Review: VATID 600W Portable Power Station

VATID 600W Portable Power Station









  • 600W output and 518Wh power capacity that offers a wide-range of devices to use with the power station and a long duration of usage
  • Plenty of powering and charging options with four charging ports, two DC ports, one 12V car outlet and two AC outlets
  • Easy to use with all functional parts being at the front and a easy to understand LCD; power station includes AC charger and car charger in the box


  • 600W output can be too low for higher powered appliances
(Last Updated On: May 24, 2022)



Portable power stations have been on the rise in recent years because of how useful they are. A portable charger is strictly able to charge devices. A portable power station goes steps further than being able to power appliances and charge devices, they can have a high output power, and most of them are easy to use with a digital screen. You also get tons more power capacity to use with the added features of a power station, and with a variety of power stations at this point, it’s one of the best times to get one.

In this review, we’re looking at this VATID 600W portable power station that has a 518Wh power capacity. This VATID power station may be the most balanced that we’ve tested, and even though some may consider it not that powerful, this is what most people may need for its capabilities and lower price.


Power Capacity:

This VATID power station has a 518Wh (140,000mAh) power capacity that you can do a lot with. When it comes to charging devices such as tablets, phones, or laptops, with the 518Wh capacity, you’re going to be able to use this power station for many days. That’s because there’s enough power to charge phones to full power about 40 times, tablets and laptops, on the other hand, have fewer full charges as they have larger batteries, but you can get about ten full charges for a laptop. Even charging a laptop to full power can make this VATID power station last for days, maybe even weeks, depending on how often you’re charging.

Powering appliances regarding the power capacity is more about the wattage of the appliances you’re powering. If you’re using the VATID power station to power a TV that uses 60W, you can expect to get about 7 hours. Powering a 100W mini fridge will get you about 5 hours of usage. When it comes to powering lights, you likely won’t use much wattage as most lightbulbs are LEDs and don’t have high wattages, so you can expect 50+ hours of light appliance usage, such as lamps.

When it comes to using high wattage appliances about this VATID power station, that’d be a 500W mini blender, which can be operated for about an hour until the power station has depleted its power capacity. What matters most for powering appliances and duration of usage of this VATID power is the wattage of your appliances. The capacity can easily last for days for certain low-wattage appliances or just an hour for appliances close to the 600W max output of the power station.

Output Charging:

The available ports to use this VATID power station and its 600W max output are incredible. There are four charging ports: two USB-A ports and the other two are USB-C ports. There are two 12V DC ports, two AC outlets, and one 12V/10A car outlet port.

Charging Ports

The charging ports on the power station are powerful. One of the USB-A ports features Quick Charge, which can be used to fast charge most Android phones. A pair of a USB-C port and a USB-A port share a 15W max output, so they’re both standard ports. 

The most powerful charging port on this VATID power station is the USB-C Power Delivery port that has a 65W max output. With a 65W Power Delivery charge rate, you can charge most USB-C laptops and fast charge most USB-C tablets and phones. We were able to charge a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 at its max charging speed with the 65W PD port. We realize there are power stations with a 100W USB-C PD port, but those usually have even more massive power capacities, higher max wattage output, and even higher prices.

We verified the charging output of the power station with a multimeter and found it to be accurate

A 65W Power Delivery charging speed covers most USB-C chargeable devices; although a few won’t charge at their max speed, they will at least charge. The inclusion of the USB-C PD port also absolves the need to use a Power Delivery wall charger to take up an outlet. Therefore two AC outlets are free to use for other purposes.

In our indoor test of the VATID power station, we were able to charge four devices simultaneously, and that included the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 via the 65W USB-C PD Port, also charge a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy A52, and an LG G7 from the rest of the charging ports. We also plugged in a lamp to one of the AC outlets. The laptop and three phones charged at optimal power without any hiccups, and the lamp continuously ran; all these devices ran together at about 60W.

12V DC Ports

Two 12V DC ports can be used to charge DC chargeable laptops, granted that you have the compatible DC charging cable to do so. You can also use these two DC ports for certain power appliances, but most appliances aren’t powered via DC ports, and we think this section of the VATID power station will be the least used. In our case, we didn’t have any devices to use with these two DC ports.

12V Car Port

The car port has a 12V/10A output, and it may be more beneficial than the two DC ports that we mentioned, as we did find a use for this 12V car port when we used a VIAIR portable air compressor. The tire pump air compressor used about 80W and worked flawlessly. Using the tire pump still provide tons of hours of usage as it’s not a high wattage device, and filling your tires with air is only used for a short duration.

Dual AC Outlets:

The two AC outlets are easily the best part of this VATID power station because you can power an appliance that uses up to 600W. However, the AC outlets use the same 600W max output of the entire power station. So you still have to consider other connected devices while using the AC outlets.

For the most part, you’re either using low-wattage appliances with this VATID power station or mid-tier wattage appliances closer to the 600W max output. You can’t power a full-sized blender, but you can power a mini blender that uses 500W. You can easily power a Kitchen Aid stand mixer that takes around 300W.

We used Air Duster, which has about 350W power usage, and a Lasko Tower Fan, which employs about 50W at its highest setting with our test for the AC outlets. These appliances worked flawlessly with this VATID power station, as they would with a wall outlet. Of course, with about 400W of power being used, the power station did fluctuate between 1 or 2 hours of usage time.

Knowing that the VATID power station can use 200W more while powering the air duster and the fan is incredible because the power station can be used to power two fans while you’re sitting outside; you’d be kept cool on a hot summer day, mosquitoes would be kept away because of the breeze from the fan, and you’d get hours of usage even when powering two fans.

For the price, especially the size, the 600W max output might not be the highest on the market, but it’s helpful if you know what you want to power.

Input Charging:

Recharging the VATID power station can be done in four ways. Two of the recharging options are included in the box an AC charger, and a car charger that can be used to recharge the power station via its DC port. You can recharge the power station at 90W via the AC charger. You can also use the USB-C Power Delivery port for recharging at 60W.

The best way to recharge this VATID 518Wh power station is by using the AC charger and USB-C PD input simultaneously; this can give you a 155W recharge rate that can recharge the unit much faster.

One other option to recharge the power station is via a Solar panel. We used a BougeRV solar panel that recharged the power station at about 80W to 90W. You can get a higher recharge rate with a more powerful solar panel, as this power station has a 120W max solar recharge rate. If you’re hiking or camping then solar recharging may come in handy and VATID has its own 120W Solar Panel that may fair better with recharging speed.


The lifecycle of this power station’s batteries can be anywhere from 500 to 1,000. It’s mostly dependent on how your use the power station and how often you recharge it.


Size and Weight:

Considering the 600W max output, 518Wh power capacity, and options for charging and powering appliances, this VATID power station is small but has weight to it.

Size comparison to a coca-cola can

The power station has a 7.9-inch length, a width of 5.5 inches, and a depth of 8.5 inches. It weighs 10 pounds. So the power station is pretty small, so you won’t be having any storage problems if you want to keep it in your house in case of emergencies or regular usage. It’s also a good size for road trips. The 10-pound weight is light and you can hold it for a long duration which makes it possible to take this power station on a hike and easy to move around if you’re at a park.

Functional Components:

This VATID power station is straightforward to use, with all of its functional parts being at the front of the unit. There are three power buttons. The AC power button activates the two AC outlets, and the DC power button is used to activate the charging ports, DC ports, and the car port. There is also an LED flashlight at the front with a power button.

You have to hold each of the power buttons down for about 3 seconds to activate their function and turn them off; you also have to hold them down for 3 seconds.

An LCD at the front shows the remaining power capacity, remaining time of the current capacity, what section of the power station is activated, such as AC or DC, and wattage output and input. It’s an informative screen that gives you peace of mind knowing what appliances you can and cannot use for a certain amount of time.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this VATID power station is vital. The entire outer shell is put together well with a plastic top and bottom enclosure with a middle piece made of Aluminum Alloy. It’s a tough shell that can withstand bumps and is possibly light fall. However, we don’t recommend dropping the power station from a high height as it may damage the unit. Also, don’t expose the power station to water as it’s not water-resistant.


One of the biggest concerns for power stations is overheating because they are devices that use lots of power. Thankfully this VATID power station has a robust internal fan once the unit reaches a specific wattage output and the fan also turns on during recharging. The internal fan is powerful because you can feel warm air being pushed out from the back and from the side openings to ensure that it’s being kept cool.


The reliability of this VATID power station will rely most on if you can utilize its 600W max output. This power station may not be for you if you’re trying to use appliances above the 600W threshold. However, if you’re under that 600W threshold, this power station is an incredible product that can power certain appliances for hours.

Charging is also a strong point for this power station with a 65W Power Delivery port and three other charging ports.



With a 600W max output and a 518Wh power capacity, and plenty of charging and powering options, you have a wide range of devices to use with this power station. 600W max output may not suit all, but it’s a good amount for most.


This VATID power station is small and easy to carry with its large handle. It’s an easy-to-use power station with all functional parts at the front. It includes an intuitive LCD that shows various states of the power station, such as power capacity, remaining usage time, and wattage output or input.


It’s a well-built unit, but you shouldn’t be too rough with it as it’s unlikely that it can take high falls, and it’s not waterproof. An internal fan dissipates heat, which is a must for a power station.


The only real reliability threshold is whether this VATID power station fits into powering your appliances, and that means if they can be powered with a 600W outlet. If not, it’s best to look for a more powerful power station, but if your appliances fit into the 600W output, then this VATID power station is an excellent choice.

VATID 600W Portable Power Station Specs
Power Capacity518Wh/140000mah
Lifecycle500-1000 cycles
2 AC Outlets110V,600W Rated,Peak 900W
1 USB-C Power Delivery Port65W Output, 60W Input
1 USB-C + 1 USB-A Port5V/3A, shared (15W Max)
1 USB-A Quick Charge Port5V/3.1A (18W Max)
2 DC Ports | 1 Car Port12V/10A shared 120W Max
95W AC + 60W Power Delivery Recharging (Input) Time3.5 Hours
12V Car Adapter Recharging (Input) Time8.6 Hours
VATID 120W Portable Solar Panel (Input) Time5.2 Hours
Size7.9 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Weight10.8 Pounds


There are power stations everywhere, and this VATID 600W 518Wh power station fits lots of power and various charging and powering options into a relatively small and lightweight form factor.

VATID Portable Power Generator,600W 518Wh Solar Power Generator,110V AC,12V Regulated DC,3.5hrs 100% Recharge,Pure Sine Wave,65W USB PD Rechargeable Power Generator
  • 【Recharge from 0% to 100% within 3.5hrs】Thanks to High-Speed Recharge Technology,It takes only 3.5hrs to recharge 100% battery of the portable power generator through 95W wall outlet and 60W USB-C PD port simultaneously.Recharging speed is much faster than any power generator whose capacity is same with us on the market.(PD adapter not included).
  • 【518Wh Large Capacity】Possessed a large capacity of 518Wh and many different outputs port, VATID 600W power generator can power up to 9 devices simultaneously for hours.LCD display is quite clear for you to monitor the power source and operation status of this power generator.
  • 【Ultra-light Ergonomic Design for Portability】VATID original ultra-light 600W small power generator is one-half the size of the same capacity power generator, which is so easy for a girl to carry it out. A compact and reliable portable solar generator for camping, road-trip, RV, and emergency. Outdoor activities enthusiast can take on mini fridge, cooling fan, projector, drone and CPAP without any worries.
  • 【MPPT Technology-Faster Solar Recharging】VATID solar power generator is equipped with the most advanced MPPT controller, which ensures a better PV recharging rates when using the solar panel to recharge. MPPT technology is beneficial to solar generator recharged at its max power point, so it speeds up the battery recharge. Recharging on the go and enjoying devices easily when you need.
  • 【More Energy-saving&Safer】The power generator features 2 Pure Sine Wave AC outlets,which can protect sensitive devices by producing clean & stable electricity.Built-in newly upgraded 5th generation BMS protection system was developed by many professional PhDs and Professors of electricity, which massively improves the safety level. What's more, VATID power generator has obtained FCC/UL/UN38.3 Certification, which ensures 100% charging safety.