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The Best Electronics Gifting Guide

Gifting is a fragile subject because it’s an action that requires a lot of planning. When you’re going to gift someone something, the gift must pertain to the person that you’re giving it to in some way. To give someone a great gift, you should know their interests, and if you don’t know anything about the person you’re giving a gift to, then be prepared for hidden disappointment on the person’s face that you’re giving the gift to.

Gifting should be handled with confidence and when you give the gift to someone, they should feel value from it in two ways. The first way is that you know them well enough and the second way is that you gave them a valuable product that they like.

Electronics are the most valuable gifts that you can give to someone because electronics are present within our daily lives, they can make an impact on whether they are big or small. Everyone can take advantage of electronic products because they are very well intertwined with our lifestyles, either leisure time or work time, electronics play a heavy part with the way we live our lives.

This is why Charger Harbor has made a list of the best electronics gifts that you can give, so there’s no doubt about if you got the right gift for someone. So let’s get started!

Best Gift #1: Fitbit

There’s a pretty large movement on making people more active, in this day and age, we rely on electronics for nearly everything and it can make us lazy at times. However, this can be reversed in many ways and the main way it’s being turned around is by using electronics in a way that helps us understand just how important it is to stay active and lead healthy lifestyles.

Fitbit is an activity tracker device that can help someone understand where they stand with their health. Sure a Fitbit will not be able to know what’s happening with the body in detail, but a Fitbit can provide info about general health.

The best thing about Fitbit is that they provide so many tracker devices to fit people’s lifestyles. Different trackers have different features, have price differences but the best part is that they provide general health info about the person that the user can understand and change their lifestyle accordingly.

A necessary item that someone will need that is going to be gifted a Fitbit or any activity tracker is a Smartphone. If the person receiving a Fitbit does not have a smartphone, it will make the experience with the Fitbit less intuitive because there’s a Fitbit app that a Fitbit tracker can connect to and the Fitbit app can record the user’s stats.

Fitbit Zip

Pic 1


The Fitbit Zip is an activity tracker that can track a lot of things, this is surprising considering that it’s Fitbit’s most basic activity tracker and yet it has very helpful features.


  • The Zip can keep track of the steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve gone while walking or running, calories burned and it’s able to keep track of the amount of activity time you’ve had.
  • The Zip is a tap display, which means tapping the screen can make the screen turn on and become bright.
  • Fitbit Zip can sync with devices such as smartphones
  • Zip is waterproof
  • The Zip has a battery that can last up to 6 months on just one charge, the battery is easily replaceable once it’s out of power


  • The Zip is not a watch, instead, the Zip is a clip that has to be clipped to clothing. This can be troublesome because there’s a chance of it falling off.
  • The Zip does not feature a Heart Rate monitor
  • The Zip cannot set alarm clocks


Fitbit Flex

Pic 1


The Flex is the most popular activity trackers out currently because it enters the watch category for the Fitbit product lineup. It’s favored because it’s such a simple way to have an activity tracker as a very usable watch.


  • The Fitbit Flex can track steps, the distance you’ve traveled, calories burned, activity time, and the amount of time you’ve stayed stationary
  • LED lights, light up one by one as you go towards a goal
  • Capable of syncing with devices like smartphones
  • The tracker can be customized by removing the tracker from the band and replacing it with another one for a more personal style
  • The Flex is water-resistant
  • A battery life that can last up to 5 days
  • Able to track sleep patterns and set alarm clocks


  • The Fitbit Flex doesn’t have a large or functional screen, all the screen shows are the LED goal lights. So there’s no way of telling the time, how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, and any other stat on the screen. Instead, you have to rely on the Fitbit smartphone app
  • The Flex does not sense Heart Rate


Fitbit Charge HR

Pic 1


The next most popular Fitbit tracker is the Charge HR. The Charge HR is truly the flagship of the Fitbit brand because it brings all the core features that all the other Fitbit trackers have and brings it all into one package. With a screen that can show plenty of stats!

The Fitbit Charge HR is an improved version of its previous model called the Fitbit Charge. The Fitbit Charge HR is the same as the Fitbit Charge expect that the Charge HR has a Heart Rate monitor, that’s what the “HR” represents.


  • Features a heart rate monitor so you can know your heart rate at all times.
  • The Charge HR can track all the standard activities: Steps taken, distance traveled, floors climbed, active minutes, and stationary time
  • You can see your stats on the screen, tell the time and view call notifications all on the watch
  • You can enter the “Exercise” mode on the watch so you know the duration and stats of your workout
  • Automatically tracks and records stats into the Fitbit app
  • Tracks Sleep patterns and record them. You can also set an alarm
  • Battery life up to five days


  • The Fitbit Charge HR is not water-resistant, so keep it away from water!
  • The Charger HR does not feature a colored screen, although it does feature a screen that shows icons and numbers of the stats very well


Fitbit Blaze


The Fitbit Blaze is the most boastful Fitbit of all. The Blaze’s most renowned feature is the colored touch screen display. Yes, the screen is a touch screen, which means you can change things in an instant. Starting and stopping a timer is as simple as tapping on the screen.

Overall the Blaze offers just a little more than the previous Fitbits, it goes a little further than the other trackers with the display and overall design with how big and bold it is.


  • Capable of all standard Fitbit features
  • Includes a Heart Rate monitor
  • Is connected to a GPS signal
  • On-screen workouts
  • Colorized touch screen
  • Adjust what sport the watch is set to be active on
  • View calls, texts, and alerts
  • Have full music control functions


  • It’s very likely the screen can get damaged if it were hit hard against a surface. It can also be scratched
  • The price of the Fitbit Blaze is quite higher than all the other Fitbit trackers, so this should be for someone that will highly value it


Fitbit Surge



Lastly, the Fitbit Surge offers everything that all the other Fitbit trackers have, with just one additional feature. An onboard GPS for outdoor activities. Just another difference that doesn’t pertain to features is the price of the Surge, which is $219. This price is quite high than the one model lower than it, the Fitbit Blaze, because of the onboard GPS.

So if you think it’s worth getting a Surge as a gift, then you may want to reconsider because it doesn’t boast that much in the way of what it features.

Best Gift #2: Portable Speakers

Sound is great, sound is something that we enjoy every day. During times of leisure, music isn’t the only thing that’s being listened to, it could be audiotaped as well, videos being watched and alarms going off. Sounds aren’t just heard during our free time, music is what we enjoy hearing and it can be very well listened to when we’re in our working model.

Sounds allow us to cut loose, it can fill us with powerful emotions which can push us to do better.

Portable Speakers and headsets can achieve just that. They are a catalyst for the sounds that make our moods skyrocket. It’s great to gift portable speakers and Bluetooth headsets because they give freedom to the user. Portable speakers are small and well…portable. Most portable speakers are now built in such a way so they can take fall damage and are now even water-resistant.

Bluetooth headsets are great for listening to music right into your eardrum and they allow you to be free from the device it’s connected to much better than traditional wired headsets.

When you gift someone a Portable Speaker or Bluetooth headset you’re giving them the ability to enjoy something that they may not have always enjoyed or enjoyed even more.

OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation


The Oontz Angle 3 is the most popular portable Bluetooth speaker on Amazon and for great reasons too. The Oontz Angle 3 offers all things that make a great speaker and capitalizes on them.


  • The Oontz Angle 3 can provide amazing loud and clear sounds
  • The small size of the speaker makes it very portable. So portable, that it can fit into a cup holder
  • Made of very light material, the Oontz Angle 3 is a very light portable speaker
  • A hands-free experience through connecting to smartphones and tablets
  • Can play nearly all sounds so you can listen to music, TV shows, or Movies through the speaker
  • The speaker is water-resistant, so it can be taken to places with water without anxiety that the device will get damaged
  • The speaker has a surprisingly low price for what it offers


  • The speaker may be sealed from any damage by water, dust, and any other substances, but the speaker can be quite fragile when it comes to fall damage.


Anker SoundCore Sport

Pic 1


Nearly every Bluetooth speaker can be used for outdoor purposes but if we’re talking about outdoors in terms of rough terrain and adventure, then the SoundCore Sport is what truly defines what it means to have a Bluetooth speaker that can handle the outdoors.

The SoundCore Sport is great for outdoors and a better option than other portable speakers because the structural integrity is the main thing that makes the SoundCore Sport extraordinary


  • SoundCore Sport can handle dust and water. It can even be under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes!
  • Able to handle shock damage from falls
  • Connect to devices like smartphones and tablets, so you can use the SoundCore Sport hands-free
  • Button controls
  • The SoundCore comes with a durable wrist strap, Micro USB to recharge the speaker, and a great 18 Month warranty
  • Clear audio is done through a 3W audio driver, a passive subwoofer for great base beats, and anti-clipping tech that provides distortion-free sounds.


  • The battery power of the SoundCore is quite good but it can be better. Providing a 10 battery, the SoundCore, if used a lot, will most likely feel as if the battery is lacking incapacity

Best Gift #3: Bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headsets are the future of the way we listen to our music and overall sound from electronic devices. Headsets in general provide a way to listen to music directly to our ears without anyone else hearing it and without being disturbed. However, headsets such as earbuds that are wired are simply not enjoyable or viable to use anymore. Wired electronics are now becoming a thing of the past because they are more likely to break and fall apart.

When you use wired earbuds they almost always get tangled up no matter where you put them. Putting earbuds into your pockets ends up with them being tangled, putting them into your backpack ends with them being tangled and in the end, all we want to do is just use earbuds to listen to what we want to, not untangle our accessories.

Another aspect that makes wired earbuds a thing of the past is that they can break easily since the wires are long so the user can wear them “Comfortably” but comfortable just translates into being more cumbersome by making the wires being more susceptible to damage since the wires are so long, they can easily be torn apart by either a pet or just daily use.

Bluetooth headsets solve all the problems that the wired headsets hold because even though there are wires with a Bluetooth headset, they are only to reach the user’s ears and nothing more. The sounds are transmitted through Bluetooth technology, so long wires are no longer an issue.


Tone Pro HBS-750

Pic 1


LG’s HBS product line is the Bluetooth headset category that allows the user to wrap the headset around their neck and listen to music from the device they’re connected to. The HBS series is great because the products hold quality not only with Bluetooth but the headsets hold functions that are great as well. After all, this means that the user doesn’t have to go back to their phone or any device that they’re playing the sounds from to change the volume or the song they’re on, it’s all done directly on the Bluetooth headset.

Shown above is the HBS-750, which is the base Bluetooth headset within the HBS headset series. The HBS-750, although being the base of the headsets, is a great product. It’s one of the greatest base products for nearly any product line because of what it is capable of.


  • The HBS-750 can connect to a device using Bluetooth, no more wires connected to your phone
  • The 750 will stay connected and keep playing music as long as you’re relatively close to the device you’re playing it from. Keep your device on the other side of the room and still listen to your music.
  • The neck fitting grip is very comfortable. It’s not tight at all and it doesn’t fall or slip because it contours to the neck it’s on
  • Pause/Play buttons are on the right side of the 750. With just the tap of a button, you can resume or stop the music
  • Volume controls and track control are to the sides of the headset. You don’t need to go back to your device to change the volume or song.
  • Call or pick up calls at the touch of a button on the headset
  • The neck grip is flexible so it’s able to bend and not sustain damage


  • The HBS Series has amazing features and great portability but it does have some holdbacks with how fragile it can be. Dropping the headset or slamming something on the headset will most likely end up with pretty serious damage.

Other models of the HBS Series are considered to be “Higher” end models that feature the same things that the HBS-750 does but with improvements in certain areas.

LG HBS-800

Pic 1


The HBS-800 builds onto what the HBS-750 was but with more improvements in areas of quality.


  • Features JBL Signature Sound, to feature more quality sound without any distortion
  • Ambient Noise Cancellation allows for far better listening
  • The headset is compatible with Google Voice, which means that you can ask questions to Google via the headset now. Look up how the weather is like or learn what’s happening around the world by asking Google



Pic 1


The LG HBS-900 is an improvement on the HBS-800.


  • Retractable earbuds
  • A metallic finish to the entire headset
  • Supports SMS reading and Battery Status updates

There are also the HBS-910 and HBS-1100 models that improve upon the previous models that take the HBS series into even further innovations but they’re quite high-end products that cost a lot.

Best Gift #4: Power Bank

Power banks are one of the best gifts that you can give to anyone. Yes, we said anyone. Everyone can take advantage of a power bank as a gift because they most likely own a device that requires charging, since there aren’t any devices in our daily lives that have unlimited energy, so power banks will always be a necessity.

When you give someone a power bank, they can use it to charge nearly anything that needs recharging. So in the end you’re improving the experience of their already owned products by extending the duration that they spend with them.

Although there are many power banks that you can get, gifting a quality power bank is what should be focused on the most because not all power banks are created equal.

PowerCore 20100

Pic 1


The PowerCore 20100 is a high capacity power bank and it’s one of the best power banks out there. It’s a great power bank because it holds all the features that a power bank should have and a price that is very generous for what it has to offer.


  • Two USB charging ports that feature Anker’s PoweriQ charging. PoweriQ charging is Smart Tech charging that can detect devices and deliver the fastest charge
  • Smaller than previous models, the PowerCore 20100 is a power bank that has reduced its size and weight
  • 4 LED light indicators show the power level of the power bank
  • The capacity of the power bank is 20000mAh. That’s enough power capacity to charge a smartphone 4 times over and even more.
  • The price is great for what you’re getting at $42.99


  • The PowerCore 20100 does not feature any Quick Charge tech. Although Anker does create Quick Charge power banks with Quick Charge tech this isn’t one of them.


PB-T3 16000mAh Power Bank with Quick Charge 2.0

Pic 2


The Aukey 16000mAh power bank is great for charging two devices at the same time just like the Anker PowerCore 20100 but Aukey’s power bank has a port that features Quick Charge 2.0. Quick Charge 2.0 is a technology that can charge compatible devices at a much faster-charging speed. To know more about Quick Charge, read more about it here.


  • Has two ports for charging. One port is for Quick Charge charging. The other port features Aukey’s smart tech charging, AiPower
  • The power band is considerably small and can fit into your hand or any carrying bag very easily
  • Has a LED flashlight if you’re ever in a dark setting
  • The 16000mAh is still a high capacity and can charge smartphones and tablet a few times over


  • None


                    PowerCore+ Mini                                                                   Astro E1 5200mAhPic 1. Croppedjpg

                                Cropped Trans


These two power banks are the best low capacity power banks that someone can gift. Low capacity power banks are not thought to be goods gifts because of their low capacity power. Low capacity is thought to be more for one’s use but certain low capacity power banks can be gifted and hold tremendous value.

The PowerCore+ Mini is a very popular mini power bank because of a lot of simple reasons and great design choices.


  • The capacity of the PowerCore+ Mini is 3350mAh, that capacity is enough to charge a smartphone to a full charge once and still have some leftover
  • The size of the PowerCore+ Mini is that of a lipstick. So small that it can easily fit into a pocket
  • All the functions of the PowerCore+ Mini are on one side. The power button, the USB Charging Port, and the Micro USB recharging port. This makes the power bank extremely simple to use.


  • For a power bank in its class, the PowerCore+ Mini is a precedent of what a mini power bank should be

As for the Astro E1 power bank. It’s even a greater power bank that is also known for its extremely small size and can boast quite a large capacity for its size. With a 5200mAh capacity, the Astro E1 is prepared to charge a smartphone or tablet to full capacity and still have enough to charge it again halfway.

When you pair the portability with the power capacity that you get with these mini power banks, The term “Mini” can’t be applied to size now because as capacities are growing, the size of small power banks is either being kept the same or shrinking even more.


Best Gift #5: Videogames

Yes, this is a broad topic because there are a lot of videogames out there but if there’s something very important to learn. The best thing to know is that many people play videogames, they may not make it appear but it’s quite likely that the person you want to give a gift to, plays videogames and they enjoy videogames a lot.

Videogames are very enjoyable to the people that play videogames, they serve more than just a “Game”, they’re adventurous experience that can take a player into different worlds and make the player feel so many different emotions. So it’s vital to know that if you’re going to gift something to someone that you know if they’re a gamer and if you aren’t sure if they play videogames, then ask. Asking or showing the slightest level of interest in videogames can make a gamer expose that they are indeed a gamer.

Once you know that someone is a gamer, just learn what games they enjoy playing and if possible, know if they enjoy a certain franchise of a videogame Figure out if they have the latest game for the franchise that they like. If not, then you know what game to get.

Too many gamers have received clothes instead of what they needed, videogames.

Fallout 4

Pic 1


Fallout 4 is the next installment in the Fallout franchise that provides yet another great experience that the previous games like Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas provided.

Fallout 4 is a game that fans of the series will love if they don’t have it yet. A post-apocalyptic setting with the game now taking place in Boston provides a whole other space to be discovered, quests to be taken and a new storyline to follow. Fallout 4 is now up to date with graphics that it was made for a new generation and although it’s not the best looking game out there, the visuals have been noticeably updated.

Gifting Fallout 4 to a fan you know is a great game to give because it provides a great experience that the wasteland wanderer in your life will love.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Pic 1


The last installment in the Uncharted series takes the series of Uncharted to a whole other level. Uncharted 4 is a PS4 exclusive game, so please make sure that the person you’re giving this to has a PS4 so that they can play it. Playing the previous games is also something that you may want to know if the person you want to give Uncharted 4 to because it’s best to play the previous games to know the storyline and who the characters are.

Uncharted 4, takes the protagonist, Nathan Drake, on his last adventure with amazing action, visuals that have been pushed to the limits, and a storyline that will keep you guessing about what might happen next. It’s an absolute love letter to the fans of the series and a must-play for someone that hasn’t played it yet.


Pic 1


Overwatch is a game that nearly anyone can become a fan of. Overwatch is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game that has teams play against each other to complete objectives.

Objectives within the game can vary from capturing points to pushing carts to checkpoints. Overwatch is somewhat the modern iteration of a game called Team Fortress 2 and it shows quite a bit. Although Overwatch is a game that has been built from the ground up and has a deeper world to it, it takes what made past games so great and improved upon it.

There are classes within the game and each class character has its attributes. Choosing certain classes that you want to excel at is the best and the most entertaining option because this way you’ll be able to assist your teammates as much as possible.

Overwatch provides great animated short videos that go into some detail about who the characters are and what they’re like. You can find these animated shorts on the Overwatch youtube channel.

Bonus Gift: A Powerful, Travel-Friendly Laptop

Laptops are the perfect tech gifts if one has the budget to splurge. These gadgets have so many functions—browsing the web, making reports, streaming music, watching movies, and editing photos and videos—making them useful for everyone. 

When giving someone a laptop, it’s very important to consider what they will use it for. For professionals, a business laptop with specifications that allow them to multitask without lag is the best choice. A gaming laptop that can run the most popular games is ideal for heavy gamers. For regular users, a midrange laptop is just right. 

To find the best laptop, consider the preferences of the receiver, the specifications of the device, and your budget.

Overall, Overwatch is a game full of fun and excitement as you pick your class, learn the objectives, and work with a team to complete the objectives.

These products are great choices for gifts because they add genuine value. When you’re giving someone a gift, it must add value to the person’s life because when the value is received then enjoyment follows.