Unitek 140W GaN 3 Port Fast Wall Charger Review

Power Delivery chargers are great because they come with all sorts of ports and power output so you can choose a charger specifically for your needs. There are chargers meant only for charging phones, while there are ones that can charge nearly any USB-C chargeable device under the sun. In this review, I’m looking at … Full Post

NOVOO 67W GaN III Power Delivery Charger Review

Simplicity and being very powerful are what modern chargers are all about now. Gone are the days of having two use separate chargers for most of your devices. Instead, at this point, you only need a single charger to charge all your modern portable devices. In this review, I’m looking at this NOVOO 67W charger … Full Post

VOLTME 100W 3 port GaN III Power Delivery Wall Charger Review

100W Power Delivery wall chargers are among the most versatile types of chargers that you can own. They have a high power output, so you can fast charge most devices if you charge a single device simultaneously. Even if you’re charging multiple devices simultaneously, the 100W power allocation lets you fast charge many devices. I’m … Full Post

VOLTME 65W 3 Port GaN Power Delivery Charger Review

The great thing about chargers these days is that they come in different ranges. Some chargers are more useful for charging phones and laptops, while others can charge nearly anything. When it comes to those higher-wattage chargers, you do have to consider the price because those can be pretty expensive, which is why you may … Full Post

VOLTME 30W 2 Port USB-C Fast Charger Review

Different Power Delivery chargers tend to be used for different purposes; at least, that’s mostly true for lower-wattage chargers. Higher wattage Power Delivery chargers, such as those within the 100W+, can charge nearly any USB-C compatible device. Still, if you’re searching for a charger to charge your phone or tablet solely, you can stick to … Full Post

Unitek 100W GaN 4 Port Power Delivery Wall Charger Review

Power Delivery chargers come with various charging ports and different output power. You might as well get a high-power output wall charger because they’re so convenient, especially if it has multiple charging ports and a 100W output. I’m looking at this Unitek 100W GaN 4 port Power Delivery wall charger in this review. This might … Full Post

ALOGIC Matrix Universal Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh Review

Wireless charging hasn’t been my preferred method of charging my phone; the same can be said for most people. Wireless charging can be convenient, but you have to place your phone on a pad, wireless charging is also slower, and overall most people use wired charging. However, wireless charging can be more convenient if you … Full Post

JOMGAND JQ3500 3500A Portable Battery Jump Starter Review

Portable jump starters have improved over recent years, with them now being on the smaller side while still being able to output higher jumping starting power. Another big improvement is that jump starters use high Power Delivery charging output, with some using up to 100W of Power Delivery for input and output. This review looks … Full Post

GMM 300W 296Wh Mini Portable Power Station Review

If you’re searching for a portable power station, you’re likely overwhelmed with available options. There are power stations with massive capacities and high power output; at the same time, there are those with low capacities and low power output. Those larger power stations can be very expensive, and for the most part, most consumers aren’t … Full Post

RAVPower 100W GaN 2 Port USB-C Wall Charger Review

At this point, high-wattage Power Delivery chargers are pretty normal. A few years ago, 100W PD chargers were rare and incredible, but more portable devices becoming compatible with USB-C charging developed more high-wattage chargers. If you’re searching for a high-powered USB-C charger, I’m looking at the RAVPower 100W 2 port USB-C wall charger in this … Full Post