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Review: Vinsic 30,000mAh Power Bank with 2 USB Ports and DC Output Port

Vinsic 30,000mAh Power Bank









  • Has a 30,000mAh Power Capacity that can very well last you for few a week
  • Uses a LCD Power Capacity Display
  • Has a DC Port to charge most laptops on the market


  • Along with its high power capacity, this portable charger is also very large and heavy

The best part about high capacity portable chargers other than the fact that they have a lot of power to charge smartphones, tablets, and other devices to their max power multiple times over.

It’s what comes along with the high capacity power bank that’s more useful and that would be the use of more powerful USB charging ports, special charging techs such as a Quick Charge being used, and other areas being improved as well.

In this case, for this 30,000mAh Vinsic power bank, it has a DC Output port which is something that only very high capacity power banks have and it also uses a DC input port too, which is quite an uncommon aspect when it comes to recharging these types of portable chargers.

Let’s take a look at why you should consider purchasing this portable charger as it’s not quite the size of a power supply and that is a good thing.

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Power Capacity:

This charger has a ton of power as it has a 30,000mAh initial power capacity. That amount of power comes with a purpose though as the charger has two standard USB charging ports and it also has a DC Output port which is the main part of this portable charger. That said, depending on how you’re using the charger, the output power capacity that you receive is going to change.

That’s because there are two USB that each has a charging speed of 5V/2.4A and the max output of the USB output is 3A. Then the speed of the DC port is 19V/1.5A. So let’s first know how much power you’re able to get from solely using the two USB ports.

3.7 x 30,000 = 111,000 / 5 = 22,200

 Vinsic 30,000mAh Power Bank
(Output Power Capacity = 22,200mAh)
Phone CapacityVinsic 30,000mAh Power Bank Left Over Power Capacity after 1 Charge

Number of Full Charges
iPhone SE22,200mAh1,624mAh20,576mAh Left Over

13.6 Full Charges
iPhone 622,200mAh1,810mAh20,390mAh Left Over

12.2 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus22,200mAh2,915mAh19,285mAh Left Over

7.6 Full Charges
iPhone 6s22,200mAh1,715mAh20,485mAh Left Over

12.9 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus22,200mAh2,750mAh19,450mAh Left Over

8.0 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S622,200mAh2,550mAh19,650mAh Left Over

8.7 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge22,200mAh2,600mAh19,600mAh Left Over

8.5 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S722,200mAh3,000mAh19,200mAh Left Over

7.4 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge22,200mAh3,600mAh18,600mAh Left Over

6.1 Full Charges
Apple iPad Mini 222,200mAh6,470mAh15,730mAh Left Over

3.4 Full Charges
Apple iPad Mini 422,200mAh5,124mAh17,076mAh Left Over

4.3 Full Charges

You’re going to be left with about 22,200mAh of output power capacity to use towards charging your devices if you’re only using the USB ports. And that is quite a lot of power for charging a smartphone and tablet to their full power multiple times over.

If you’re using the DC Output, which you most likely are, as that’s the major part of this charger, then you can expect about a 2,000mAh less power capacity and that still leaves you with a 20,000mAh Output power capacity to use with your devices such as laptops.

That’s what matters most anyway as the DC port is mostly meant for charging laptops and fortunately there’s a lot of power to charge laptops to their full power multiple times over.

This can’t be said about too many portable chargers on the market, however, since this charger starts with a very high initial power capacity, the conversion of energy doesn’t lessen it too much.

Output Charging:

The charging of this Vinsic portable charger is the best part of it, that said, it’s good as long as you know what it offers. As the charging that this portable charger has to offer is more stringent than just your regular portable chargers

Two USB Ports

There are two charging ports on this portable charger and each of them has a charging speed of  5V/2.4A. The max output of the USB port portion of this charger is 3A.

As a result, if you’re using the two charging ports with the 3A max output being reached, each of the ports is going to output a charging speed of 5V/1.5A for each of the devices that you’re charging.

So you can’t use the max output of each of the USB ports at the same time, unfortunately. It’s best to charge a single device at a time when it does come to charging with the USB port if you want the fastest charging speed for your device such as an iPad that does have a max charging speed of 2.4A.

DC Output Port:

The DC Output port is most likely going to be the main reason that you’re considering purchasing this portable charger as it’s able to charge laptops and other devices that can recharge using a DC port.

The portable charger comes with a laptop adapter with 8 different types of adapters that are compatible with a wide range of laptops from the following brands:

I= HP/Dell ( 7.4*0.6 mm)

A=Sony /Fyjistu ( 6.0*1.4 mm)

C= Liteon/Fujitsu/Dell/Delta  (5525)

D= Compaq/Acer/Benq/Toshiba   (D5521)

E= Acer/Sony  (5517)

H= Samsung (5.0*10 mm)

F= HP/Delta/Compaq (4817)

K= Lenovo ( 7.9*10 mm)

The charging speed of the DC port is 19V/3.5A with a 4.5A instant power output when you first start charging your device. That’s enough power to charge most laptops and other devices that take DC to charge at their max power.

Input Charging:

The recharging of this power bank is good and that’s because there are two options for recharging it. There’s a Micro-USB input port that has a recharge speed of 5V/1.5A and a DC input port that has a recharge speed of 19V/1.5A.

You’re going to want to recharge this portable charger using the DC input port using the AC adapter that it comes with as it’s able to recharge this power bank to its full power within just 5 hours. If you do choose to use the Micro-USB input for recharging, then that can result in a full recharge time of 10 hours or more.

Vinsic 28,000mAh Power Bank with 2 Smart USB Ports and Quick Charge


Size and Weight:

There is no doubt that this is a large portable charger as it has a 30,000mAh power capacity and it shows with its size and weight. This charger has a length of 6.9 inches, a width of 4 inches, and a thickness of 0.8 inches.

The weight of this charger is 1.2 pounds. You’re able to take this portable charger anywhere, so make no mistake, it’s still portable.

It’s just that when it comes time to use this charger you’re going to be stationary as that’s how it’s built and also what it’s built for, too. Fitting this charger into your back[pack should hold no problems.

Functional Components:

There are quite a few functional parts on this portable charger but luckily, most of them are on a single side of this charger. On this side is where you’ll find an LCD power capacity display, two USB ports, the DC Output port, and also the two input ports which include the DC port and Micro-USB too.

You have to press the power button to begin charging and once you do so the LCD power capacity display turns on and then turns off after about 20 seconds after being on.

That is a good thing as it conserves power. Speaking of the power capacity display, it’s a great way to tell the power capacity that’s left by using 3 digits. However, when you’re charging this Vinsic portable charger the LCD stays on to indicate how much as been filled up so far.

Once all the devices you’re charging are fully charged, the power bank automatically turns off.


Structure and Material:

Nearly the entirety of the portable charger is made of Aluminum with an exception of the sidings where the functional parts are. One-half of the portable charger is made of smooth Aluminum and the other half has more texture to it for a better grip. All the components feel great to use and are made to last.


On the tech side of things, the portable charger does a great job at managing heat as the charger barely gets warm no matter what you’re charging. As it can charge using both of its USB ports and its DC port at the same time and there’s still no overheating happening.


The main reason that you should be purchasing this portable charger is that of its use of a DC port as it can charge laptops and other devices too.

If you’re getting this portable charger solely because of its use of a high power capacity then you’re better off purchasing portable chargers that don’t have a DC port and just have USB ports.

That brings us to the reliability of this portable charger which lies with the fact that it does have a DC port that is most reliable for charging laptops and at the same time it can charge smartphones or a tablet.

Its high capacity is complemented with its use of so many charging ports and the other reliable charging part is the recharging of this portable charger as it has a DC input port. Or if you don’t have the AC Adapter there’s always another reliable way to recharge, which is by using the Micro-USB input port.

MAXOAK 36,000mAh USB-C Power Bank



There’s a lot of power to charge smartphones, laptops, and tablets to their full power no matter how you put it since the initial power capacity is plentiful the Output power capacity is the same. The main part of its charging is its use of a DC port and then there are two USB charging ports.


It’s large and heavy and meant for use only when you’re stationary most of the time. On the functional side, this charger is a blast to use with its easy activation and also an LCD power capacity display.


It has a solid built quality that feels great to use and no overheating no matter how ports you’re using it to charge with.


The reliability of this portable charger depends on whether or not you’re going to use the DC port as it’s what matters with this portable charger.

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Specs of the Vinsic 30,000mAh Power Bank with 2 USB Ports and DC Output Port:

  • Capacity: 30,000mAh
  • Output:  

Charging Speed Per Standard Port: 5V/2.4A

Max Output for Standard USB Ports: 3A

DC Output: 19V/3.5A | Max Current: 4.5A

  • Input:

Micro-USB Input Port: 5V/1.5A

DC Input Port: 19V/1.5A

  • LED Power Indicators: LCD Power Capacity Display
  • Size: 6.9 x 4 x 0.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 Pounds


Overall, this Vinsic 30,000mAh portable charger is great. It has all of the parts that a power bank can fit into it and takes a different turn with the use of a DC port that can charge laptops.

It might not be for everyone and that’s okay as this charger is meant for users that not only want to charge their smartphones and tablets but also want to charge their laptops too.

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