Review: Xreart Nintendo Game Boy Color Frame

Alright, a bit of a different review for this site, but we thought we’d take a quick look at this incredible frame product from Xreart. What this company does is that they take used or faulty tech products and make them into art. This is done by tearing down the product into its components and using the parts on a canvas that has each of the components of the product labeled. In this case, we have a Game Boy Color frame, and we’re just going to run through the aesthetics, craftsmanship and the look of, what we think, is a pretty good piece of art that you should consider hanging up in your home.

The Looks

You’re currently looking at the orange Game Boy Color frame; however, you can look over at Xreart’s website; they have various colors to choose from.

The entire Game Boy is taken part, and you can see all of its buttons individually, as well as other internals such as the speaker, power button, the CPU board, and the front and back of the portable gaming console. What makes all these pieces come together is they’re all labeled with text along with line segments that create this technical aesthetic that makes the frame better to look at; simply having all the parts of the Game Boy labeled with text would have been too plain.

In terms of the purpose of this artwork being framed and put on a wall, we think it works better than, say, a video game poster that shows a specific game. This frame shows something tangible, real, and a product that let you experience those fantastic games long ago. The console displays a Pokemon Gold Version menu for the Game Boy Color frame, which fits into what most gamers played back in the day or another Pokemon game. Ultimately, this frame will likely be a conversation starter in your home to break up the awkwardness when you have guests over; make sure that you have it in a prominent spot, so it’s easy to see.



The art piece is of excellent quality, with the elements of the Game Boy Color being straight and level, as well as the text and graphics that match with them. However, one of the weaker spots of this frame is the frame itself which does have a bit of a rough corner or two, but it is barely even noticeable and will practically be invisible once you hang it up. We wish that Xreart had a white frame border option, as all their designs would match a white border, too.

The frame does have a plastic protective film on it that you have to remove, and while removing it, the edges of the plastic frame got caught under the frame; to remove the plastic film trapped under the structure, you can either lightly press down on the top window, or you can release the holders from the back of the frame and remove the inner part entirely to remove the plastic. Removing the inner part and the top window may also be necessary if you find a piece of dust lodged inside the frame.

Should I get an Xreart Frame?

You’re the one that decides if you want the frame, but we highly recommend going on over to Xreart’s website and seeing the different types of frames that they sell. They sell frames that take apart smartwatches, other gaming consoles such as a PSP, phones that include an iPhone 4 frame, and a couple of different frame designs that may interest you. We’re excited that it’s something new because not many people have this artwork hanging in their house, and best of all, this is helping to recycle these products as they don’t end up in a landfill and can serve another purpose.