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The Best Power Banks for Pokemon GO

Now that Pokemon GO is all the rage and will be for… long as it’s available for download on the app stores, it’s more important than ever to keep your devices charged and ready to go. Since you’re going out Pokemon catching, and using a app most of the time on your phone, then there’s a high chance that your phone will begin to lose power very quickly. Luckily, there are power banks and battery cases to make sure that you can complete your goal to catch’em all and become the very best.

We’ve picked out the best portable chargers and battery cases so you can reach your full potential as a Pokemon trainer.

Let’s get started.

The basis of any Pokemon trainer is portability. Yeah sure, when you go out to venture for Pokemon, you’ll be tempted to pack a bunch of food in your backpack and maybe other electronics with you but a true Pokemon trainer knows that traveling light is the best way to travel.

The same goes for power banks.

A Small Power Bank is the best Power bank for a trainer

Small power banks are the best portable charging devices that you can take with you because they’re so small and have a capacity that can charge either the smartphone or tablet that you’re playing on to full capacity. Mini power banks like these are quite common these days.

EasyAcc Classic 3,350mAh

Pic 1

EasyAcc creates mini power banks that are great for going Pokemon catching because these kinds chargers are able to fit nearly everywhere. They can fit in your pocked or a bag that you have on you. EasyAcc has actually capitalized on these kinds of power banks because because they realize just how much in demand they are by making a different with a flashlight:

Overall there are plenty of options to get these kind of power banks from companies that have their own take and design of the modern mini sized power bank. Here are a few more options for getting a mini power bank to take you on better adventures for Pokemon GO.

RavPower 3,350                                            Jackery Mini 3,350mAh                                  Aukey PB-N37 5000mAh

Pic 1

Pic 1   Pic 1



Anker PowerCore+ Mini                                                                                              PowerCore 5,000

Pic 1. Croppedjpg                                                                            Pic 1

As you can see from the power banks above, they all follow the criteria of what a modern mini power bank should be. They’re small, the size of a mini power bank should be able to fit within your pocket. No exceptions. The other aspect of a mini power bank is the capacity. The capacity should be at least 3,000mAh or higher because many smartphones have battery capacity of 3,000mAh and they need a power bank to keep up with battery capacity.

So does it matter which mini power bank to get that we mentioned above? No. It doesn’t matter just as long as you’re going with the power banks that we mentioned above because the power banks above are the created from companies that are dedicated to making electronic charging devices. These charging companies create charging devices that are meant to add value and make charging electronic devices easy and fast.

Choose you’re starter power bank, just as you’d choose your starter Pokemon and get started on your Pokemon trainer journey!

Larger Power Banks

Bigger power banks means more capacity but you’re still going to want a very portable power bank so you can stay mobile when you’re training your Pokemon or out battling against other Pokemon trainers.

These bigger capacity power banks are for those days you’re out for nearly the entire day to be the very best. Capacity and portability are the most important aspects when you’re picking out a power bank, even if we’re talking about higher capacity ones.

Here are best higher capacity chargers that you’re gonna need on those on Pokemon GO adventures.


Anker PowerCore 20100

Pic 1

The Anker PowerCore 20100 is a power bank that we’ve mentioned quite a lot of time here on Charger Harbor and for great reasons. The Anker PowerCore 20100 is a power bank that has a amazing capacity with a amazingly small size.

With a 20,100mAh capacity, PowerCore is able to charge a smartphone or tablet 4 times over. This power bank is literally meant to last one day or even a few days if it’s used occasionally. If you’ve got a laptop on you while on Pokemon GO venturing, the 20100 is a great power bank that can even power laptops. With two ports that feature PoweriQ charging, the PowerCore 20100 power bank is able to charge any device at a 2.4A charging current. That’s some fast charging.

Along with the tremendous capacity and fast charging, the PowerCore 20100 is a power bank that’s about 30% smaller than a iPad. although it most likely won’t be fitting into your pocket comfortably, the PowerCore 20100 is very light and easy to carry in your hands or it can fit into a bag.

Then there’s another category within larger capacity power banks that make a lot of sense to take with you when you’re out playing Pokemon GO, because when you’re playing Pokemon GO, you’re most likely walking around, running or maybe biking to locations of Pokemon, gyms or other people playing Pokemon GO.

All of this moving around can be met with carelessness and if that happens, you want your power bank to be tough and be able to withstand your awesome Pokemon trainer intensity.

RAVPower 10,050mAh Rugged Power Bank

Pic 1

These kind of power banks are built to take damage and are great for your Pokemon GO venturing because they are built with toughness in mind.

The above power bank by RAVPower is a power bank that is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. With this kind of sturdiness, it doesn’t matter if you’re going running or jumping to your locations. An accidental drop of the power bank won’t do anything and you can just continue with your Pokemon adventures.

Aside from its toughness, the power bank has two USB charging ports and a flashlight just in case you’re out late and making your way back home. The RAVPower sturdy power bank has a capacity of 10,050mAh which will most likely last you an entire day of Pokemon GO playing or maybe even more.

Tough power banks like these are created with similar design and come in higher capacities.


EasyAcc Rugged 20,000mAh

EasyAcc has a power bank that is quite similar to RAVPower’s tough power bank. It has all the same traits that we mentioned before with it being waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. The power bank has a flashlight as well. The general shape of the power bank is the same but the size of EasyAcc’s tough power bank is larger because it boasts a 20,000mAh capacity. This is about the same as the PowerCore 20100, that we mentioned before which holds plenty of energy to charge a device many times.

Power banks that can withstand vigorous movements, falls and even water, are power banks that should highly be considered to purchase because they can withstand your excitement for Pokemon.

Battery Cases

Cases that can charge your phone are another great charging device that basically absolves the need for a power bank. Battery cases are basically power banks but in the shape of what phone they are compatible with. Battery cases should also be classified as mini power banks because they have to adhere to the size of the phone that they are compatible with, which is going to be small, so the capacity of battery cases is going to be about 3,000mAh.

The main thing about Battery cases is not just the capacity, it’s more the capability of having a power bank that’s in the form of a case for your phone.

Where can you get battery cases for your phone? Since you could own any device and we can’t really list all the battery cases out there; There are two main companies that are dedicated to creating battery cases and are popular for doing so.


Trianium iPhone 6/6s Battery Case

Pic 1 Blank Trans

Trianium is quite a popular company that is known for making great general cases and have recently joined the battery case space of electronics. Trianium has done a great job at battery cases because they hit all the criteria of what a battery case should be; There cases are slim, have high enough capacities, are very well built for the devices that they’re made for and are protective.

Another notable thing about Trianium’s battery cases is that their prices are much lower than their competitors like Mophie, which we’ll go into detail soon.

We high recommend Trianium’s battery cases for the devices that they have made the battery cases for. You can check out their products here.

Mophie Logo


Mophie, another tech company that specializes in battery cases is a leader in the battery case world. Their company is more widely spread in terms of battery cases that they make for different smartphones.

They are famous for creating battery cases for many devices and their battery cases are known to fit a kind of “premium standard”. Although Mophie is known to make great battery cases, their biggest flaw is their pricing. The pricing of their battery cases can be staggering and as result people look for alternatives for their battery case needs. However the prices are quite high for their higher up models for battery cases but even then, you may want to have a look at other alternative for battery cases.

Mophie Juice pack Helium for iPhone 5/5s/SE 1,500mAh

Pic 1

The above battery is a 1,500mAh battery for iPhone 5, 5s and SE. It’s a great battery for case for the iPhone 5 and other compatible iPhones that it can go with. The capacity is alright and can charge all the iPhone types it’s for to about full charge. There’s the standard ON/OFF button on the back with the LED power indicators. The battery case is even protective.

It all comes together with a convenient price at $23.34. Not bad considering what you’re getting and just how slim the battery case is.

Then compare another product from Mophie that is higher on the price scale.

Mophie juice pack reserve 1,840mAh

Pic 1

The above battery case is for the iPhone 6 and 6s. It has the usual specifications as the iPhone 5 battery case that we mentioned above. This battery case has a 1,840mAh capacity and that’s about the only difference other than the fact that it’s made for iPhone 6 and 6s.

The price however is $59.21. This price difference not only compared to Mophie’s iPhone battery case but also the Trianium battery case, is significantly high.

The Trianium battery case that we mentioned above is also made for iPhone 6 and 6s but it has a capacity of 3,100mAh; That capacity is much higher than what the Mophie iPhone 6 battery case is offering and the Trianium battery case is at a lower price at $29.99.

So when you’re searching for a battery case, it’s important to know many options and not just one. Battery cases can sometimes be glorified but all they are, are just power banks in the shape of phone cases.

To take a look at more Mophie products, check them out here. We recommend purchasing Mophie products from Amazon because products that are listed on their site are actually more expensive.

Battery cases should be chosen as your power of choice for Pokemon GO actvity because it allows you to have your power bank and phone all in the exact same place. If you think that power banks are a hassle, then getting a battery case will resolve the issue.

Now get out there and catch’em all!