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Review: Zendure A2 Power Bank

Zendure A2 Power Bank









  • Fast Output Charging
  • High Enough capacity that can Last for Days
  • Really Strong Build with the use of special plastic materla and Rubber ring that can take shock damage


  • Recharging Speed could be faster
  • Very Large thickness

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Zendure, a company that is known for making very classy power banks. They’re taking the portable charging space of electronics in a new kind of direction.

The power bank above is called the Zendure A2; The base portable charger from Zendure that is quite capable than most chargers within its class. Let’s take a look at why this classy power bank holds class in most areas.

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The Zendure A2 has a capacity of 6,700mAh. It’s a very high capacity for a power bank considering the Zendure A2 is s single Output charger, so it can only charge one device at a time.

Ultimately, the A2 is going to last you a few days until you have to recharge it, which is great because power anxiety will be kept to a minimum.

As for the charging speed of the power bank, it excels. The Zendure A2 is explained to have adaptive smart charging, with a max charging speed of 2.1 Amps.

Just shy of max charging at 2.4 Amps but we say that 2.1A of charging speed is perfect for a one-port power bank.

The Zendure A2 takes the power and capacity that you’d expect from a larger power bank and crushes it into a mini-sized charger that is capable of delivering a capacity that will keep you going for days and charging speed that will let you unplug faster.

Here’s how the capacity of the Zendure A2 will hold up with smartphones and devices.

 Zendure A2 Power Bank 6,700mAhPhone CapacityZendure A2 Power Bank Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
iPhone SE6,700mAh1,624mAh5,076mAh

4.1 Full Charges
iPhone 66,700mAh1,810mAh4,890mAh

3.7 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus6,700mAh2,915mAh3,785mAh

2.2 Full Charges
iPhone 6s6,700mAh1,715mAh4,985mAh

3.9 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus6,700mAh2,750mAh3,950mAh

2.4 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S66,700mAh2,550mAh4,150mAh

2.6 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge6,700mAh2,600mAh4,100mAh

2.5 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S76,700mAh3,000mAh3,700mAh

2.2 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge6,700mAh3,600mAh3,100mAh

1.8 Full Charges


The design of the Zendure A2 power bank takes you back to the times of old and we’re not talking about the tech, but the looks.

Its got silver and black colored option; But what makes the A2 stand out the most are the lines that run across the power bank along with the coloring. It all comes together to make a portable charger look like a very vintage old-time device when it’s not.

Although the lines on the power bank do hold a purpose of providing grip for the charger when it’s being held; Not many chargers take into account that being portable is great but it should also be safe while you’re holding it.

The Micro-USB input and the USB charging Output of the Zendure A2 is on the top side of the power bank and very easy to see and access. The power button is on top fo the power bank, along with the LED capacity indicators that are lined up alongside the power button.

Size of the power bank is very small, coming in at about the size of an iPhone 6, it’s a power bank that is very easy to carry in the hands, placing it on your desk won’t take up much space at all and fitting it into a bag or pouch won’t hold any hardships.

Although you won’t be fitting it into your pocket quite easily because it’s thick at 0.9 inches, with that being the only major design flaw with the A2.


The quality of the Zendure A2 is built from the ground up to withstand harsh conditions when it was being built.

This is because Zendure products all started within Kickstarter and as a result, the Zendure product line got quite a lot of feedback about how a power bank should be and one concern was that a power bank should be sturdy, as a result, the Zendure power banks were forged to withstand some beatings.

A Tough Build

The materials that make up the Zendure A2 is ABS-PC Composite Plastic.

This kind of plastic is stronger than the traditionally used plastic with most power banks.

Without getting too technical, the plastic chain cells hold together tighter and are proven to be more resilient in climates that are either hot or cold, so the structural integrity of the power bank won’t go down.

Along with the hard shell casing, the power bank has a rubber belt molding that wraps around the center of the power bank to withstand shock damage; This way, the inner electronic components of the power bank don’t get damaged because the shock from falls goes into the rubber wrapping.

The Zendure A2 was made for everyday use, and with everyday use comes unexpected outcomes. It’s a power bank that proves it’s ready to be taken out to withstand whatever adventures you embark on.

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The size of the power bank, the capacity, and charging speed is only one superb part of the Zendure A2.

It’s a fast portable charger that takes capabilities of design and mends it into a small charger.

If you want every day a portable charger that’s going to help you charge the single device that you use the most on the go, the Zendure A2 is worth it. It’s the got the capacity to last for a few days, along with a charging speed that will have you stop using the power bank after it’s done charging your device.

Coming with reliable power, the strong structure that is capable of taking on the world’s unexpected falls. It’s a power bank that was made to power through the tough conditions and bring power to you.

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The capacity of the Zendure A2 is 6,700mAh; The capacity is large enough to last for a few days and charge your devices while doing it.

Charging speed is just shy of max standard charging speed at 2.1 Amps but considering the size and the capacity of the power bank, 2.1A of charging speed is what you’d expect from a standard wall charger charging speed.


Zendure A2 is designed to be as portable as possible while still providing the power and capacity that it’s capable of.

It’s a small power bank that offers groove which makes it very easy to hold.

You’ll have no problem putting it into a bag or laying it on your desk without taking much space at all. The Micro-USB input and USB charging Output are very accessible.

There’s a power button and LED capacity indicators on top of the power bank. The only problem is the thickness of the power bank, however, it’s somewhat understood because of what the power bank is capable of.


It’s built to withstand the unexpected. The Zendure A2 is built with ABS-PC Composite Plastic which is stronger than your run of the mill kind of plastic.

Along with the hard shell of the strong power bank, is the rubber wrapping around the charger that can take shock damage from falls.


Coming together, the power bank can provide a highly reliable experience that accumulates through its ability to provide a high enough capacity to last you for days and charging speed that will leave you with lots of power.

It’s small enough to hold but portability through your pocket is a whole other ball game. The build quality was built so that you can definitely lay back and not worry too much about damage.

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Specs of the Zendure A2 Power Bank:

  • Capacity: 6,700mAh
  • Output: 5V/2.1A
  • Input: 5V/1.5A via Micro USB Input
  • LED Power Indicators: Four-LED status system
  • Size: 3.7 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 5 Ounces
  • 18-month warranty
  • Comes With: 20″ Micro USB Cable, Cloth Carrying Pouch, Product Manual


The Zendure A2 power bank provides a high-quality charging experience.

It’s a Mini power bank because, by Zendure’s standards, it’s the lowest capacity and smallest size portable charger that they’ve got.

We’ve gotta hand it to them because they created a power bank that can provide a massive capacity, fast charging, and a very well built charger, all in one.

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