INIU 15W Adjustable Fast Wireless Charging Stand Review

Wireless chargers have existed for many years; there’s nothing new, whether wireless charging pads or charging stands. Wireless chargers are a convenient way to charge your wireless charging compatible phone if you have one; using your phone while you wirelessly charge it can be difficult. Charging stands are okay but are not adjustable and can … Full Post

Review: MOMAX Magnetic Transparent MagSafe Wireless Charger

There are a host of wireless chargers on the market; some are charging stands, others are pads, and there are wireless chargers with multiple charging coils, and many of them have varying charging speeds. If you’re looking for fast charging, then a wireless charger isn’t the best option, as wireless charging is much slower than … Full Post

Review: Excitrus Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand with Adapter

$10 off Amazon Coupon Code: DMUKTZJG | Discount Ends 5/31/2022 | 15% Clip Coupon Available on Amazon Wireless charging isn’t the best choice for speed because a wireless charger will almost always charge slower than wired charging. Of course, there are exceptions, with there now being a few phones that can wirelessly charge at incredible … Full Post

Review: Vebach 10W Fast Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless charging isn’t new, but it is still a convenient way to charge your smartphone because all you have to do is place your phone on the charger and forget about it. The only cable involved with a wireless charger is when you need to plug one into the wireless charger and forget about it. … Full Post

Review: GEEKERA 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Dock Stand

Wireless charging has come a long way from only being used with smartphones, as the accessories that are compatible with phones are now using wireless charging. As Bluetooth earbud cases can be charged wirelessly, and so are smartwatches such as the Apple Watch. If you’re someone that uses wireless charging heavily because it’s convenient to … Full Post

Review: CHOETECH Triple Fast Wireless Charging Pad T569-S

  Wireless charging may not be the fastest way to charge your smartphone, but it is one of the more convenient ways, as you can place your phone down on a pad and have it charge. That said, using single coil charging pads or two coil wireless charging stands still have their limits because you … Full Post

Review: KEYSION 5-Coil Dual 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad Stand Hybrid

Wireless charging has grown a lot in recent years, and it’s likely due to iPhones becoming wireless charging compatible. Ever since, there are have been many brands that have risen to sell their own chargers, and at this point, most of them are very similar or downright identical. However, in this review, we’re taking a … Full Post

Review: CHOETECH 15W MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charger

Apple doesn’t always innovate in the most practical ways, as they sometimes take features away from their products only to add something else on for the customer to purchase. That said when Apple does innovate, it comes with peace of mind that users may not have thought of, and for the iPhone 12, it’s MagSafe … Full Post

Review: RAVPower 15W Fast Wireless Charging MagSafe Charger Pad

A convenient way to charge your smartphone is wireless charging, as you don’t have to worry about placing a cable into your smartphone. With the creation of MagSafe, Apple’s magnetic wireless charger, wireless charging has become more accessible than ever. This is because you’re able to magnetically stick the charger to the back of the … Full Post

Review: Spigen SteadiBoost 10W Fast Wireless Charger Pad

Wireless charging has grown a lot in recent years, and the first phones to start using wireless charging were Android smartphones. However, when the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 were released, wireless charging became even more popular as they were the first iPhones to be wireless charging compatible. Overall, wireless charging is a convenient … Full Post