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  • Has a plethora of features that higher-end smartwatches have, with stats being shown in real-time and an app to better help organize and view your stats
  • A good quality touch-screen that's easy to use, and it shows messages from the smartwatch
  • Has an IP68 water-resistant rating
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2020)

Smartwatches have come a long way, and thankfully, we’re at a point where there is a bunch of competition for the smartwatch market and that’s because you have many more options to choose from. Also, with more competition, you’re not forced to pay very high prices for a smartwatch from Samsung or Apple. Instead, you can go for smaller brands that have more freedom over what they feature with their watches, don’t have as much as a prestigious image and their prices are very affordable.

Discounted Smartwatches

In this review, we’re taking a look at this YAMAY 022 2020 version smartwatch. It’s a smaller brand that has created a few of their own smartwatches, and each of them features the basics that you would expect a smartwatch to have. This YAMAY 022 watch is one of their newest models, and we must say that if you’re looking for a simple, yet innovative smartwatch then this one is it.

Size and Design

The YAMAY smartwatch comes with a magnetic charging cable that you would use at the back of the watch.

The watch has a circular form factor, and the entire part of the watch itself is 2 inches, with the Silicon strap measuring in at 9.8 inches at its max length, and 6.5 inches at its minimum length. The watch can easily fit all wrist sizes, so you won’t have to worry about it looking awkward or out of place.

The watch itself has a 1.28 inches LCD screen that makes everything easily viewable. Off to the side of the watch, there’s a power button that can be used to turn the screen on or off, or you can flick your wrist and turn the screen on that way.

When you first turn on the screen, the homepage is a simple one with Google’s colors, with the time and date. It looks good, and the default homepage screen is one of the best looking ones for this watch with its no-nonsense look.

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From the home screen, you can swipe left to go to the screen to the right. This screen shows the number of steps, the distance that you’ve walked, and the number of calories that you’ve burned for the day. The design for these stats is done well, with a circulator design to present the status of the statistics and numbers to go with each of them, too.

The next screen shows your BPM, and it does it in real-time. Not only that, there’s even a graph to show your heartbeat range over the day, the heart sensor also shows your highest and lowest heartbeat for the day.

If you’re someone that sleeps with their smartwatch on, then you’re also able to track your sleep patterns.

There is also a Training screen where you can tap the screen and bring up thirteen different training options for different sports. The different sports are:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Alpinism
  • Yoga
  • Skipping
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis

Once you start a certain sport activity training selection, the screen shows your BPM, a stopwatch timer, the calories that you’re burning, and the time. Once you’re done training and if the duration of the training is long enough, you can view the stats of your training time on the Onlyfit app that is pairable with this YAMAY 022 smartwatch, and we’ll get into that a little later.

After the Training screen, the final screen is a Music screen that shows controls for skipping or going back to a song or video. You’re also able to pause and start music and videos with this screen.

Going back to the start screen, you’re also you’re able to swipe down and have a few setting options such as a button that searches for your phone and makes your phone ring even if you have it on vibrate. You’re able to change the brightness of the watch’s screen, turn on Night mode and there is a “Settings” button that takes you directly to an options page.

The options page is very basic, with a selection to turn off the watch, reset it, get more info on your watch such as its model number, as well as a QR code to download the Onlyfit app.

Also, from the homepage, you can swipe right and get all the menu screens in one area and select which one you want to go to without having to swipe through all of them one at a time. When you’re at the homepage, you can also swipe up and view messages that you may have on your smartphone. You can only choose to view messages or clear them, but you can’t reply to them.

Overall, this YAMAY 022 smartwatch is a very nifty one that has all sorts of features that you would expect from a base smartwatch. There is nothing too fancy on this YAMAY 022, but that what you should expect from a watch within this price range, as it has all the necessary things that you would need.

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Only fit Apple Compatibility

The Onlyfit app is an app that is compatible to use with this YAMAY smartwatch, and it enables you to have control over certain settings that you’re not able to have control over with the watch directly. You’re also able to view the same stats that you can view on your smartwatch but on your phone screen where there is more detail shown.

You’re also able to have a watch face dial set from the Onlyfit app, as well as adjusting a few other settings that you may find intuitive to use the smartwatch.


Overall, this YAMAY 022 smartwatch is a great watch to get if you’re looking for one that’s without the top-brand price, and still has some great features to use.

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