable power supply choice for outdoor off-grid activities (eg: Tent Camping, Road Trip, Backyard Camping, RV etc.) And as home emergency backup power to power refrigerator, blender, TV, projector, mini cooler, electric grill, fan and more. Its built-in MPPT controller allows the solar panel to operate at its maximum power point for the power station to be recharged at its highest efficiency.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】 1* 500W Power Station with LCD screen, 1* AC adapter, 1* AC power cord, 1* car charging cable, 1* user manual and 24-month warranty service. (Warm Tips: Pls read the user manual carefully before first use.) We have a Professional Technical Support Team responsible for power station. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Amazon and we will respond you in 24hrs.