Review: UGREEN HiTune T2 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

UGREEN HiTune T2 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds


Sound Quality







  • Features ENC and a 60ms latency that provides a clear listening experience
  • 14.2mm Dynamic Drivers that bring harder hits to the music that you're listening to
  • Includes a wireless charging case, and a USB-C cable in the box


  • Open air design that some may not prefer

There are plentiful different brands of Bluetooth earbuds on the market, as most smartphones no longer use a headphone jack. With brands now basically forcing Bluetooth accessories on consumers, this has expanded competition, and you’ll find many options for earbuds that you can use with your smartphone or any other Bluetooth-compatible device. However, with so many brands having their own Bluetooth earbuds, it’s difficult to know which ones are quality and garbage.

You could go for Bluetooth earbuds from larger brands such as Apple or Samsung; simultaneously, you’re going to be spending a lot more than if you were to go with a smaller brand. Also, the high price may not justify the quality they deliver, as that’s the case for most consumers.

That’s why in this review, we’re taking a look at these UGREEN HiTune T2 Bluetooth earbuds. These are the latest earbuds from UGREEN and do things a little different from the competition by offering lower latency, which Bluetooth has trouble keeping up with.

Sound Quality

Open-designed earbuds can tend to make people think twice about getting them, as the market has shifted more towards a closed earbud design that actually has tips. A closed earbud designed is preferable because they have less of a chance of falling out and do give you some passive noise canceling; however, the setback of closed earbuds is that they can become uncomfortable after a while.

These UGREEN T2 Bluetooth wireless earbuds do have an open design, and even though you don’t get that passive noise canceling that you get with closed earbuds, they still have a few features up their sleeves. These T2 earbuds do have Electronic Noise Cancellation (ENC) for when you’re talking to someone on the phone; the tech basically blocks out environmental noise such as wind, a car passing by, and other people talking around you. This way, when you’re on a call, the person you’re talking to only hears your voice, and you’re able to hear them better, too. The same ENC tech is used when you’re listening to music, and it works well to make sure that you do not hear what’s around you and are more focused on the media you’re listening to.

Dynamic Drivers

When it comes to sound quality, these UGREEN T2 earbuds will be better than most other brands as the earbuds feature a 14.2mm dynamic driver. Many earbuds from smaller brands don’t have drivers or have smaller ones, which makes the bass in music almost non-existent, or there’s basically not that “hit” feeling in the music you’re listening to. With the T2 earbuds featuring larger drivers than usual, you’re able to hear more of the heavier instruments when you’re listening to music. In our case, in terms of a heavier bass song that we tested with these T2 earbuds, we listened to All Night by Polar Youth, a fast-paced song that uses bass in a great way, and the song sounds incredible with these earbuds.

Simultaneously, lyrical music that relies heavily on instruments or purely instrument-based music sounds great. With our tests, lyrics were clear, which earbuds should have the ability to deliver, as most lyrical music tends to get muddled when listening to through speakers. For lyrical music that relied heavily on instruments, we listen to various songs from Low Roar, a band that became more well-known from having many of their songs included in Death Stranding the videogame. We took a listen to Don’t Be So Serious, I’m Leaving, and I’ll Keep Coming by Low Roar, and we’re impressed that we could hear the lyrics clearly.

Low Latency

One of the largest setbacks in Bluetooth is the latency that most people experience, as there can be a delay between what you’re listening to and what you’re watching on-screen. One of the best features and something that UGREEN themselves are trying to make prominent for these T2 earbuds is that they’re low latency and have a dealy of only 60ms.

Connectivity Controls

Using the UGREEN T2 Bluetooth earbuds is easy, basically like using most other Bluetooth earbuds. They come in the case, and once you remove each of the earbuds from the case, they turn on, and then they pair with each other. On your phone or any other device that you want to connect to the earbuds, you have to turn on Bluetooth, scan for devices, and then you’ll find “UGREEN HiTune T2”; tap on the selection, and your device connects to the earbuds.

Once connected, you have a few different tap controls that you can directly control on the earbuds. Here are the tap controls you have access to:

Single Tap on L / R – Play or Pause Music

Triple Tap on R Earbud – Next Track

Triple Tap on L Earbud – Previous Track

Double Tap on R Earbud – Volume Up

Double Tap on L Earbud – Volume Down

There are two main controls for when you’re on a call:

Single Tap on L / R Earbud – Answer / End a Call

Press and Hold L / R Earbud – Decline a Call

Design and Fit

As we mentioned before, these T2 earbuds have an open-air design so that you won’t experience as much fatigue or soreness in your ears as a closed earbud. It also helps that these earbuds only weigh 0.19 ounces, so you barely feel anything.

Build and Accessories

The quality of the UGREEN T2 earbuds is incredible, and we dare say that they match Apple’s AirPod quality, not just because they look very similar to the Airpods but also because they’re built very well. In the box, you’ll find the case for the earbuds and a USB-C cable that you can use to recharge the case. Yes, the case does use a USB-C port, something that should be used on every earbuds case from now as it’s the standard.

The earbuds are magnetically held into the case, and one other way you can charge the case is through wireless charging. All you need is a wireless charging pad, and we were able to charge the case without using the USB-C port. This is something that higher-tier brands tend to do, and we’re happy to see it on the UGREEN T2.


The UGREEN T2 earbuds prove that you don’t have to spend top-dollar on Bluetooth earbuds to get the best quality, as these make use of some great tech, the great build quality, and come with some great accessories that include a wireless charging case.

UGREEN HiTuner T2 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds with 4 Mic for Noise Cancelling (ENC), 14mm Drivers 3D Sound Wireless Earbuds with 60ms Low Latency, Wireless Charging,IPX5 Waterproof
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with 60ms Low Latency: UGREEN HiTuner T2 True Wireless Earbuds adopts with bluetooth 5.0 technology and 14.2mm dynamic drivers to deliver authentic immersive music and bring you into a more thrilling and deeper 3D soundscape during the game or watching the videos.
  • 4 Mics ENC: Combined with the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology and two MEMS microphones, HiTuner T2 bluetooth wireless earbuds will greatly reduce environmental noise by up to 90%. You can enjoy crystal clear phone calls even in a noisy background, bringing the effect of face-to-face talking.
  • Mono & Twin Mode: Equipped with the smart Hall Switch, you can seamlessly connect UGREEN HiTuner T2 wireless earbuds with your bluetooth devices once opening the charging case. And you can use each earbud independently with the Twin & Mono Modes.
  • Fast Wireless Charging: Get stable and fast full charging with a USB-C cable or convenient wireless charging within 2hs. UGREEN HiTuner T2 True wireless earbuds offer stream music for up to 20 hours. What's more, the earbuds support charging in 15 minutes and listening for 1 hour.
  • Comfortable to Wear: The ergonomic earbuds provide a snug and secure fit for the majority of ears (S/M/L size ear tips included) which greatly disperse pressure and ensure comfort for all-day wearing and long time music enjoyment.