Review: ZENS Dual Wireless Charger

ZENS Dual Wireless Charger











  • Features Fast Wireless charging for Qi-compatible iPhones and Samsung smartphones
  • You can charge two devices at once
  • Comes with a fast charger to power the wireless charger


  • Makes use of a DC port, instead of a more standard USB-C or Micro-USB input port

Most wireless chargers on the market are only able to charge a single device at a time, and even though this is the norm, it’s still highly limiting. Wireless charging might be slower than wired charging, but it’s the convenience factor that makes wireless charging so great, as you can just set your smartphone down and forget about it.

So what if you can actually make wireless chargers just like wall chargers with them also being able to charge multiple devices at once? That’s basically what this ZENS Dual Wireless Charger is capable of, as it actually makes use of two charging coils with one on either side of it and therefore you’re able to charge two Qi-compatible smartphones at once.

Let’s take a closer look to see if this wireless charging pad is truly worth it, or if you should still stick to solo wireless chargers.


Output Charging:

So you can actually charge two Qi-compatible smartphones at the same time with this ZENS wireless charger as the charger has two charging coils on either of its sides. That’s not all though, the charging power from it is quite good as it’s capable of fast wireless charging for both Samsung Qi smartphones and also for the iPhone X, XS and iPhone XR. So what does the fast wireless charging even mean?

Just to get rid of any misunderstanding, fast wireless charging is not as fast as wired charging, but it’s faster wireless charging rate than a regular 5W charging speed. So for Samsung smartphones that are Qi-compatible, they’re able to charge at a 10W charging speed with this ZENS wireless charger.

iPhones that are also wireless charging compatible are also able to have fast charging up to 7.5W.

All other Qi-compatible smartphones will charge at a standard 5W charging speed. So if you can make use of the fast wireless charging from this charger, then it makes it worth getting even more, but if you don’t, then you have to ask yourself if it’s worthing getting for the tech that you won’t exactly be able to utilize 100%. Another great part about this charger is that it has a 30W max output, which means that you can actually fast charge two smartphones at the same time.

Input Charging:

The charger comes with its use fast charging wall charger and something strange that we find is that it makes use of a DC port to be powered from. Most singular wireless chargers and also other dual wireless chargers make use of either a Micro-USB or USB-C input port. We don’t think that making use of a DC port is just a good idea because if you lose the wall charger then you’re going to have to contact ZENS for a replacement.

Whereas using the wireless charger that already makes of a Micro-USB or USB-C port is really easy to have a replacement charging cable or wall charger for.


Size and Weight:

It’s a long charger but that’s to be expected with it basically being two wireless chargers placed into one, and there still needs to be ample space to place two smartphones at the same time on it. It has a length of 7.7 inches and a thickness of 0.6 inches. The weight of the charger is 1 pound.

So you are going to need to have some space to place this charger, but overall, it’s sleek and meant to just stay in a single place.

Functional Components:

When it comes to using the charger, it’s just like using any other wireless charger. It’s powered by a wall charger and once you plug it in, it’s powered and ready to use. When a device is charging there’s a power indicator to show that it’s charging and it turns blue once the device is fully recharged.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this charger is really good, even though most of it is made of plastic, but that can be said about many wireless chargers on the market anyways. It does have a solid build to it though and feels quite premium. There are rubber grips at the bottom of the charger to make sure that it doesn’t slide around on the surface that you place it on.


With many wireless charges, they tend to overheat heat as induction charging (wireless charging) tends to generate quite of bit of heat. On this charger, there is actually not much heat, and we think that’s because of the larger heat vents that it makes use of and they have likely added a few tech features within the charger as they have more space to work with.


So the first reliable factor from this charger is that it can wirelessly charge two smartphones at once. Another is that it’s very reliable for Samsung smartphones and iPhones that are Qi-compatible, as it’s capable of fast wireless charging for those two types of smartphones. However, for standard Qi compatible smartphones, they will receive a regular 5W charging rate, so even though you do get to charge two smartphones at the same time, they won’t be able to take advantage of the fast wireless charging.



Charging power is great for fast wireless charging smartphones.


The charger has a slim form factor and it’s easy to use just like any other wireless charger.


The build feels solid and it surprisingly does not overheat much like other wireless chargers on the market.


It’s a wireless charger that’s mostly made for those that can make use of fast wireless charging with their smartphones. If you don’t own a Fast wireless charging compatible smartphone then it’s best to go with ZENS more standard dual wireless charger.

Specs of the ZENS Dual Wireless Charger:

  • Output:

Samsung Fast Wireless Charging: 10W

iPhone Fast Wireless Charging: 10W

Other Qi-Compatible Smartphones: 5W

  • Input: 18W
  • LED Power Indicator: Power Indicator
  • Size: 7.7 x 3.6 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound


Dual wireless chargers are definitely innovative they basically act like a 2-port wall charger but they’re easier to use, as you can just place your smartphone down and have it charging.

ZENS Wireless Phone Charger Dual Qi Certified Pad with 2X 15 Watt Power Output | Compatible with Samsung and Apple Fast Charge | Black

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  • CHARGING FREEDOM: ZENS Dual Wireless Charging Pad allows you to charge up to two phones effortlessly and without cables. Simply place your Qi enabled devices on the charger and it will begin charging. Compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X (iPhone 10), Samsung Galaxy S7/S8, Android and more. Older iPhones require a ZENS Qi case that enables wireless iPhone charging (sold separately). Fully supports Samsung Fast Charging.
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Please note that wireless charging is generally slower than wired charging but that, in return, it protects your device's charging port and prolongs the life of the battery. This Charging Pad features a 2x 15W power output. Compatible with select Samsung phones can receive up to 15W of power, while iPhones 8/8+/X are currently able to receive up to 7.5W of power. The iPhone 8+/ X will take about 3 hours for a full charge and about 2 hours for the iPhone 8.
  • FAST, RELIABLE & SMART CHARGING: Charging your device wirelessly has never been easier! ZENS Qi charging pad features two 15 watt bases that will quickly charge your devices without the need for a cable. The charging pad itself is powered via included AC/DC adapter and features ultra-low standby power. Charging stops when your phone reaches full charge, then resumes as battery life drops.
  • PERFECT FOR HOME AND OFFICE: We designed the ZENS dual charging pad to seamlessly fit into any decorating style to allow you to use this practical wireless charger at home and in your office. It is extremely easy to use as it only requires you to place your devices onto the pad. This simple design guarantees flawless performance, time and again.
  • ABOUT ZENS: ZENS is an innovative company based in the Netherlands that specializes in wireless charging. All of their products are Qi-compatible and certified with the goal to take wireless charging to the next level. All ZENS products for Apple iPhone and/or Apple Watch are also Apple MFi certified. ZENS offers an industry-leading 2 year warranty for all of their products, + 1 additional year if you register on their website, so that you can buy with confidence.
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