Review: UGREEN HiTune TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

UGREEN HiTune TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds


Sound Quality







  • Has clear sound quality when listening to music, watching videos and also does great over phone calls with a great mic
  • Has touch controls for each earbud
  • Comes with a USB-C cable, a charging case and two different sized earbud tips

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Ever since the release of the Apple Airpods, there have been many brands that have emerged to make their own Bluetooth earbuds. However, it’s just not because of the release of the Airpods, it’s also the fact that all the new smartphones on the market don’t use a headphone jack anymore, which started with the iPhone 7. With that said, as popular as the Airpods are, there are many people that are averse to spending $150 to $250 on the Apple product.

That is why we’re here to review the UGREEN HiTune Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. If you’re looking for a more affordable pair of wireless earbuds that still perform great with their sound quality and have good build quality, then we highly recommend looking into getting these UGREEN earbuds. Let’s go into detail on why.

Sound Quality

Alright, so we’re going to jump into what matters the most when it comes to using earbuds and that would be the sound quality that you’re able to get. These UGREEN earbuds are great, especially for the price and the quality that you’re getting.

The first thing that you’ll notice when it comes to the sound is the Noise cancellation that these earbuds have. I usually have an Air Purifier running inside my room and even though it’s not too loud, I can hear the fan running. However, when I place these earbuds in listen to music, I can barely hear my air purifier running.

Also, when it comes to hearing people talk, that’s a case where these HiTune earbuds do well enough that you won’t be able to hear words clearly, and most of the time words just sounded muffled. Then there are general sounds that you hear if you’re walking on the street, such as cars, horns, people talking, trains, and other general noises. That’s also where these earbuds perform well by blocking out those sounds and making them considerably quieter, however, we will say that the noise-canceling with these earbuds are not going to be on the same level as high spec noise-canceling headphones, but for what you’re getting, it’s impressively good.

When it comes to the actual sound quality of the music that you’re listening to, there are weaknesses with the bass, but this is to be expected since you’re talking with earbuds and they have extremely small drivers. For everything else though, these UGREEN HiTune earbuds hit the right marks and sound is loud and clear, with the earbuds using a 20Hz Frequency which is the standard of what earbuds usually have. 

With a 20Hz frequency we found that increasing the volume too much was not all that necessary because even at lower volumes, the sound was already high enough. In terms of specifically what the earbuds can deliver well, instrumentals and voices are clean.

Since these are Bluetooth earbuds, you’re also able to conduct phone calls and at this point, we expect phone call quality, in general, to be good. Fortunately, these phone earbuds do well with their phone call quality, as we were able to hear the person on the other hand clearly and they were able to hear us. That said, my voice to the person that I was talking to was a bit lower than talking through an actual phone, but it wasn’t nearly enough of a noticeable problem.

Connectivity Controls

Using these earbuds is simple, but we found that we did have to look over the manual for a few seconds to know how to use it. Yes, a few seconds, these are not difficult earbuds to use but there are a few things to know.

The left Earbud is the master earbud, and when you remove the two earbuds from their cause they automatically pair with each other, and then the left earbud has a blue and white flashing indicator to show that it’s ready to connect to. In this case, we used a Galaxy Note 9 to connect to the UGREEN earbuds and they connected to the phone immediately, and when connected, the earbuds give a small ding sound to notify you that they’ve been connected.

Once connected, there are a quite few things that you’re able to control with the two earbuds, just to be clear, they both have the same controls and these controls are operated by touching the base of the earbuds when you have them in your ear.

For a playing or pausing music or a video, you can tap an earbud once, for choosing the next video or song you can double-tap an earbud, and for going to a previous video or song, you have to triple-tap an earbud. The single tap for starting or stopping, and the double tapping for choosing the next song or video works well, but the triple tapping can be tricky and the earbuds can at times just register it as a double-tap when you meant to triple tap.

When it comes to receiving calls to answer you can do a single tap on an earbud, or a single tap for ending a call, too. You can also reject a call by holding your finger down for 2 seconds.

You’re also able to activate a voice assistant such as Google or Siri when you hold your finger down for 2 seconds when not receiving a call, but we found that it was for about three to four seconds that made the voice assistant activate.

Design and Fit

These UGREEN earbuds come with medium-sized tips already on the earbuds, and then in the packaging, you get small and larger sized tips. For my experience, the medium-sized tips that came already on were the best for me. The large size tips were too large and hurt my ears and the small tips were too small and made the earbuds a bit too lose and they would fall out. However, your results may vary.

Along with the comfortable medium-sized tips, the shape of the actual earbud is also good with its ergonomic design and it makes it so that you’re not feeling the plastic when you place the earbud tips in your ear. I was able to have the earbuds in for about 2 hours before starting to feel tired of them which is a great amount of time, considering that you should take a break from earbuds or headphones every so often.

Charging Case and Accessories

What you get with this these UGREEN HiTune earbuds are the necessities. In the box, you’ll find the charging case, and in the charging case will be the two earbuds, a USB-C to USB-A cable for recharging the case, small tip buds, and large tip buds.

The charging case is standard, and what you can expect from other brands to have, but in this case, we like the simplicity of this UGREEN case. It has three LED power indicators at the front that show how much power capacity the case has, and the case has a 300mAh power capacity, and each of the two earbuds has a 60mAh capacity. So you’re able to get about two to three full charges from the case before the case needs to be recharged.

The case is magnetic so it won’t open even when it’s on its side, and the earbuds snap into place instantly when placed into their spots in the case. At the back of the case is where you’ll find a USB-C port for recharging it.

The earbuds do not come with a wall charger, however, any wall charger would be fine to use for recharging the case though, as it only has a 5V/250mA max recharge rate.


In a world where there are tons of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, these UGREEN ones are hidden gems that offer a great ergonomic fit and offer great sound quality that delivers with decent sound canceling. Along with the earbuds, you get a decently designed charging case with a USB-C port and a USB-C cable, and two different sized tips for the earbuds.

UGREEN HiTune Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone HiFi Stereo In-Ear Headphones, cVc 8.0 Noise Cancelling, Touch Control, 27h Playtime, USB-C Quick Charge, Waterproof, aptX TWS, Sports
  • Engineered Dynamic Audio: UGREEN Ture Wireless Earbuds adopt advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology and Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, ensuring stable connection and high fidelity sound. The 5.8mm dynamic drivers deliver crisp, rich, authentic immersive music. Supports aptX, AAC, SBC for lossless audio transmission.
  • Noise Cancelling: Built-in MEMS microphones and cVc 8.0 noise cancelling technology, effectively reduce the environmental noises and enhance your voice. The sealed in-ear ergonomic design brings noise isolation effect for clearer sound, ensuring high-quality music and crystal-clear phone calls even in a noisy background.
  • 27h Playing Time: UGREEN Bluetooth Earbuds offers 9h playtime from a single charge and an extra 18h with the portable charging case for a total of 27h+ listening. USB-C quick charge enables 2 hours of full charge for the charging case on the go. 15mins charging for the earbuds will allow 2 hours listening.
  • Perfect to Play Along: The ergonomic earbuds provides a snug and secure fit for the majority of ears (S/M/L size ear tips included) which greatly disperse pressure and ensure comfort for all-day wearing. No more concerns about earbuds falling out. Features multi-functional touch control, IPX5 sweatproof and waterproof, UGREEN TWS Earbuds is perfect for workout, running, outdoor sports.
  • One Step Pairing: One-step setting to pair the earbuds with your phone, they will connect with your smartphone automatically once you take the earbuds out of the charging case. Support touch control to pause/play/switch songs, answer/reject calls, activate voice assistant freely with the same operations in Mono & Twin Mode. No volume control.

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